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18th Annual UP RUN Inperial marathon

18 Jun 2017(Sun)
Application period:
15 Dec 2016(Thu) - 8 Jun 2017(Thu)
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Kokyo Gaien National Garden
  • RUN
  • 20km
  • 15km
  • 10km
  • 5km

An early summer run in central Tokyo.

This is an early summer running event around the Imperial Palace, surrounded by the rich greenery of the palace grounds. The course starts and finishes at the Sakuradamon Gate on the south side of the Imperial Palace and is a 5 km circuit. The distances include, 5 km (1 lap), 10 km (2 laps), 15 km (3 laps), 20 km (4 laps) for individuals and a 20 km (4 laps) relay for a team of 4. As there are no changing or luggage storage facilities, please use the local running stations in the area.

The Tokyo Imperial Palace loop is one of the city's most popular and central jogging courses. The sidewalk is used by many runners and walkers day and night. The course in itself is a popular tourist attraction taking in sights such as government offices, art museums, European architecture, and, of course, the Imperial Palace and gardens.


Category Start time Registration Fee Status
20km Relay: (4 people per team / junior high school students or older)

-Entry fee price is per team
-Team leader to register on behalf of team
-It is not necessary for relay members to become a member of Sports Entry
After selecting the event, please enter the necessary details required for each relay member
20km: (junior high school students or older)9:204,200JPYClosed
15km: (junior high school students or older)9:303,700JPYClosed
10km: (junior high school students or older)9:353,200JPYClosed
5km: (junior high school students or older)9:352,700JPYClosed
Start and finish pointChiyoda-ku Tokyo, Kokyo Gaien National Garden
Registration desk (on the day)Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Imperial palace (in front of Sakuradamon Clock Tower)
Registration timeFrom 8:30
Time keepingYes
Time limit / Cut-off pointsTime limit 2 hours and 30 minuets
Race capacity[Relay]10 teams
[20k] 40 people
[15k] 40 people
[10k] 40 people
[5k] 40 people
※Race entry deadline may close eariler if race capacity is reached.
transportation(train) 2 minuets walk from Sakuradamon station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line)
10 min walk from JR Yurakucho station
Application termsPlease agree the following terms and conditions before applying and registering.
1.Organizer will be enrolled in the insurance coverage. Please understand that the race organization committee does not accept any responsibilities for any of the below (except for emergency measures) including injury or any other accident, and lost property.
2.No changes or cancellations are permitted after registration
3.The race organiser will not accept false declarations of age or gender. Places are not transferable (participant will be disqualified otherwise) to another participant. Registration will be cancelled if false infromation is provided.
4.Please notice that there will be no refunds in the event of the race being cancelled due to earthquake, snow, flooding, heavy rain, or other incident.
5. Please note that once fee entry has been paid, there will be no refunds under any circumstances (Please see points 2 and 3 above).
6. The race organiser reserves the right and ownership to use any footage taken during the course of the race including videos, photos, articles, recordings, reports, magazines, internet etc.
7.The organizer will hold this race according to the rules, regulations and entry rules.
Race regurations1.Please note that there will be no refunds in the event of the race being cancelled due to earthquake, snow, flooding, heavy rain, or other incident.
2.Please notice that participate should be in good physical health and have trained appropriately without heart disease nor disease etc..
3.The organizer has the right to withdraw participation from the event if they deem that who has hindered or adversely affected the event. Please follow the organiser's instructions and follow directions from Organizer's Safety Management race organising team.
4.Sports injuries will be covered by insurance. The event organizer will give medical treatment as first aid in the case of injury or illness suffered during the event. The event organizer is not responsible for any adverse outcomes as a result.
5.Minors aged under 20 years old will require the consent of a parent or guardian to participate. Also they will require the consent of team member to participate When they will join team race.
6.The outfits that is inappropriate in public or having possibility of disturbing safety management, would be refused by event organizer.
7.It is not allowed that false declarations with regard to name, age, gender, telephone number etc… on the application.
8.Please have a appropriate manner as a participant with appreciation to residents of the place, volunteers and other participants.
9.If the participanat doesn't follow the terms 5,6,7 above, the organizer may disqualify the participant and/or revoke recognition of place, time, awards, remove the right to participation other events after.
10.The Race Organiser reserves the right and ownership of race and event movies, pictures, photos, articles, records, race participant details (including name, age, sex, record, portrait right) etc for the purposes of publishing and advertising on TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, brochures etc.
11.Companion aides for blind disabillity will be allowed until two people.
12.No changes or cancellations are permitted after registration
13.Please note that once fee entry has been paid, there will be no refunds under any circumstances.
14.The organizer will manage individual informations as following rule that was settled separately.
Participant notification formPartcipant notification form will be sent out by email around 13nd June.
Please check your email setting to be able to receive mail from the address below ""
Also you can check same description on the web site.
bib/ number card will be handed by on the race day
Any queries should be directed to the race committeeUP RUN Executive Committee
zip/postal code 106-0047
2-7-30 River side Azabu 301, Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo Prefecture
Tel 03-6435-0433
Fax 03-6435-0458
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