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2 Dec 2018(Sun)
Application period:
7 Aug 2018(Tue) - 21 Aug 2018(Tue)
Ohnoyama Park, Okinawa Japan
  • RUN
  • 42.195km

-“The Runners are the stars” The NAHA Marathon is now one of the premier sports events of Japan.

This “Festival of Sun, Ocean, and Joggers” started in 1985 as a commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the sister city bond between Naha and Honolulu.

Each Marathon has provided a forum to promote ties and friendship for domestic and international interaction.

The course, with The Peace Prayer and Memorial Park at its mid-point, is a full 42.195km long. Run on this tropical island, Okinawa!


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
42.195km[Under 18 years of age]9:005,000JPYClosed
42.195km[Over 65 years of age]9:005,000JPYClosed
Entry(Lottery Winners)
Start and finish pointOhnoyama Park, Okinawa Japan
Race Starting Time ■Race Starting Time
2 Dec. 2018 (Sun.) 09:00 (Rain or Shine)
Official Marathon Course Length of course 42.195km
・Distribution of Race Number & T-shirts:
 1Dec.2018(Sat.)10:00~20:00(Ohnoyama Budokan)

■Start and Finish
[Start] 9:00 Ohnoyama Park ~ Meiji Bashi, Route 58
All runners must be positioned at starting area by 08:20.
[Finish] 15:15 Ohnoyama Stadium
(Time limits 6 hours 15 minutes)

・All finishers:Certificate & Medal of Commemoration
Time check pointTime checkpoint will be set throughout the marathon,based on transport safety,security,and our operations and logistics requirements.Entrants who arrive at the checkpoint well after the designated closing time will be asked to withdraw from the marathon.
[checkpoint 1]Peace pray park(21.3km)...12:15
[checkpoint 2]Tomigusuku-shi Government Office(34.0km)...14:10
[FINISH]Ohnoyama Stadium(42.195km)...15:15
The recommended times for runners to drop out the raceNakaima intersection(7.2km)...10:30
Kochinda junior high school(13.3km)...11:35
Gushikami junctiojn(17.1km)...12:00
Nanbu hospital(28.3km)...13:30
Akamine intersection(39.3km)...15:00
The Day of The RaceStarting Point:Ohnoyama Park
Registration Fee[Adult]6,500yen
[Under 18 years of age]5,000yen
[Over 65 years of age]5,000yen
(Fee includes processing, runner number, commemorative T-shirt, and insurance.)
*Absolutely NO refunds after acceptance of application.
*Caccellation of event due to inclement weather, accident or other incident shall not be cause for refund of Registration Fee.
Flow of procedures from provisional application to participation in the race June 4(Monday)
Acceptance of provisional application starts
June 29(Friday) until 23:59
Deadline for filing provisional application Internet Sports Entry
August 7(Tuesday)(tentative date)
Announcement of drawing results Verified on MY PAGE of Internet Sports Entry
Mid to End August
Deadline for payment of entry fee
Make your payment according to the prescribed method
End November
Participant guidebook distributed
December 1(Saturday)
Runner registration 10:00 to 20:00
Number cards and commemorative T shirts distributed
Runner registration location:Okinawa Prefectural Budokan Arena Building
Race starts at 9:00
Start location:Meijibashi Bridge Intersection
The Rules and Regulations The Rules & Regulations of this Marathon accord with FY2018 covenants between the Japan Track & Field Association and the Naha Marathon Association.
1.When the referees / doctors make a judgement [diagnosis] that the runner is unable to continue the race, they have a right to order him / her to halt the race.
2.The referees have a right to order runners, who failure to follow the race policy, ignore the stern warnings, and interfere remarkably with the race operation, to halt the race.
3.When the referees make a judgment that the runners are unable to meet the deadline, they may order runners to discontinue the race even before the time-limit.
4.The Association provides only immediate medical care for injured persons incurred in the race and cannot be held responsible for other accidents.
5.Time is measured by Torso-Tag. Please make sure not to forget putting the tag. The association collects the tag in exchange for the completion certification form after your finish. In case you retire the race, put the tag in the collection boxes which are set in the pickup buses, each check points, or the meeting space. In case you forget to bring back the tag on the race day, please return it by mail or bring to the association office directly after the next day of the race. Please note that the actual cost will be required for those who lose the tag.
6.The participants should be responsible for valuables and baggage. The organizer has no obligation related to the losses caused by the theft or other accidents.
7.The organizer prepares the Number Card and you will be handed it at the reception on the race day with the participation gift. After your application, the organizer sends participation approval [Number Card Notification] around in late-November. Please make sure to bring and put in it at the reception.
Application Guidelines■Entry Requirements
1.Open to all healthy entrants who are 16 years old (on the day of the competition) or older, regardless of nationality. (Entrants 18 years old and younger require their legal guardian’s permission.)

2.Open to entrants who have properly registered and been recognized for this amateur tournament. (Entry cannot be given to a third party. No substitute runners allowed.)
*This rule applies even if the entrant is unable to run on the day of the tournament.

■Entry Rules
In order to make clear that the tournament is entered in at one’s own risk, only entrants who agree to the written pledge will be allowed to participate.

*T-shirt Size cannot be changed after entry or on the day of the tournament.
Please Cooperate・Parking lots are very limited. All participants are asked to use public transportation.
・Family members, friends and spectators are asked to avoid use of private vehicles.
・Traffic jams accompanied by the Marathon give serious inconveniences to local residents and to Marathon operations. Please avoid parking anywhere between mid-point of the course and finish line.
Please Note the Following (1)Multiple entries by the same individual will result in all entries from that individual being disqualified. No refunds will be given.
(2)If there are any changes to the application during the entry period, please inform the Sport Entry Customer Support Centre (
(3)Participants are not allowed to provide incorrect gender, age, or other information. No substitute runners are allowed. Any violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban from the current and all future tournaments.
(4)No entries or changes to existing entries can be accepted after the entry period. Participants may be contacted or e-mailed in cases where a problem with the entry has been identified.
(5)Please be advised that the race office is unable to provide information on entries or results via phone.
(6)Results of the entry lottery (planned to be announced on or after August 7)
Please confirm the results from the “Entry Status” section of the Sport Entry “My Page.” Participants selected in the lottery will receive payment instructions via e-mail. Please note that the race office will not seek to correct e-mail addresses which have been improperly entered.
(7)Substitute runners (including giving an entry to a third party) are not allowed. If discovered, substitute runners will be immediately disqualified. Regardless of reason, no compensation or refunds will be given.
(8)Tournament organizers are not responsible for applications late due to difficulties connecting to the internet or delays caused by the postal system.
(9)Please note that not all devices/browsers may be compatible with the online application page.
Written Pledge 1.Apart from providing first-aid, the organizers bear no responsibility for sickness or injuries.
2.The organizers bear no responsibility for theft/loss of property, delays to public transportation or road congestion.
3.All participants must follow all instructions given by race organizers, traffic management personnel, and the police. They must further display good manners and follow the rules of the race.
4.Entry to the tournament signifies acceptance of all tournament rules and the contents of this pledge. Furthermore, participants 18 and younger (high-school students) may only participants with the permission of their legal guardian (name and personal seal required).
5.After payment, no refunds or cancellations can be made.
6.Participants are not allowed to provide incorrect gender, age, or other information. No substitute runners are allowed. Incorrect information/substitute runners will result in immediate disqualification and loss of insurance coverage.
7.No refunds will be given for 5,6 listed above, in the case of overpayment, double payment, nor for cancellations due to accidents or natural calamities (including flooding, earthquakes, inclement weather, and fire.).
8.Participants agree that their name, age, address (country, prefecture and/or municipality) as well as recordings (video and still) and other race records (etc.) may be used online, in printed materials including newspapers, and on television (etc.). Participants grant the event organizers the right to use their information and their portrait rights. They agree to commercial use of this information, such as in photographs, printed materials, DVDs, and use in the media.
9.Regarding Personal Information
The event organizers recognize the importance or personal information and strictly follow all rules and regulations regarding the handling and storing of such. The organizers will handle all such information in accordance with the policy on the handling and protection of personal information.
Number Card NotificationAfter your application, the organizer sends participation approval [Number Card Notification] around in late-November. Please make sure to bring and put in it at the reception.
Any queries should be directed to the race committeeNaha Marathon Association
zip/postal code 900-8678
4F Okinawa Times Office, 2-2-2 Kumoji, Naha, Okinawa Japan
Website: ※Japanese
Entry(Lottery Winners)

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