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CYCLOG Winery resort in Yamanashi 2017

12 Nov 2017(Sun)
Application period:
16 Jun 2017(Fri) - 30 Oct 2017(Mon)
Yamanashi Prefecture, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi City Hall Special Event site
  • BIKE
  • 7hours
  • 5hours

- Whether on a roadbike, mamachari (push bike) or a rental bike, enjoy "CYCLOG", a cycling event through Japan's most famour winery region - Yamanashi Wine Resort (through Koshu city, Fuefuki city and Yamanashi city). This event is back for its second year.
- This event caters for beginners, families or anyone wanting to try their first cycling event.
- In addition, this event is great value and half the price of usual cycling events.

CYCLOG is an orienteering bike event which requires reaching certain points within a designated time limit. From the start and goal point, there are various checkpoints (called Logspots). The further distance, the greater the points attained. The shorter the distance, less points are attained. Try to challenge yourself by covering as many short distance points as possible as well more points on the further distances. Strategy is key!
There is no set course for the CYCLOG. In addition to accumulating points, you can enjoy the gourmet delights of the Yamanashi Winery Resort which will be indicated at the logspots. You can also visit historic buildings and enjoy the enjoy at your leisure and pace.
Over 100 gourmet and sightseeing spots will be represented at Yamanashi Winery Resort
Escape and enjoy an exhilarating ride through the Yamanashi Nouveau (where the usual cycling ban is lifted for this event)


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
※tax is included in all the above prices
※"previous day entry fee" is 500 yen discount for children, 1000 yen discount for adults.
[Sports Bike class] 5-hour course
(1)Elementary school student・male
(2)Elementary school student・female
(3)Junior or high school student・male
(4)Junior or high school student・femal
[Sports Bike class] 5-hour course
(5)39years or younger・male
(6)39years or younger・female
(7)59years or younger・male
(8)59years or younger・female
(9)60years or older・male
(10)60years or older・female
[City Bikes aka Mamachari bike class] 5-hour course
(11)Elementary school student・male
(12)Elementary school student・female
(13)Junior or high school student・male
(14)Junior or high school student・female
[City Bikes aka Mamachari bike class] 5-hour course
(15)49years or younger・male
(16)49years or younger・female
(17)50years or older・male
(18)50years or older・female
[Sports Bike class] 7-hour course
(19)18years or younger・male
(20)18years or younger・female
[Sports Bike class] 7-hour course
(21)39years or younger・male
(22)39years or younger・female
(23)59years or younger・male
(24)59years or younger・female
(25)60years or older・male
(26)60years or older・female
Accompanying person
※A participant is limited to one accompanying person.
Free carparking--Closed
Rental bike
A) Electric Bike
B) City Bike (aka Mamachari push bike)
C)Cross Bike
Rental bike
D)Road Bike (Size S or M)
Start and finish pointYamanashi Prefecture, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi City Hall Special Event site
Registration deskYamanashi Prefecture, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi City Hall Special Event site
Time scheduletime schedule
※subject to change
11th Nov (sat)
13:00 Pre-race day check-in opens
17:00 Pre-race day check-in closes

12th Nov (sun)
6:00 car parking opens
6:10 race check-in for 7-hour course (race number bibs exchange)
8:00 opening ceremony start
8:30 7-hour course race start
9:00 race check-in for 5-hour course race (race number bibs exchange)
10:30 5-hour course race start
15:30 Time cut-off for all categories
16:00 Awards ceremony start
16:30 Awards ceremony / Closing
Points to note when entering[Eligible entrants]
・people who will comply with traffic rules and ride safely.
・Minors aged under 18 years old will require the consent of a guardian or be accompanied by a guardian to be able to participate.
・Elementary school students or younger will require a parent or guardian to accompany them to partcipate.
・Parents/Guardians of minors will need to apply as general partcipant to accompany a minor.
・Participants understand and acknowledge the race rules and conditions of entry.
・Until the day of the race event, satisfy the below requirements.
(1)Own a Smart Phone(iOS9/Android4.2 or later)
We do not officially support the use of tablets and the use of smartphones in tethering. When using, please be sure it is within the range of your own responsbility.
(2)Ensure you have downloaded the designated exclusive app for this event.
(3)Have or create an SNS account (Facebook or Twitter).
(4)Allow the app to post pictures to SNS.

[About injuries or accidents during the event]
・Please understand that the race organization committee does not accept any responsibilities for any accidents including traffic accidents, injuries, falls, or bike malfunctions during the course of the event.
・In addition, the race organiser does not accept any liability or responsibility for compensation for damages.
・Please ensure that you check the insurance coverage provided as per the registration site and the official event website.If you think the above insurance allowances are insufficient, please take out your own insurance coverage.

[Day before or on-the-day race entry registration]
"previous day entry fee" is 500 yen discount for children, 1000 yen discount for adults.
・Please note that all participants who registered for the pre-race day check in, may only check in on the day prior (11 November)
・For those participants who registered for the pre-race check-in and fail to check in by the deadline on 11 November, will be disallowed from joining the race. You may be permitted to check in on the race event day by paying double the difference of the entry fee.
・For those who opt to register on the day, may also check in on the day before the race.

[About Parking]
Free carparking available
*Capacity: 200 cars
・Organizer will prepare parking for event participants or accompanying persons only.
・Parking will be free but users vacate the carpark by the designated closing time.
・The parking lot capacity is 200 car. Those wishing to use the capark must apply for it in advance.Car spaces will be on a first come first serve basis.
・For those who have not applied for the free carparking facility or miss out on a carpark slot, will need to use a paid parking facility.
・Please note that staying overnight in the parking area (including the day before, after or during the race event) is prohibited.

※”City bike” means city bikes or light roadsters. Road bikes or cross bikes are categorized as "Sports Bikes".
※Electric Bikes are included as "City bike" category.
※The bike with a front basket, an ordinary handle and less than 7 gears will be categorised as a "City bike". The race organizer reserved the right to categorize participants' bikes.
※If the race organizer does not deem a bike to be in the "City bike" category, it will beclassified as a "Sports Biks".
※If you are unsure of your bike class category, please register it as City Bike in the first instance, and bring your bike to the information desk on the race day to confirm the bike class.

※The course map with all the check points (ie log points) will be available on the official event website.
※LS may be changed without notice by Administrative guidance, dependon on the weather o nrace t day, traffic conditions or adjustment for other events.
※There are no aid stations. However at many of the log spots, there are places that provide foods and facilities.
※Please note that once fee entry has been paid, there will be no refunds under any circumstances. There will be no refunds in the event of the race being cancelled, changed, etc.
※Accompany person is for children and families who do not have a smartphone. they are subject to accident insurance but are not eligible for awards, rankings and prizes. Also, parents who are attending with children 's accompaniment should apply normally.
※Please be sure that the accompanying person also rides a bike and joins the minor participant. Companions are not allowed to walk or drive.
※One accompany person is allowed per participant.
※If the participant (ie minority) doesn't have their own SNS account or smartphone, they are allowed to use their parent's or guardiant's social media account or smartphone.
Procedure flow of registration[Required information for registration]
the age on the event day, contact details (phone number, email), name of companion for minors, guardian name etc.
What to bring[Recommended things to bring]
・Portable battery charger (to recharge your smartphone)
・Puncture repair tool (please be prepared to repair and fix a puncture yourself)
・Spare tube
・insurance card (in case of injury or an accident)
・Bike carry bag (to transfer your own bike to the venue or in case of retiring during the race)
・Your best smile (the most important thing to bring)
Regulations■rules for riding
All participants must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Road Traffic Act. Roads are not closed for this event and cyclists will share the road with public traffic.
Also, please strictly observe the following items, except where otherwise instructed by a police officer or traffic staff or unavoidable circumstances to avoid danger. Please understand beforehand that if participants can not keep follow these items, the organizer may cancel their participation and disqualify the participant in which case the participant's race bib number will be removed immediately.
[A few points that especially participants should understand and follow.]
・Smartphones are not to be operated/used whilst riding the bike.
・keep to the left side of the road.
・Single line cycling only. (cyclists are not to ride side by side)
・Observance of traffic signals and road signs
・Observance of giving way to pedestrians on sidewalks and shared pedestrain sections.
・Indicate vocally or with hand signals when passing or overtaking other cyclists.
・Indicate vocally or with hand signals when passing or overtaking other cyclists.
・Prohibition of overtaking leading vehicle. (bike or car)
・Dangerous behaviour or actions that can lead to an accident.
・Acting in violation of cycling manner and etiquette is prohibited.

■Bicycle and equipment regulations
・Bikes must be fitted with a front light, tail light, and bell.Front lights must be used in tunnels and at night time. (or when it's dark)
・Single speed bikes are permitted, but the bike must have both loaded front brake and back.
・Helmet is recommended but not mandatory. (by Road Traffic Act.)
・Please wear cycling gloves if possible.
・Bullhorn handles and DH bars are prohibited. Bar end grips are permitted.
・Ensure your bike is sufficiently tuned and maintained for public road usage in advance.
・Any bikes (including city bikes, recumbent bikes or electric Bikes) are permissible if it is allowed by the Road Traffic Act.
・Rental bikes are also available.
Event information■Rental bikes
Rental bikes will be made available. However, there will be a limited supply of rental bikes. For rental information please check the details on the official event website.

■how to retire during the race
・participants who wish to retire should contact the race headquarters.
・In principle, retiring is your personal responsbility and no assistance will be provided except in the case of an accident or injury.
・If it is impossible for you to continue due to an injury or breakdown/malfunction of the bike, please contact the race headquarters.
・Details on how to contact the race headquarters will be available inside the app.

■How to respond when an accident occurs
・Please be sure to call/contact the police if an accident occurs betweenanother vehicle or person.
・Please don't hesitate to ask help from other cyclists, participants or nearby people at the accident site.
・After immediate first aid or emergency life-saving measures have been carried out, please contact the emergency number of the race headquarters as soon as possible.
・Although emergency staff and measures will be provided, it may be the case that the local fire services may be faster in reaching the accident site. Please be sure to follow the directions and instructions of emergency services after contacting the race headquarters.

■If the event is cancelled due to bad weather
As a general rule, heavy rain or bad will not cause the event to be cancelled.
As a general rule, heavy rain or bad will not cause the event to be cancelled.
If there is a storm warning or a bad weather alert due to a typhoon etc, the event may be cancelled either before the start or during the race if the weather conditions worsen.
[Before race start]
If the race is cancelled prior to the race start it will be announced at either of the following below times on the official race website and Facebook.
10th Nov (2 days before of event) at 6:00pm
11th Nov (day before the eventt) at 6:00pm
12th Nov (event day) at 5:00 am
※ Please note that the race organizer cannot respond to individual enquiries by telephone or e-mail.
[After the race has started]
The race Organizer will send a message through the special event app. Please get off your bike and prepare for evacuation immediately.

■In the case of a traffic accident
In the event of an emergency, first aid will be provided.
However, the race organiser will not be able to respond to a claim or situation which exceeds the benefit limit covered by the accident insurance of the event.
In addition, all medical expenses, hospitalisation, accident costs etc will be borne by the individual parties. Therefore, please ensure you bring and carry your own health insurance card.
The race organiser also recommends that all participants take out their own personal insurance if they are concerned about the range of support and scope of coverage.
Whether insurance claims are covered by the race organiser or individual participants, it is generally the case that an accident report will need to be filed with the police in order to make a claim under insurance.
Whether insurance claims are covered by the race organiser or individual participants, it is generally the case that an accident report will need to be filed with the police in order to make a claim under insurance.
A traffic accident report must be reported to the police.
Please understand that the event organizer does not accept any responsibility or liablity for any situation where an insurance claim application is refused due to lack of proper procedure, paperwork, or insufficient personal information of the participant.

■Handling of portraits and photography
The event organiser may take and use video footage and photos during the course of the event, including of participants which may be broadcast in various media outlets including on TV, newspapers, magazines, website, posters, pamphlets etc.
Participation in this event that you consent to photos being taken of you for commercial purposes.
Insurance■Accident insurance
The organiser has entered into accident insurance for participants, but for expenses outside the range of coverage, the excess will be the responsibility of the participant. In addition all treatments costs etc will be borne by the participant. It is recommended that participants arrange their own accident insurance.
[Insurance coverage]
Death / Disability up to 10 million JPY
Hospitalization: 5000 JPY per day in hospital
Hospital outpatient 3000 JPY per day
Participant notification formParticipant notification/confirmation form and race details will be sent 1 week before the event.
Any queries should be directed to the race committeeCYCLOG Winery resort in Yamanashi 2017 Executive Committee
zip/postal code 406-0031
777 Isawach? Ichibe, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi-ken
Tel 055-261-2034
Website ※Japanese

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