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Tour de Saiki 2018

7 Oct 2018(Sun)
Application period:
1 Jul 2018(Sun) 12:00 - 1 Aug 2018(Wed) 12:00
Oita prefecture, Saiki city
  • bike
  • 190km
  • 163km
  • 102km
  • 75km
  • 40km

- Saiki City in Kyushu prefecture is blessed by being surrounded by nature including: "Ocean, Mountains, Rivers", and the five towns and three villages within the city before the merger of municipalities has its own unique atmospheres. Each course has its own charm and you can enjoy regional specialties at the aid stations. Regardless of your goal, you can enjoy each of the courses and its natural beauty and charm that it has to offer.


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
S Course (approx. 190km): High school students and older8:006,500JPYClosed
A Course (approx. 163km): High school students and older8:006,000JPYClosed
B Course (approx. 102km): High school students and older8:305,500JPYClosed
C Course (approx. 75km): High school students and older8:305,000JPYClosed
D Course (approx. 40km): High school students and older9:004,000JPYClosed
D Course (approx. 40km): Elementary and junior high school students.9:002,000JPYClosed

Points to note at the time of entering:

Elementary and junior high school students may participate and enter in the D Course but parents/guardian must accompany them.

Guardian/parent are required to register separately.

CapacityS Course (approx. 190km): 250 people
A Course (approx. 163km): 500 people
B Course (approx. 102km): 750 people
C Course (approx. 75km): 350 people
D Course (approx. 40km): 150 people
QualificationsParticipants who agree and consent to the terms and conditions.
For Courses S, A and B: participants must be high school students or older, able to ride a bicycle and abide by the race/event rules, traffic laws and regulations and act with good conduct.
D course is for elementary and junior high school students who are accompanied by a parent/guardian.
Entry FeeS Course (approx. 190km): 6,500 yen
A Course (approx. 163km): 6,000 yen
B Course (approx. 102km): 5,500 yen
C Course (approx. 75km): 5,000 yen
D Course (approx. 40km): 4,000 yen (children under junior high school 2,000 yen)
The entry fee includes cost of entry, participation prize, memorial/souvenir, and accident insurance.
Entry fee is not applicable to children under junior high school.
Participation goodsParticipation goods
Sushi/seafood rice bowl: 1000yen meal voucher
Not applicable for junior high school students and under.

Race/event souvenir goods
Tour de Saiki original t-shirt
InsuranceAccident insurance
We will provide accident insurance for all participants. Coverage details will depend on the insurance policy.
Participation NoticeParticipation notice will be sent out by mail by the event office about 1 week before the event by event organizer.
Please contact the event organizer for further questions.
About ParkingWith regard to parking, free carparking will made available near the race venue starting area.
There are a limited number of parking spots, so please car-share if possible.
Aid stations(1) Kamae Aid station ((provisional) Kamae shonan gakuen)) Passing courses: S, A, B, C
(2) Yonozu aid station (Sora no koen) Passing courses: S, A, B, C
(3) Yonozu aid station 2 (Yonozuchiku community centre) Passing courses S, A, B, C
(4) Tsurumi aid station (Cap Tsurumi lighthouse) Passing courses: S, B
(5) Tsurumi aid station 2 (Tsurumi fish and agriculture market) Passing courses: S, A, B, C
(6) Kamiura aid station (Kamiura B&G) Passing courses: S, A
(7) Yayoi aid station (Yayoi Promotion Bureau) Passing courses: S, A
(8) Honjo aid (large water turbine) Passing courses: S, A
(9) Ume aid station (Ume fire station) Passing courses: S, A
(10) Naogawa aid station (Naogawa Marugoto market) Passing courses: S, A
(11) Onyujima aid station (Onyujima Shi-fu-kan) Passing courses: D
Day Before EventOctober 6 (Saturday)
15:00 - 18:00 Registration
Venue: Saiki city, General Sports Park, Track and athletic field
Event DayOctober 6 (Sunday)
6:00~7:30 Registration
7:30~7:50 Opening ceremony
8:00~17:00 S・A Course Start
8:30~17:00 B・C Course Start
9:00~14:30 D Course Start
Start/GoalOita prefecture, Saiki City, Aza Hase 2786
Saiki city, General Sports Park, Track and athletic field
NotesThis event/tournament is not a race (not a speed competition). This is a cycling event.
Bicycle inspection will be carried out. Please be sure to prepare accordingly.
Due to weather or other unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances, the course route may be changed or the event may be cancelled.
In accordance with the laws and regulations, all bicycles must be equipped with a bell, light, reflector · (tail lighting), and front and rear brakes.
A helmet and gloves are to be worn whilst cycling. (Kask helmets are not permitted)
Those who are significantly slow and fall behind will be collected by the sweeper vehicle.
Cars/vehicles are not allowed to accompany cyclists.
Since traffic control of general vehicles will not be controlled, please observe the basic traffic rules such as pausing, stopping at red lights etc. Please do not overtake, or parallel ride or be disruptive.
There are time limits for each checkpoint. If you do not meet each checkpoint by the allocated time/deadline, you will not be allowed to continue.
Contract (Terms and conditions)1. Obligation to comply with the regulations
Participants acknowledge that the event/tournament is a cycling event and that it takes public on public roads. Each individual is responsible for their cycling ability and agrees to comply with all the regular traffic rules and regulations, as well as the rules and terms and conditions of this event. You agree to participate in the event having regard to paying sufficient attention to the health and safety of yourself and agree to abide by and in compliances with the notes and terms stated in the ""application guidelines"". You will not hinder or interfere with the smooth administration of the event. In the unlikely event that there is an abnormal change to your physical condition (eg injury, illness, feeing unwell), you agree to withdraw and stop participating immediately.

2. Understanding of safety and event characteristics
Participants accept/confirm that they have cycling experience. The event conditions are easily to subject to change by environmental factors throughout the day, and you acknowledge your physical condition may quickly change. Please also understand that as the course is set over a large area range, there is a high possibility that emergency relief or response may be hindered or delayed.

3. Self declaration of health status
As a participant, you confirm that you are in good health and physical condition and that participation in this event is not expected to cause any foreseeable health problems. Furthermore you agree to notify/report to the event organizers in advance, if there is something we need to know in an emergency eg allergic reaction, hypersensitivity, other health/medical conditions, and/or other personal circumstances that might affect any medical treatment given in an emergency including for religious reasons or otherwise.

4. Responsibility for self conduct/management and acceptance of emergency first aid measures
In participating in this event, participants agree to pay sufficient attention to their safety and health, and take responsibility for themselves. Participants also affirm that in the event that an accident occurs in which the participant is either a victim or perpetrator during the event whilst cycling, you swear thatthe Event Organiser will not be held liable. You accept all responsibility and participate at your own risk regardless of whether you are at fault or not. Furthermore, if it is deemed by the organizer that you should not continue, you agree to accept their judgment and discontinue/withdraw from the event. If a participant is injured during an event, or involved in an accident or becomes sick or ill, you agree to accept any emergency medical treatment that may be given to you, and furthermore that you will not object, and accept the consequence of the treatement and method.

5. Insurance coverage (injury, death, accident)
The event organisers and related organisations are not responsible for any injury, death, or accident regardless of whether sustained during the event or related ancillary events, nor any after effects resulting from such accidents. The event organisers are exempt from all responsibility to any injury, illness, accident or death of a person. You also acknowledge that compensation for participants will be limited to within the scope of accident insurance covered by the event. Accordingly, participants hereby pledge that they will not pursue or demand request for damages, initiate lawsuits or litigation for any injuries incurred, either directly themselves nor shall the participants' wills, trustees, heirs, relatives, etc puruse any legal action. I further pledge to not make any requests for payment such as attorneys'/legal fees.

6. Disclaimer
Participants acknowledge that due to unforeseeable circumstances or things outside of the control of the event organiser such as bad weather conditions, poor environmental conditions for cycling, etc, that the event may be cancelled or subject to change (eg change to course route or duration, start time etc). No refund will be given. In addition, the race organiser accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss to equipment or belongings. In the event of a participant not being able to participate in the event, no refund of entry free or reimbursement of expenses incurred will be given under any circumstances.

7. Handling of image rights and personal information
In registering for this event, participants consent to submitting their personal information such as their name, address, age, competition history and self-introduction and the publishing of such information to the website created by the event organizer, the event pamphlet, and for other public relations, advertising etc related to the event. You accept that the information may be published by various media and acknowledge that it may be used for commercial/marketing purposes such as printed materials, videos and information media produced by the organizer.

8. Other matters not stipulated in this contract.
If any doubt arises in the interpretation of this Agreement, I hereby agree to resolve any dispute in accordance with the rules concerning the Event/Tournament. In the event of a conflict/dispute concerning the event, the exclusive jurisdiction of the first trial will be the Oita District Court, and we will be governed by Japanese law.
OtherPlease also pay attention to traffic rules and regulations when traveling and moving between the carpark and accommodation. Ride with caution to avoid traffic accidents.
Office AddressOita prefecture Tour de Saiki Organising Committee
Tel 080-3942-3961
Website : ※Japanese
Any questions Please note that the event management and the event itself will be conducted only in Japanese.
Please send inquiries in English or Japanese from this URL.

(For registration and entries, SportsEntry will respond and get back to you. They will confirm enquiries with the Race Organiser and you will receive a response from SportsEntry.)

Please note there may be a delay in responding. Where possible, please make your enquiry in as far advance as possible to allow plenty of time for a response and to ensure you get a response back in time.

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