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5th Annual Tokyo Tower stair-climbing race

18 Jun 2017(Sun)
Application period:
12 Jan 2017(Thu) - 24 May 2017(Wed)
Tokyo Tower, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • RUN
  • individual
  • relay
CLOSED (before deadline)

Run up the iconic Tokyo Tower.
This race is a stair climb to the Observatory Deck of Tokyo Tower
A 500-step stair climb race to a height of 150m.

Tokyo Tower is a 333m tall radio tower in the heart of Tokyo, and the venue for this special sprint race. A chance to climb 600 steps from the ground to the Great Observation Deck.

Last year's winner recorded a time of 2m:21s:19ss. The start is a wave start with everyone setting off one by one, with the goal of reaching 150 metres above the ground. You can choose from two entry categories, solo (individual) or a as team (total combined time of 4 people).

Tokyo Tower is a longstanding iconic Tokyo tourist attraction that offers great views of the city from the observation deck.


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
Team race(4 people per team)
CLOSED (before deadline)
Start and finish pointTokyo Tower, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Time limit / Cut-off pointsThere is no time limit.
To avoid overcrowding, the race will be in wave starts based on running ability
Registration/start venueThe roof of the Tokyo Tower Foot Town building
Registration timeFrom 7:15 AM
Points to note about event rulesFor both individual participants and teams, each runner will start at staggered times.
Participants must declare their 5km time. Wave starts will be based on the 5km time given.The running order willl be based on your race bib number starting from number 1.
In order to avoid overtaking and overcrowding, please declare as accurate a time as possible.
Race number will be issued to participants within 3 days from the event date.
If overtaking other runner, please do so with care. Please avoid aggressive or violent conduct when overtaking.
The time for the team race will be the total combined time of the 4 team members.
Time keepingyes
Awardsmale/ female 1st - 3rd place getters, team 1st place getters
Completion certificationYes
Race capacity300 people
Race entry deadline may close earlier if race capacity is reached
Race Conditions1. Participants shall comply with various notices and traffic regulatons, etc as determined by the organizer in order to hold the race smoothly and safely.
2.Please understand that the race organization committee does not accept any responsibilities for any of the below (except for emergency measures) including injury or any other accident, and lost property.
3.No changes or cancellations are permitted after registration
The race organiser will not accept false declarations of age or gender. Places are not transferable (participant will be disqualified otherwise) to another participant. Registration will be cancelled if false infromation is provided.
In the event of the race being cancelled due to earthquake, snow, flooding, heavy rain, or other incident, the race organiser will determine if a refund will be given and if so, the amount of the refund.
6. Please note that once fee entry has been paid, there will be no refunds under any circumstances (Please see points 3 and 4 above).
7. The race organiser reserves the right and ownership to use any footage taken during the course of the race including videos, photos, articles, recordings, reports, magazines, internet etc.
The Race Organiser observes related laws and regulations concerning the handling and protection of personal information in accordance with the relevant personal information protection policy and laws.
In addition to the above-mentioned rules and conditions, the race organiser will conduct the the event according to conventional race rules.
Important note about registrationTeam leader to register on behalf of team
After selecting the event, please enter the necessary details required for each relay member
It is not necessary for relay members to become a member of Sports Entry
※The entry fee is based on per team
Participant notification formParticipant notification form and race number will be sent 3 days prior to the race event.
Any queries should be directed to the race committeeRace Organizing Executive Committee: Restart
zip/postal code 151-0064
1 Chome-17-3 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Prefecture
Website: ※Japanese
CLOSED (before deadline)

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