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77th (Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Run) Imperial Palace Marathon and Relay Marathon

8 Jul 2017(Sat)
Application period:
28 Mar 2017(Tue) - 25 Jun 2017(Sun)
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Imperial palace. Near Sakuradamon Clock Tower (Start & Goal point)
  • RUN
  • 15km
  • 10km
  • 5km
  • relay

-An event where you can enjoy the lush green surrounds of the Imperial Palace
- This event is in support of the Great East Japan Earthquake recovery efforts

This is an early summer running event around the Imperial Palace, surrounded by the rich greenery of the palace grounds. The course starts and finishes at the Sakuradamon Gate on the south side of the Imperial Palace and is a 5 km circuit. The distances include, 5 km (1 lap), 10 km (2 laps), 15 km (3 laps) for individuals and a 20 km (4 laps) relay for a team of 4. As there are no dressing and luggage storage facilities, please use the local running stations in the area.

This event is held regularly to support the recovery efforts of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Part of the participation fee (200 yen per person) will be donated t to the Fukushima Prefecture Disaster Response Headquarters and will be used in their recovery efforts.

The Tokyo Imperial Palace loop is one of the city's most popular and central jogging course. The sidewalk is used by many runners and walkers day and night. The course in itself is a popular tourist attraction taking in sights such as government offices, art museums, European architecture, and, of course, the Imperial Palace and gardens.


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
5km: 5 years and older9:352,700JPYClosed
10km: Junior high school students and older9:353,240JPYClosed
15km: High school students and older9:303,780JPYClosed
Relay Marathon: 5km x laps (4 members per team, 1 lap per person).
Eligible participants:5 years or older

Points to note when entering:
The entry fee is based on per team
Only one team representative (team leader) should register on behald of the team for the 20km relay marathon.
After selecting the event, please enter the necessary details required for each relay member
It is not necessary for all relay team members to become a member of Sports Entry
For group rentry discount please enquire with the race organiser
venueChiyoda-ku Tokyo, Imperial palace. Near Sakuradamon Clock Tower (Start & Goal point)
※Race details may be subject to change due to the number of participations number or weather conditions
Course descriptionThe course is set in the Imperial Palace and is a 5 km circuit.
Registration time (on the day)8:30-9:00
Time cut-off limits[5k / 10k] no time limit
[15k / relay marathon] Within 2 hours
If after 1.5 hours from the start time of the relay marathon the fourth team member has not started, the fourth team member will not run.
Result timesResult times will be posted on the race website ( a few days after the event.
Awards1st - 3rd place getters (prize:specialty goods from Miyagi)
Participant race goodsparticipant race goods: specialty goods from Miyagi, sports drink
In July, We will prepare specialty goods from Miyagi as participant race goods
Transport information(Train)
3 minuets walk from Sakuradamon station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho subway line)
10 minuets walk from Yurakucho station(JR line)
5 minuets walk from Hibiya station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya line) or Kasumigaseki station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line)
Luggage storageThere are no luggage/valuables storage facilities at the venue. Please use nearby running station facilities instead.

MARUNOUCHI Bike&Run(Direct connection to Tokyo station・Shin Marunouchi building B1F)
The following service will be provided for race participants
Discounted price at running station facilities. Fee of 700 yen (usually 900 yen)
please prepare initiation fee 500JPY and identification
Race capacity400 people total across all categories
[Relay] maximum 80 teams
※Race entry deadline may close earlier if race capacity is reached
Rules and regulations1. Entry is based on a first pay, first serve basis. Your entry is not confirmed unless payment has been made. Priority is given to those who have paid the entry fee.Please note that when the maximum capacity is close to being reached, your registration entry may be placed on a waiting list.
If you are placed on the waiting list, the race organisers will contact you by email or phone.
2. Entry fee will not be cancelled or changed after payment has been made. After payment, no cancellations or changes will be permitted. There will be a 100% cancellation fee. Please also note that any participants whether as an individual or a team member is a no-show, late or unable to start at the designated race time, they may be refused from participating and the cancellation fee will not be refunded.
3. The event will go ahead in the case of rain. However, the event may be cancelled due to typhoon, snow, or other severe weather conditions. If the race is cancelled due to severe weather conditions, it will be announced 90 minutes before the race start and participants will be notified and contacted. If the race is cancelled as a result of weather or natural disaster, the entry fee will not be refunded.
4. Personal information collected for the purposes of registration will not be disclosed to third parties except in the following circumstances:
1) Information will be disclosed only where the participant has consented
2)Where required under law or regulations
3) In circumstances ncessary for the protection of human life, insurance or inheritance reasons, where consent can't otherwise be obtained by the relevant person
4) Where required by a national institution, or local authority or a consigned party in conducting any administrative affairs pursuant to an order under laws or regulations, and when obtaining consent would otherwise cause risk or hindrance to the execution of the affairs.
5) Where required when appplying for services to third parties, we will only disclose the relevant information.
Please note that we will not assume any responsibility for aid or refund to a substitute participant or where false information has been provided.
The Race Organiser reserves the right and ownership of race and event movies, pictures, photos, articles, records, race participant details (including name, age, sex, record, portrait right) etc for the purposes of publishing and advertising on TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, brochures etc.
6. I will not make false declarations with regard to name, age, gender, telephone number etc on the application. Only the named applicant may participate in the event. (Substitution is not allowed, and if discovered the organizer may disqualify the participanand/or revoke recognition of place, time, and awards.)
7. I understand that to participate in this event I should be in good physical health and have trained appropriately. I accept all risks that participating in this event may entail including injury, accident, and loss.
8. I accept that the organizer has the right to withdraw my participation from the event if they deem that I have hindered or adversely affected the event. I accept that I will follow the organiser's instructions and follow directions from Organizer's Safety Management race organising team.
9. I consent to receiving medical treatment in the case of injury or illness suffered during the event. I acknowledge that the event organizer is not responsible for any adverse outcomes as a result.
10. By participating in this event, I accept all risks including accident, loss, injuries, illness, and damage sustained during the event. Accordingly, I release the organizer from any claims, demands, and proceedings arising from my participation in this event. Any injury sustained to another participant will be settled between the parties.
11. If I (or a team member) is under 18 years old, I will participate with my legal guardian/parents’ permission.
About Race details and Participant confirmation/notification formRace details will be sent from the race organiser by email. Please check your spam box and enable emails to be received from
Participant notification/confirmation form will be sent by email 7 days before the event.
Please ensure your email settings are set to receive emails from the race organizer.

If you don't have email, you can check on the website homepage( ※Japanese)
Race numberYour race number will not be sent to you in advance. You will receive your race number on race day after registering.
Any queries should be directed to the race organizing committee belowGreat East Japan Charity Run Organising Committee (Good Sports office)

Tel 03-5480-4100 (person in charge: Yamaji)
Website ※Japanese

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