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Okanomachi Biei Century Ride 2018

22 Sep 2018(Sat), 23 Sep 2018(Sun)
Application period:
1 Jun 2018(Fri) - 20 Aug 2018(Mon)
Hokkaido, Biei machi Maruyama 1-chome 1-9, Biei Sports Centre
  • BIKE
  • 160km
  • 55km
  • more

- A 160km long ride through the glittering hills.

- Enjoy a bike ride through the beautiful hills and the grand Tokachidake mountain range

- Feel inspired by your own ability, and the joy of being in nature, and enjoying the fresh air and cool breeze in the countryside.


Category Registration Fee
(and period)
1) Stage 1 (60km) & Stage 2 (100km) : General10,000JPYClosed
1) Stage 1 (60km) & Stage 2 (100km) : Elementary and junior high school students5,000JPYClosed
2) Stage 1 (60km) only participants: General (Sep 22)5,000JPYClosed
2) Stage 1 (60km) only participants: Elementary and junior high school students (Sep 22)2,500JPYClosed
3) Stage 2 (100km) only participants: General (Sep 23)7,000JPYClosed
3) Stage 2 (100km) only participants: Elementary and junior high school students (Sep 23)3,500JPYClosed
4) Panorama Course (25km) and Patchwork course (30km): General8,000JPYClosed
4) Panorama Course (25km) and Patchwork course (30km): Elementary and junior high school students4,000JPYClosed
5) Panorama Course (25km) only participants: General (Sep 22)3,000JPYClosed
5) Panorama Course (25km) only participants: Elementary and junior high school students (Sep 22)1,500JPYClosed
6) Patchwork course (30km) only participants: General (Sep 23)5,000JPYClosed
6) Patchwork course (30km) only participants: Elementary and junior high school students (Sep 23)2,500JPYClosed
Reception party: General3,000JPYClosed
Reception party: Elementary and junior high school students1,500JPYClosed

Points to note at the time of entering:

For minors (those under 18 years of age), parental consent is required. Elementary and junior high school student participants must have a leader (guardian of age). (The leader must also separately register for the event.)

Attendance for the Reception party must be applied for in advance. Registration will not be taken on the day.

Capacity[Biei Century Ride]1,200 people
[Biei no oka Course]100 people
[Reception party]300 people
* First come first served until limit is reached.
QualificationsIf you are a healthy person above elementary school age, you can choose and participate in a course according to your physical fitness and energy.
For those under 18 years old, consent of parents is required and elementary and junior high school students will require a leader.
Registration Fee[Biei Century Ride]
・Stage 1 & Stage 2 (2 days) 10,000yen
・Stage 1 (Day 1) only participants 5,000yen
・Stage 2 (Day 2) only participants 7,000yen

[Biei no oka Course]
・Panorama Course & Patchwork course (2 days) 8,000yen
・Panorama Course (Day 1) only participants 3,000yen
・Patchwork course (Day 2) only participant 5,000yen
[Reception party]3,000yen ( Saturday 22 Septmber 5:30pm - 7pm)

The above are prices for adult participant entry fee. Elementary and junior high school students will be half price.
Elementary and junior high school students will need an accompanying leader, and they will be required to register for the same course.
The entry fee includes consumption tax, race bub number, participation prize, insurance fee, lunch (on the 2nd day only), refreshmnents at aid station, drink fee etc.
※ The Reception party is a place to interact with locals and other participants. It is necessary to register/apply in advance. Please note that registration for attendance at the Reception Party on the day will not be accepted.
NotificationOrganizing office expects to send out notification in early September.
For inquiries regarding the application notification, please contact the organizing office below.
NPO Biei Eco Sports Committee TEL 0166-92-3333
Registration venueBiei Sports Centre
Hokkaido, Biei machi Maruyama 1-chome 1-9 Tel 0166-92-3333
ClothingRace bib number provided by the Event Organiser must be worn and affixed to your clothing.
About ParkingFor those coming by car, please use the designated parking lot assigned by the Event Organizer and please cooperate by refraining from parkng on the street or the streets in the vicinity of the course and event venue.
OtherBike regulations
1. Bicycles that are permissible on public roads are allowed such as road bikes, Mountain bikes, city cycles including small diameter cars and recumbents. (Pistobikes are not allowed).
2. Bicycles must be roadworthy on public roads (bicycles must meet traffic regulations)
3. The bike must be equipped with front and rear brakes
4. Light (headlight), bell, reflector (red flashing light is good) are affixed.
5. To prevent loss or theft, a chain and lock.
1. For the prevention of injuries when falling, all participants must wear helmets and gloves (both are mandatory)
2. The race bib number is your individual registration number and must be worn on your clothes/apparel (mandatory).
Event Day22 Sep 2018(Sat)
11:00 Opening ceremony (Maruyama Athletics cross and track field)
11:30 Century Ride Stage 1 (60km) start
12:15 Panorama course (25km) start
16:30 Goal Maruyama Athletics cross and track field)
17:30 -19:00 Reception (Biei Sports Centre)

23 Sep 2018(Sun)
7:30 Assembly/Marshalling (Maruyama Athletics cross and track field)
7:30 - 7:45 Departure ceremony
7:45 Century Ride Stage 2 (100km) start
8:00 Patchwork course (30km) start
12:00 Patchwork course (30km) goal and lunch (Maruyama Athletics cross and track field)
11:00 - 12:00 Stage 2 lunch (Bibaushi elementary school)
16:00 Century Ride Stage 2 (100km) Goal
NotesThis event does not include or set any rankings or times.The aim is to complete at your time and pace within the designated time limit.
Everyone will start in the same group at the start, but then please run at your own pace afterwards. After the start, each group may move freely.
You are not allowed to cycle outside the designated event course. In addition, accompanying general vehicles are prohibited.
Wearing heaphones/earphones/music players etc are prohibited whilst cycling on the course (with the exception of hearing aids)
If you cannot finish within the time limit, in order for traffic safety and accident prevention, you may be able to go directly straight to the finish line or get collected along the way, depending on the instructions of event staff.
Please participate by using only a well prepared and maintained bike. Please prepare and check your own bike and equipment in advance.
Please observe the traffic rules, pay attention not to annyo or hinder other participants, general pedestrians, and vehicles. Please cycle safely. Two-person riding (on a single bike) is prohbited.
Please note that the course route may change or the event may be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances such as bad weather etc.
Just in case (in case of emergency), please bring your health insurance card.
Luggage/gear minding facilities will be available, however please look after your valuables.
For safety, helmets and gloves must be worn (mandatory)
Participants must follow the instructions of event staff
Contract (Terms and conditions)In registering for this, you agree to be bound by and comply with the registration terms and conditions.

1. The Event Organizer shall not take any responsibilit in the event of injury, loss or other accident, except for the carrying out of emergency first aid measures.
2. No cancellations or any changes to your application will be permitted once you have registered.
3. We do not accept false declarations such as name, age, sex, nor participation other than the applicant themselves (ie no substitution or proxy participant is allowed. If discovered, the participant 's entry will be cancelled and null and void.
4. In principle, the entry fee will not be refunded including in the event of an earthquake, wind and flood damage, snowfall etc, or due to a change in your circumstances.
5. The Event Organizer retains all rights to any images, vide, recording etc taken during the course of the event for use in publication including articles, TV, the Internet etc.
6. The Event Organizer adheres to the laws regarding protection of personal information and handling of personal information of participants.
7. Participants are responsible for their own health and safety management and should refrain from participating on the day of the event if you are sick, unwell or not in good healthy condition. In addition, if event staff deem that it is impossible for you to continue cycling, you are required to withdraw from cycling regardless of your will.
8. Whilst cycling,you must follow the traffic rules, obey instructions of event officials, and always observe the event regulations and rules.
9. Participant's name and location (only prefecture or municipality name) will be published in the event programe and published on the public website homepage.
10. In addition, you agree to observe the rules, notes, instructions, etc., decided by the Event organizer.

Regarding personal information
The Event Organizer recognizes the importance of personal information, and observes the law concerning the protection of personal information, and related laws and regulation. The Event is also organised in compliance with the personal information protection policy.

In the case of an accident during the event, we can not provide compensation exceeding that of the insurance benefit limit as provided for in the Event insurance policy.
OtherSending your bike and other luggage in advance
Please note the following when sending your bike and luggage in advance: No responsibility will be accepted by the Race Organiser if your belongings do not arrive or are not delivered by the event day. Please be sure to confirm the arrival and delivery of your belongings. Please also be sure to specify the following details clearly: delivery time, address for delivery, name, and your race number.
Address to: Biei Sports Centre, Hokkaido, Kamikawa-gun, Biei machi, Maruyama 1chome 1-9 Tel 0166-92-3333
Office AddressHokaido, Kamikawa-gun, Biei machi, Motomachi 4chome 6-1 Biei Machi Economic and Culture promotion section.
Any queries should be directed to the race committeeNPO Biei Eco Sports Committee
Tel :0166-92-3333
Fax :0166-92-3333
Website : ※Japanese
Any questions Please note that the event management and the event itself will be conducted only in Japanese.
Please send inquiries in English or Japanese from this URL.

(For registration and entries, SportsEntry will respond and get back to you. They will confirm enquiries with the Race Organiser and you will receive a response from SportsEntry.)

Please note there may be a delay in responding. Where possible, please make your enquiry in as far advance as possible to allow plenty of time for a response and to ensure you get a response back in time.

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