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6th SunSpo Koga Hanamomo Marathon

11 Mar 2018(Sun)
Application period:
20 Oct 2017(Fri) - 13 Jan 2018(Sat)
Ibaraki Prefecture, Koga City, Koga City Chuo Sports Park
  • RUN
  • FULL
  • 10km
  • 3km

-From JR Koga Station there will be a dedicated shuttle bus in operation that goes directly to the race venue to enable stress-free access to the event site. The race venue will also have access and use of the gymansium enabling participants to change clothes comfortably. Alongside the course, volunteers will support the participants and will stand out in their peach coloured volunteer shirts. Similar to last year, we will again have the local residents taxpayer entry.


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
Marathon (42.195km): Males (Aged 18 years or older)10:007,100JPYClosed
Marathon (42.195km): Females (Aged 18 years or older)10:007,100JPYClosed
Local resident taxpayer Marathon (42.195km): Males (aged 18 or over)10:00Only registration (Payment necessary after registration.)Closed
Local resident taxpayer Marathon (42.195km): Females (aged 18 or over)10:00Only registration (Payment necessary after registration.)Closed
10km: Males (High schools students or older)10:454,300JPYClosed
10km: Females (High schools students or older)10:454,300JPYClosed
3km: Junior high school students males10:501,000JPYClosed
3km: Junior high school students females10:501,000JPYClosed
2km: Family Pair (upper elementary school) (20 years or older adult + elementary 4th-6th grader)10:303,000JPYClosed
2km: Family Pair (lower elementary school) (20 years or older adult + 1st-3rd grader)10:353,000JPYClosed

Points to note at the time of entering:

Local residents tax-free entry application deadline has closed (from 26 Oct)

Application period:
Local residents in Koga city: 20 October 2017 to 26 October 2017
People who work or go to school in Koga City: 20 October 2017 to 26 October 2017 General entry: 27 October (midday) 2017 to 13 Jan 2018
Local residents taxpayer entry: 27 October (midday) 2017 - 13 January 2018
If you live, work or study in Koga City, please enter the name of your employer or school.
Please note that on race day, at the registration desk when your race number is distributed, you may be asked to present ID with proof of your residence or other proof to confirm your employer or school organisation.

Local residents taxpayer entry If entering via SportsEntry, only an application is required, and payment of local tax wll be made separately.
Advance applications/bookings for carparking is not included, so please apply separately.
For more information or enquiries, please contact Koga City Government Planning Division (Ph: 0280-92-3111)

2km: Family Pair
Only one parent/guardian needs to apply Please enter in the relevant child details after you have selected the applicable race category.
Children do not need to be registered with SportsEntry.
Entry fee is per pair.

This race is open to anyone who consents to the race rules and regulations, can complete the distance within the designated time limits and is in good health. Roads will be closed from public traffic for 6 hours from the start time.
1. You agree to the race application terms and conditions
2. The participant on the day of the race is limited only to the registerd person entered (no substitute or transfer of participant name. Anyone found in violation of this will be disqualified, their entry will not be recognised and insurance will not apply).
3. You have consulted a doctor before the race, and entry into the race will not be hindrance or risk to your health.

Total capacity (combined across categories): 10,500 people Entry deadline will close once capacity is reached.

Course featuresThe time limit is 6hr 40min and is an ideal race for those aiming to complete their first full marathon. The course is also predominantly flat and the course has been certified as an official marathon course by the Japan Athletics Association.
Time recordingYes
Prizes/Completion goodsParticipants: T-shirt
For details regarding sizing, please check the offical race event homepage
Please note that you will be required to enter in your requested t-shirt size. Please note that only the requested size at the time of your application entry will be distributed to you (exchange of sizes is not possible)
AwardsPlacegetters 1st to 8th (including the local taxypaer Marathon category)
Agre group (5 year increments) male and female 1st-3rd (for the full marathon and 10km categories)
Original Race Completion finisher's medal (full marathon only)
Sports goods, local area products and produce, foot massage etc
Participant notification card Number card and timing chip will be mailed in advance of the event in the beginning of March 2018.
The number card and timing chip will be sent in advance in the new year (there will be no registration at the venue).
If you forget to bring or lose your race number or timing chip, please note a re-issue fee of 2000yen will apply.
Please note that on race day, at the registration desk when your race number is distributed, you may be asked to present ID with proof of your residence or other proof to confirm your employer or school organisation.
For any enquiries in relation to this, please contact the number below
Sunspo Koga Hanamomo Marathon Race Organising Committee
Tel: 03-6629-2603 (Mon to Fri 10am-5pm. Closed weekends, public holidays and between 28 Dec to 4 Jan)
RegistrationYour race number card and timing chip will be sent to you by post in advance
There will be no on the day registration desk at the race venue
By early March 2018, your race number card and timing chip will be sent out in advance of the race.
If you forget to bring or lose your race number or timing chip, please note a re-issue fee of 2000yen will apply.
Receipt of participant goodsVenue: Koga City, Koga Chuo Sports Park Athletics Field
Date and time: 11 March (Sunday) 7:30am - 4pm
Prior to the start of the raceMen's and Women's changing room will be set up inside the venue. Please note that space is limited so please vacate the room once finished. A desginated luggage storage will be available (charge will apply).
Leaving behind your belongings in the changing rooms is prohibited.
Carparking facility1000 vehicles (1000-1500JPY): first come, first serve basis
Shuttle busA return shuttle bus will run between designated locations. (It's a 20min ride to the race venue - may vary depending on traffic).
Between 7am to 9:40am the shuttle wilbus l run trips to and from the station to the race venue.
Return shuttle will operate from about 12noon (but may run at any time depending on the race schedule)
Public transportTrain
JR Utsunomiya line / Ueno-Tokyo line From Tokyo station 62min (fastest minimum time), From Utsunomiya station 37min (fastest minimum time)
JR Shonan Shinjuku Line - from Shinjuku station (by Express train) it will take about 57min (fastsest minimum time). Alight at Koga station.
CarTohoku Expressway, from Koga IC or Tatebayashi IC - 30min.
Kita Kanto Express, from Kaminokawa IC approx 40min, or Sakuragawa chikusei IC approx. 50min.
Ken O Expressway, from Sakai Koga IC approx. 20min, or Goka IC approx. 15min.
Time limitTime limit and cut-off checkpoints
Participants who do not reach the below checkpoint cut-offs within the designated time limit will be required to leave the race and ride the sweeper bus/vehicle.
Full marathon: End of competition: Time limit: 6hr 40min
Approx. 10km checkpoint 1hr 55min cut-off
Approx. 30km checkpoint 4hr 40min cut-off
Approx. 36km checkpoint: 5hr 30min cut-off
Approx. 39km checkpoint: 5hr 50min cut-off
Approx. 4km checkpoint: 40min cut-off
Approx. 7km checkpoint: 1hr 10min cut-off
Drink stations11 drink stations, approx. every 5km
Distance markersEvery 1km
Competition ProcedureRace rules/regulations
The race will be held in compliance with the Japan Athletic Association Federation 2017 Rules and Regulations
SecretariatTokyo City, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Ogawanachi 1-1, Nikko Kanda Building
OtherFor enquiries, please contact:
Pamphlet request
Sunspo Koga Hanamomo Marathon Pamphlet Distribution Centre
Postcode: 152-8532 Tokyo City, Meguro-ku, Haramachi 1-31-9
Tel: 03-3714-7924 (Mon to Fri 10am - 5pm, Closed weekends, public holidys and between 28 Dec-4 Jan)
For enquiries related to the area/location or venue, please contact:
Koga Hanamomo Marathon Race Organising Committee (Koga City Chuo Sports Park Koga Hanamomo Gymnasium)
Tel" 0280-22-5111 (Mon to Fri 8:30am to 5:15pm, Closed weekends, public holidays and between 29 Dec - 3 Jan)
For enquiries regarding the local resident tax-payer entry, please contact:
Koga City Government Planning Division
Tel: 0280-92-3111 (Mon to Fri 8:30am to 5:15pm Closed weekends, public holidays and between 29 Dec - 3rd Jan)
Number of participants at previous year's event13,000people
Important NotesDouble entries (ie entry into more than one event/category) is not permitted because of the schedule format.
If you miss the start time, you will not be permitted to run.
Number cards and timing chips are scheduled to sent in early March 2018. If you do not receive it before the event, please contact the Race Organisers.
For those who suffer from a chronic illness, please be sure to consult with your doctor in advance of the race. Please ensure you are in fit condition to run the race.
The Race Organiser will enrol all participants in accident insurance coverage.
Participants who are not fit or well enough to run should refrain from participating and withdraw from the race.
Please be sure to attach the number card to the front of your body using the provided safety pin to attach to your shirt.
Please warm up sufficiently before the race to adjust and condition your body.
At the marshalling area/start line, please line up in your numbered order based on your allocated race number bib.
Please note that the information relating to the race may be subject to change at any time.
For the Family Pair category, the timer chip must be attached to the child. (Please note that failure to do may result in disqualification).
Application terms and conditionsBy registering you consent to and agree to comply with the following:

1. The Race Organiser shall not be responsible for any injury, loss or accident, except to provide any necessary emergency measures.

2. No changes or cancellations are permitted after you have registered as a result of personal circumstances.

3. False declarations of age, gender, and participation of a runner other than the registered participant is not permitted. No proxy/substitute runners or any changes are permitted. In such cases, the participant will be disqualified and disallowed from participating.

4. Entry fee will not be refunded if the event is cancelled due to earthquake, wind, flood damage, snowfall, accident, incident, outbreak or other natural disaster.

5. Further to points 2 and 3 above, in addition, there will be refund of any excess or unused payment.

5. The Race Organiser retains the right and use to publish or broadcast any photos, videos, articles, records etc for use in TV, newspapers, magazies, the Internet, other media etc.
Handling of personal informationThe Race Organizer acknowledges the importance of personal information, and strictly observes the laws and practices related to personal information protection and privacy laws, and will handle personal information based on the Organizer's personal information protection policy. For the purpose of improving services to participants in relation to the event, your personal information may bse used to notify participants about race informaton, notices of time records, notices in relation to related information, information regarding future events, provision of services from affiliated organizations including sponsors and other related organizations, record announcement (ranking etc.). In addition, we may contact you for confirmation of the content of the application from the organizer or contractor. Those who do not wish for for their personal information to be used in relation to the above, please contact and consult with the Race Organising Commitee.
Any queries should be directed to the race committeeKoga Hanamomo Marathon Race Organising Committee
Tel 03-6629-2602
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