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5 Aug 2018(Sun)
Application period:
1 Mar 2018(Thu) - 17 Jun 2018(Sun)
Toyama Prefecture Iwasehama Beach Resort - Tateyama Sanroku Ski Resort
  • 51.5km

- The course is known for its dynamic route in the amazing nature of the Tateyama Mountain Range and Toyama Bay

- The highlight of the bike course is the 600m climb from Toyama Bay to the Tateyama Mountain Range


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Category Registration Fee
(and period)
[ Standard ] Ages between 18 and 2921,000JPYClosed
[ Standard ] Ages between 30 and 3921,000JPYClosed
[ Standard ] Ages between 40 and 4921,000JPYClosed
[ Standard ] Ages between 50 and 5921,000JPYClosed
[ Standard ] Ages over 6021,000JPYClosed
[ Relay ] All 3 male members or 3 male/female members mixed30,000JPYClosed
[ Relay ] All 3 female members30,000JPYClosed

Points to note at the time of entering:

[ Notes for Entry ]
Please note that Sports Entry charge (432 JPY including tax per a race applying) will be added to the fee at registration.
All participants are needed to be JTU members (relay member are needed including just one JTU member in their team). Person who lives in abroad can chose to be a "one-day JTU member" that costs 1000 JPY instead of a general member.

[ How to entry (individual or the leader of relay team) ]
(1)Finish your entry at this page.
(2)To get a special URL for "one-day member registration", please mail to Ikiiki Toyama Triathlon Organizing Committee.
(3)Please proceed procedure from the URL on reply mail.

[ About Relay Entry ]
Please JTU member of the team register to relay race.
After choosing relay, please fill in the information for each member on the application.

CAPACITY[ Standard ] 400 people
[ Relay ] 30 teams
Once capacity is reached the entry deadline will close.
■ For beginners, a new ""Challenge Event"" was added for 2018. Please register at the event website.
ELIGIBILITY* To participate from outside Japan, JTU one-day registration of 1,000 yen is needed.
[ Standard ]
Physically and mentally healthy individuals who are 18 years old or older (as of December 31, 2018) and who are registered in either 2018 Japan Triathlon Union (JTU) or Japan University Triathlon Union (JUTU).
[ Relay ]
Physically and mentally healthy individuals who are 18 years old or older (as of December 31, 2018) and are in a team of 3 racers. At least one person on the team needs to be as a registered member of JTU or JUTU. Guardian's permission is required if younger than 20 years old (as of race day).
[ Standard ] 21,000yen
[ Relay ] 30,000yen / team
• Swim:
Iwasehama Beach
• Bike:
Iwasehama Beach → Cycling Road → Imagawa Bridge → Jyoganji River Right Embankment → Tateyama Bridge/Okawa Temple → Jyoganji River Left Embankment → Tateyama Sanroku Ski Resort
• Run:
Tateyama Sanroku Ski Resort Area
* The starting and finishing line are different on this course.
AWARDS(1) By Categories
[ Standard ] Each male and female 1st, 2nd and 3rd places
[ Relay ] Men/Men and Men/Women teams: 1st-3rd places, Women teams: 1st-3rd places
(2) By Age (on the day of the event)
[ Standard ] Ages between 18 and 29, 30 and 39, 40 and 49, 50 and 59, and over 60 years old 1st place for man and woman in each category
(3) 71st Toyama Prefecture Residents Sports Competition Award
Current resident of Toyama Prefecture and registered as a resident of Toyama Prefecture for JTU: Man and Woman for each 1st-3rd place
(4) 13th Toyama City Residents Sports Competition Award
Current resident of Toyama Prefecture and registered as a resident of Toyama Prefecture for JTU Man and woman for each 1st and 2nd place
(5) Kinki Students Triathlon Championship Award
Special ranking award by Kinki Students Triathlon Union
ENROLLMENT NOTICEEnrollment notice will be sent out by post about 2 weeks before or after the registration date.
Iwasehama Beach
RECEPTION TIME (DAY BEFORE EVENT)• 4 Aug 2018 (Sat) 13:00-15:50
* Please check the event website for any possible changes of time and venues.
TIME LIMIT• Swim: by 09:00
• Bike: by 11:30
• Finish: by 12:30
Total: 4 hours 30 minutes
RACE[ Distance ]
• Swim: 1.5km
• Bike: 40km
• Run: 10km
Total: 51.5km

[ Race Rules, Local Rules ]
< General Rules >
JTU Race rules apply for this race (revised February 2006). Local rules apply for the following.
Executive committee holds the right to decide the opening or closure of the event due to bad weather of rain, wind or rough sea conditions on the day of the event. Committee also decides to shorten, change the race routes, or to modify the race categories based on weather conditions.
Article 1 The chief referee and the referee have authority to eject or disqualify any athlete who violates race rules.
Article 2 Event staff have the authority to stop any athlete who may cause possible injury or loss of life.
Article 3 If withdrawing from the race, racers need to inform any nearby chief referee or referee.
The informed chief referee and referee will confirm the state of the athlete and communicate with the event headquarters.
Article 4 Competitors are required to maintain sportsmenlike conduct. Actions such as unjustifiable comment, insults or violence will cause disqualification and inability to participate in future events.
Article 5 Competitors must familiarize themselves with the course. Racers will be disqualified if wrong course are used even if receiving misdirections from event staff, spectators, missing direction signs, etc. However, you may return on any mistaken course to the correct course to continue the race.
Article 6 Competitors must strictly comply with all traffic laws and obey instructions or commands from police officers or event staff. If you do not obey instructions or commands you will be disqualified. Racers are responsible for any outcome of violations, so please follow traffic regulations.
Article 7 Competitors are required to pay close attention to themselves and their surroundings. Any behavior that risks safety during the event will cause disqualification and inability to participate in future events.

Article 8 Individuals permitted by competitors and event headquarters are the only ones to enter the course.
Article 9 Competitors must mark their numbers on both upper arms following the prescribed method.

Article 10 Competitors must display the race number/number sticker provided by event organizer at designated locations The race number must be attached to both front and back of the body. Any reproduction of the race number/number sticker is prohibited.
Article 11 In the cycling competition, competitors must wear a hard helmet for Bike.
Article 12 All riders must deal with mechanical troubles by themselves during the race. Repair tools, spare parts, etc. must be prepared by individuals.
Article 13 Triathlons are an individual competition, and should not receive assistance by a third party (escort/support), unless stipulated. In cases where help is given, riders may be disqualified.

Article 14 In addition to what is described in these rules, any other necessary issues about the competition will be decided by the chief referee.
THE DAY BEFORE■ August 4 (Sat)
13:00 - 15:50 Reception on day before race
13:00 - 15:40 Check in bicycle (Optional, Iwasehama Beach)
16:00 - 16:45 Opening Ceremony/Briefing
* Attending the briefing is a requirement for the race.
* Please check the event website for any possible changes of time and venues.
THE RACE DAY■ August 5 (Sun)
06:00 - 07:20 Reception on race day, Check in transition bag (Iwasehama Beach)
08:00 Race starts (Wave start)
12:30 Race finishes
13:00 - 13:30 Closing Ceremony, Awards Ceremony (Oyama Nosanso Communication Center, Toyama-ken, Toyama-shi, Hara 282)
REMINDER(1) Shuttle bus during the event
• Shuttle busses operate from the finishing point at the base of Tateyama Mountain to the starting point at Iwasehama Beach in the morning of the event on August 5 (Sun) (expected to start from 05:30). Buses for supporters from Iwasehama Beach to the base of Tateyama Mountain will start operation after race begins. Reservations before the event are necessary for each bus . Please check the event homepage for details.
• There are no busses on the day before or after the race.

(2) Check-in of bicycles at Iwasehama Beach transition area
• Race players may check-in bicycles one day before the event at the Iwasehama Beach transition area and use a shuttle bus from the base of Tateyama Mountain on the race day. Checking-in bicycles is optional. Security guards will be present at night, but event organizer is not responsible for any damage caused while bicycles are stored.

(3) Check-in transition bags for Run
Check-in packed, transition bags for the RunRun race at the reception on the day of event. Event staff will transport them to the finishing point. If you take a shuttle bus in the morning, load them on the bicycle rack at the base of Tateyama Mountain before boarding the bus.

(4) Refund of cancellation
5,000 yen will be refunded (transfer fee is covered by event office) if cancelled by the end of May (please contact organizer directly). No refund for other cancellations.

* Any additional information or changes in the event can be found on the event homepage.
AGREEMENTI agree that upon participating in "Ikiiki Toyama Triathlon Race" I shall be deemed to be aware of and agree to be bound by the provisions of the Japan Triathlon Union (public corporation hereinafter called JTU) rules and the local rules established by Ikiiki Toyama Triathlon Executive Committee (hereinafter called organizer) as follows:

1. Acknowledgement of Race Features and Safety Guidelines
With enough experience in triathlons or other related sports, I agree and acknowledge that participation could constitute a risk of serious injury,
accident, or illness due to unexpected health problems or sudden changes in the environment. I further understand the need to use safe practices for myself as well as for others in the race.

2. Self-Reported Physical Condition
My annual health examination by a physician confirmed that I am in good health and I expect no problems while participating in the race. If I may need any special emergency care by the on- site medical staff for any existing personal health issue, I will provide the organizer with a written document prior to the date. I will provide a health record or stress electrocardiogram if requested by the organizer.

3. Consent of Self-management Responsibility and Emergency Care
I will participate in the race with special attention to safety and health as a responsible individual. In case of injury,
accident, or illness during the race, I agree to be assisted with medical treatment by the medical staff appointed by the organizer and follow their procedures.

4. Disclaimer of Injury or Death
I agree to the compensation rule of the organizer's insurance policy for any injury, aftereffects, or death which may happen during the race or during any supplementary activities. I also agree that the organizer and others involved in the event will not be held responsible for any such incident and I waive any future pursuit of responsibility. I myself, my will's executor, trustee, heir, close relatives and others will not demand payment requests such as claims for compensation, filing lawsuit, or attorneys fee for accidents involving my injury or death.

5. Disclaimer of Force Majeure
I agree to not to be refunded for any expenses (including registration fee) for changes made to the race or the event on the day that are necessary due to safety concerns such as unavoidable or unexpected natural disaster or changes weather. I also agree to not demand compensation for any damage, loss, or theft of my equipment or property.

6. Right of Publicity and Handling of Personal Information
I grant the right to the race organizer and associated organizations of the event to use and publish personal information such as photographs,
name, address, age, athletic record and self introduction for event pamphlets, achievement lists, event promotions, and information media. I also permit the use of the above personal information for print media, video or information media produced by the organizer for commercial purposes.

7. Consent of Relatives or Others
My family, relatives, or guardian have knowledge of the event and agree to my participation in the event.

8. Matters not Stipulated in the Oath
I agree to resolve matters not stipulated in the oath in accordance with JTU race rules and the local regulations.
OTHERS* Please note any applications with missing information will not be accepted.
* Service fee for registration will be charged separately.
* Please register for JTU from its URL below and fee will be charged to the registrants.
Japan Triathlon Union
* Registration is accepted on a "first-come, first-served" basis and participation is confirmed when the application is completed. There will be no refund after participation is confirmed.
Any queries should be directed to the race committeeIkiiki Toyama Triathlon Organizing Committee
Tel 080-4734-6965
Website : ※Japanese
Any questions Please note that the event management and the event itself will be conducted only in Japanese.
Please send inquiries in English or Japanese from this URL.

(For registration and entries, SportsEntry will respond and get back to you. They will confirm enquiries with the Race Organiser and you will receive a response from SportsEntry.)

Please note there may be a delay in responding. Where possible, please make your enquiry in as far advance as possible to allow plenty of time for a response and to ensure you get a response back in time.

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