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2018 GREAT EARTH Miyazaki Nichinan Coast Sunshine Ride

22 Apr 2018(Sun)
Application period:
13 Dec 2017(Wed) - 8 Apr 2018(Sun)
Miyazaki Prefecture KIRISHIMA Yamazakura Prefectural General Athletic Park (parking in front of Sun Marine stadium)
  • BIKE
  • 125km
  • 75km

- The first cycling event of the spring season will be held in tropical Miyazaki before any other location in Japan!

A gourmet ride in and near Miyazaki City on Saturday offers a rambling course to enjoy delicious cuisine and places of interest.

The Sunshine Ride on Sunday promises stunning views of the gorgeous Nichinan coast.

This longer event allows riders to fully enjoy the wonders of tropical Miyazaki: experiencing both the spring beauty of the Nichinan coast in search of gourmet Miyazaki food and climbing beautiful mountains that are the birthplace of Japanese mythology.


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
Long course 125km [adult]06:30 on 22 Apr9,500JPYClosed
Long course 125km [high school students and younger]06:30 on 22 Apr4,000JPYClosed
Short course 75km [adult]06:45 on 22 Apr9,500JPYClosed
Short course 75km [high school students and younger]06:45 on 22 Apr4,000JPYClosed
Pre-event festivities: "Kirishima Night" [adult]18:00 (to 20:00) on 21 Apr5,500JPYAvailable
Pre-event festivities: "Kirishima Night" [high school students and younger]18:00 (to 20:00) on 21 Apr3,000JPYAvailable

Points to note at the time of entering:

[ Notes at the time of entry ]
* Please note that the entry fee is not refundable for any reason.

Usage fee
* Please note that a usage fee will be added separately from the Sports Entry fee when you register.
[ NET ] 216 yen (tax included per person)

ELIGIBILITY FOR PARTICIPATION Any healthy man and woman who can ride a bicycle (entry is not permitted to a person who may have personal health concerns, who claim a false age, or who try to enter as a substitute participant.)
• Children in elementary school or younger need to be accompanied by a parental guardian.
• Under 18 need consent from their parental guardians.
GUESTSEvent navigators: Taro Shirato and Yukari Hirano
INSURANCE "Recreation insurance + Facility liability insurance"
Applied date: on the day of the event [Death, residual disability insurance: 3 million yen, Hospitalization insurance: 2,000 yen/day, Hospital visit insurance: 1,000 yen/day, Personal insurance: 1 person/100 million yen, 1 accident/100 million yen, Property damage: 1 accident/100 million yen]
OTHERS[ Bicycle rental ]
Cycleland Oguchi 0983-43-0445
ENTRY NOTICEThe entry notice is scheduled to be sent out by the event office one week prior.
Please contact the event office below regarding this matter.
GREAT EARTH Event Office Tel: 070-3362-0001
AID[ Aid Points ]
(1) Phoenix Roadside Station - Hyuganatsu (Hyuga citrus)
(2) Udo Shrine Old Parking Lot - Gyo-udon (fish noodle soup), Chicken Hero (marinated fried chicken)
(3) Sakatani Roadside Station - Kusa-dango (herbal rice cake), Decopon (Decopon citrus)
(4) Obi Castle - Obiten (fried fish paste), Onigiri (rice balls), Tonjiru (soup with pork)
(5) Tano Roadside Station - Zenzai (sweet red bean soup), Tsukemono (Japanese pickles)
(6) Sun Marine Stadium (finish line) - Jidori (char-grilled chicken)
TIME LIMIT[ Long Course ] 8 hours 30 minutes
RACE DAY SCHEDULE06:20 Starting ceremony, Introduction of guest riders
06:30 Start of long course
06:45 Start of short course
11:40 Time limit for short course (Obi Castle)
15:30 Latest finishing time (time limit for long course: 8 hours 30 minutes)
FOR INQUIRIESChiiki Kasseika Project Corporation (Area Rejuvenating Project Company) 0985-31-7086 Contact person: Mr/Ms. Yokoyama
GREAT EARTH Race organizer 070-3362-0001 Contact person: Mr/Ms. Takahashi
BYLAWS[ Oath of Participation ]
■Eligibility for Participation
Any healthy man and woman who can ride a bicycle (entry is not permitted to a person who may have health concerns, who claim a false age, or who try to enter as a substitute participant.)
・Children in elementary school or younger need to be accompanied by a parental guardian.
・Under 18 need consent from their parental guardians.

■General Rules
1. Respect the traffic rules and ride safely (The event is not a race to compete for time. A certificate of completion will not be given if any dangerous acts were witnessed while riding).
2. Time yourself to meet the time limit displayed in each course or at check points for traffic, security, or others.
3. Bicycles used for the event must meet the legal standards for riding on public roads. (Bicycles without brakes are prohibited).
4. Helmets must be bicycle helmets. (No special types are required, but design and quality must be sufficient to safely protect your head. Based on the Consumer Products Safety Act, we recommend helmets with certification labels of ""S"" or ""SG"" which meets the safety requirements by the national safety standards and Consumer Product Safety Association. Please check the shock absorbing capability if your helmets are three years old or older.)
5. Participants must ride according to the Road Traffic Act including the following.
(1) [Basic street law] Bicycles must ride on the street, not the sidewalk.
(2) [Left-hand traffic] Bicycles must ride on the left side of the street, travelling in the same direction as automobiles (never ride the reverse direction!)
(3) [Temporary halt] To be safe, always obey the traffic lights at intersections (most bike accidents occur at intersections).
(4) [Reduce speed on sidewalks] If you cannot avoid riding on the sidewalk, you must ride at walking speed.
(5) Consider pedestrians] Never disturb pedestrians on sidewalk.
(6) [No parallel riding] It is prohibited for bicycles to ride side by side.
(7) [Safe riding) It is prohibited to use cell phones or umbrellas while riding bicycles.
(8) [No alcohol] Drunk riders of bicycles may be sentenced to prison term and/or liable to a 500,000 yen fine.
(9) [Light requirement] Adequate lights are required to ride after dark.
(10) [Hand signals] Bicycles are required to give signals as vehicles
6. You must join the insurance arranged by the event. (the fee is included in the registration and it automatically affiliates you with the insurance).

1. The event organizer is not liable for any accidents or trouble occurring during the event.
2. The accident insurance provided by the event organizer will not pay more than the benefits applied towards accidents.
3. The event organizer is not liable for any loss or theft of personal properties occurring during the event. Please be responsible for your own belongings.
4. Please follow the event organizer's decisions or instructions regarding to the event matters.
5. Registration fee will not be refunded if the event is cancelled due to natural hazards such as heavy rain or wind, unforeseeable incidents, or accidents.
6. Registration fees will not be refunded for any personal reason.
7. The copyright of the video, photographs, articles, records and others taken during the event belongs to the event organizer. Organizer may release them to TV, newspaper, magazine, internet and others for the purposes of the event promotion.
8. The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information, observes the law of the protection of personal information and related laws and regulations, and handles personal information based on the organizer's personal information protection policy.
9. For better understanding, organizers will explain the content of the Oath of Participation to families of the participants in advance.

To event organizer and executive committee
I pledge to participate in this event in compliance with the participation eligibility stipulated by the organizer, to follow the event rules in good faith, and to accept all terms stated above.
I pledge to accept participation.
Any queries should be directed to the race committeeGREAT EARTH Event Office
Tel 070-3362-0001
Website : ※Japanese

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