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Kaga Onsen village Marathon 2018

15 Apr 2018(Sun)
Fun Run 14 April 2018 (Sat)
Application period:
1 Oct 2017(Sun) - 7 Feb 2018(Wed)
Ishikawa Prefecture, Kaga City, Kaga City Athletics Field
  • RUN
  • FULL
  • 10km
  • 5km

- The course connects three onsen villages of the Kaga Onsen district - Katayamazu, Yamashiro and Yamanaka. There will be 18 aid and service stations during the course and after the goal area offering plenty of freebies and services. You'll also receive an onsen entry coupon.


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
Full Marathon: Male (18 years or older) High school students are not permitted.9:007,000JPYOpen
Full Marathon: Female (18 years or older) High school students are not permitted.9:007,000JPYOpen
10km: Men's (15 year's old or older): Junior high school students are not permitted11:003,500JPYOpen
10km: Women's (15 year's old or older): Junior high school students are not permitted11:003,500JPYOpen
5km: Men's (12 year's old or older): Elementary school students are not permitted11:103,500JPYOpen
5km: Women's (12 year's old or older): Elementary school students are not permitted11:103,500JPYOpen
2.5km Fun Run (elementary school students or older)13:30500JPYOpen
Official t-shirt-2,000JPYAvailable

Points to note at the time of entering:

Full marathon: 4500 people
10km: 2000 people
5km: 1000 people
2.5km: 300 people
Once capacity is reached the entry
deadline will close

1. Those who can finish the distances within the specified time limit.

2. Are within one of the the relevant age group categories:
Marathon: 18 years or older (High school students are not eligible).
10km: 15 years or older (junior high school students are not eligible)
5km: 12 years or older (elementary school students are not eligible)
2.5km Fun Run: Elementary high school students or older

3. People who are mentally and physically able to enter (Anyone suffering from a chronic illness or disease, high blood pressure, hypertension, heart disease, respiratory disease, or have a past medical history must undergo a health check and receive permission from a doctor).

Official t-shirt 2000yen/per t-shirt (tax and postage included) For those who wish to purchase an official t-shirt, please select from the below option. Please select the size and color in the required fields after selecting your race category.

Course featuresThe course is abundant in nature passing through idyllic scenery and the three onsen towns of Kaga Onsen district - including a 1km tunnel. The course is varied in scenery so you won't get bored.
Time recordingYes
Participation/Completion AwardParticipation prize
Full marathon: Your choice of one item: bath towel or arm cover band or running cap
Please be sure to select your item at the time of your application. If you do not select an item, by default you will receive a bath towel.
10km / 5km: Sports towel
Fun Run: Handkercheif
Completion Certificate
Completion record certificate will be given. For the 2.5km category there will be awards but no Completion record certificate given.
ServicesHot spring/onsen vouchers, soup, rice, Koga tea, sports/stretching trainers
AwardsTop 8 placegetters in each race category.
Excluding 39 years old and under, 40s, 50s, 60s and over, and the . 2.5km fun run.
Special GuestsAkemi Masuda, Azusa Nojiri
Other informationShops/Stalls
Yes (food, beverages, running goods)
Lottery/lucky draw prizes
Onsen accommodation voucher, local products (rice, dried food etc), traditional craft items (lacquerware, pottery etc), etc
Participant notification cardThe participant notification card is scheduled to be posted out in late March 2018.
Any queries regarding the participant notification card, please contact the Race Organising Committee below:Kaga Onsen Village Marathon Organising Committee Ph 0761-72-7922
Registration deskKaga City Sports Centre
Address:Kaga City Yamada-machi Ri 245-2 Tel: 0761-73-3939
Registration desk (day before the race day)Marathon/10km/5km: 12noon - 7pm
For participants in the Fun Run race, the race number card will be sent in advance, so there is no reception desk for entrants in this category.
Regisitration time (on the day of the race)Marathon: 6:30am to 8am
10km / 5km: 8:00am to 10:00am
Carparking information4200 car spots (free)
On the race day (Sunday 15 April), parking will not be available in the vicinity of the race venue. Please use the shuttle bus from the temporary/interim carpark.
When registering/at the time of your application, please select whether you will use the temporary parking facilities. You will be notified of your designated parking in advance of the event (scheduled to benotifiedd in late March).
On the day before the event ie 14 April (Saturday), parking around the race venue will be available. However, there will be some parking facilities which will not be available before or during the Fun Run race.
Shuttle busA free shuttle bus will operate from Kaga Onsen station and each temproary parking lot.
Public transport accessTrain: JR Hokuriku Main line. 10min by car from Kaga Onsen Station
Car access20min from Kaga IC, 20min from Katayamazu IC
Accommodation informationNippon Travel Agency Ltd, Kanazawa Branch
Postcode: 920-0031 Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa City, Hirooka 303077 JR Kanazawa Station Nishi Dai-ichi NK Building 2F
Ph: 076-293-6841 (Coordinator: Noguchi or Okuda)
Fax: 076-293-6846
For sightseeing enquiries:
Kaga City Tourist Information Centre
Postcode 922-0423 Ishikawa Prefecture, Kaga City, Sakumimachi 6-2
Tel: 0761-72-6678 (9am to 5pm)
Special event accommodation plan
Please apply here if you would like to use the supproters bus
Tine limitFull marathon: 6 hours
10km: 1hr 30min
5km: 50min2.5km: 30min
Cut-off checkpointsFull marathon
12.55km checkpoint: 1hr 41min (10:41am) cut-off
19.35km checkpoint: 2hr 39min (11:39am) cut-off
25km checkpoint: 3hr 28min (12:28pm) cut-off
30km checkpoint: 4hr 11min (1:11pm) cut-off
37.85km checkpoint: 5hr 22min (2;22pm) cut-off
Runners who reach the checkpoint outsidethe cut-off time will be notified by race officials that they have failed (DNF) and their judgment is final.
Water stations18 aid stations, approx every 2-4km
Distance markersEvery 1km, every 1km for the last 5km
Course detailsMarathon: Lopp around Kaga City Athletics Field - Katayamazu onsen - Daishouji temple, Yamashiro Onsen
Day before the event14 April (Saturday)
1.Enjoy running workshop
(Instructors: Akemi Masuda, Azusa Nojiri)
Venue: Athletics field
Time: 1:00pm - 1:25pm

2. 2.5km Fun Run
Course: Within Chuo Park
Time: 1:40pm - 2pm

3.Akemi Masuda talkshow
Title: Behind the scenes TV commentary
Venue: Sports Centre
Time: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

4.Marathon Training workshop according to the sports trainer
(Instructors: Yoshi Yamashita, Masayuki Sato)
Venue: Sports Centre
Time: 3:45pm - 4:45pm

5.Onsen town leisure walk (separate application/ fee - 1000yen)
Area: Yamanaka Onsen
Time: 4:15pm - 5;30pm
Details of this event and other details will be announced on the event website.
On the day15 April (Sunday)
Venue: Kaga City Sports Centre Mae Omotenashi Hiroba
1.Akemi Masuda autograph signing session
2.Fun lottery.lucky drawy prize
3.Various events will be planned
Details of the event and other details will be announced on the event website once the decided.
Race Organising CommitteeIshikawa Precture, Kaga City, Daishoji Minamicho Ni 41, Kaga City Marathon Promotion Office
Kaga Onsen Marathon Race Organising Committee
Number of participants at previous raceTotal: 6076 people. Breakdown: Full marathon - 4222 people / 10km - 1313 people . 5km - 355 people, 2.5km - 206 people)
Important Notes1. Please apply after agreeing to the below terms and conditions.

2. A shuttle bus will operate from Kaga Onsen Station to the race venue

3. A race number exchange card ill be sent to you by mail in advance of the race event. On the day, please bring the number exchange card which you will exchange at the registration desk on the day of the event. In exchange for the race number card, you will receive your race bib, a programme and your participation gift.

4. On the race day there will only a brief ceremony. There will not be a formal opening ceremony. Please be sure to read the Participant Notes and Rules in the Programme that you'll receive at the Registration desk on the day.

5. Please declare your expected time when entering your application. Your start wave will be determined by the time you enter. Failure to enter in a time will mean that you will start in the last wave.

6. For a finish time of 3.5 hours to 6 hours, there will be pace runners at 30min increments.

7. Elementary school students can enter in the Fun Run category but they wlll not be given a race bib number. A parent/guardian is responsibility for the participation of a child. Please note that insurance will not apply to children under elementary school age.

8. Wheelchairs are not permitted

9. If an accident occurs during the event, emergency measures will be carried out. The Race Organiser will be covered by insurance but only within the scope of the policy. The Race Organisers will not be responsible for anything outside the scope of the insurance coverage.

10. No changes to the race category will be permitted after you have submitted your entry. In addition, there will be no refund in the case of cancellation.

11. There will be no refund of any additional, surplus, excess o rduplicate payment is made.

12.Luggage/belongings can be looked after for a fee. A special bag will be provided for your belongings, with the exceptions of valuables. No responsibilty will be accepted for theft, loss or damaged goods.
In participating in the Kaga Onsen Village Marathon 2018, I agree to the below:

1. I agree to abide by the conventions, rules and instructions of the Race Organisers

2. I accept that the Race Organiser may use, publish or broadcast for the purpose of advertising, promotion or reporting media such as photos and video recording for TV, radio, magazines, Internet etc.

3. I will be responsible for managing personal items and race equipment, and will not hold the Race Organiser responsible for any loss or damage.

4. understand that running in this race may involve potential danger or risk. I am aware and I understand the possible risks and dangers involved, and I take full responsbility. responsibility on my own. I also agree to pay attention to the management of my health. In the event of an accident ocurring, I will not make a claim against the event organisers or race officials and will not held them liable or responsible.

5. I accept that I will withdraw from participating on race day if I am in bad condition (eg sick, injury, unwell etc). I understand that the entry fee will not be refunded in the case of withdrawal from the race.

6. I will not dispute the decision if there is a change to the race schedule or the content of the competition due toenvironment, bad weather conditions, or other circumstances.

7. I accept that a refund will not be given if the event is cancelled or shortened including due to earthquake, wind, flood, incident, accident, illness/outbreak or other circumstances.
Handling of personal informationThe Race Organiser shall strictly observe the laws concerining the protection of personal information and related laws and regulations. Personal information will be used for the purposes of notifying participants about race information, recording purposes, and related information, and for the purposes of improving participant services for future events.
Any queries should be directed to the race committeeKaga Onsen Marathon Race Organising Committee
Tel 0761-72-7922
Fax 0761-72-7999
Website : ※Japanese

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