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The 6th annual Chiba Boso aquathlon race

11 Jun 2017(Sun)
Application period:
8 Dec 2016(Thu) - 3 Jun 2017(Sat)
Iwai Beach, Minamiboso, Chiba prefecture
  • 11.5km
  • 5.5km
  • 1.5km
  • Relay

- The aquathlon race Is accessible from Tokyo.
- The swim venue is at a wide and beautiful beach.

The aquathlon will be held in Minami Boso, Chiba Prefecture (about 2.5 hours from Tokyo.)

The events are: short course (swim 500 m, run 5 km), long course (swim 1.5 km · run 10 km), relay (swim 1.5 km · run 10 km), swim only course (swim 1.5 km).

The race venue is at Haraoka Beach, which is famous for its calm and shallow water and seandy beach. It is 10 minutes on foot from the nearest station. It is popular with swimmer and beach-goers from the city. Expected water temperature at the time of the event is approx. 20 ℃.


Category early-bird entry
untill 21 May 2017
late entry
from 22 May to 3 June 2017
Registration Status
Registration fee Registration fee
(1) Short course : swim 0.5km, run 5km(2.5km - 2 laps)7,000JPY8,000JPY Closed
(2) Long course : swim 1.5km, run 10km(2.5km- 4 laps)10,000JPY11,000JPY Closed
(3) Swim only course : swim 1.5km6,000JPY7,000JPY Closed
(4) Aquathlon Relay : 1.5km swim and 10km run

[Eligible entrants]
Team leader (one representative) to register on behalf of team
Entry fee price is per team
After selecting the event, please enter the necessary details required for each relay member
It is not necessary for each relay member to become a member of Sports Entry
11,000JPY13,000JPY Closed
Race descriptionThe swim and run leg times are continuous, and the overal rankings will be based on the overall time.
The swim is a beach open water swim. The run course will be a road along the coast.
Wetsuits are allowed to be worn in the swim race.
There is a transition area between the swim and the run legs. A box will be provided with your race number to prepare your shoes and gear.
Time spent in the transition area is included in your total race time.
Start and finish pointIwai Beach, Minamiboso, Chiba prefecture
Race capacity(1): Short course: 200 people
(2): Long course: 200 people
(3): Swim course: 40 people
(4): Relay course: 20 teams
Eligible participants18 years or older. Please note that participants should be in good physical health and have trained appropriately. Participants also agree to the terms of registration.
Time schedulePlease arrive at the venue at the designated times as set out in the race schedule.

11 Jun 2017 (Sun)
Venue: Iwai Beach Resort Minamiboso Chiba prefecture
08:00-09:30 Registration (on the day)
09:00-09:20 warming up(the place will be specified)
09:20-09:30 beach cleaning activity(clean the beach and surrounding roads near the race venue)
09:30 opening ceremony
09:50 Marshalling of short course participants
10:00 Short course start (all start together ie no wave starts)
10:40 Marshalling of long course participants (After award ceremony of short course)
11:00 Long course start (Relay participants and swim only participants will all start together)
13:00 All races finished
13:10 Award medals (Long course)

Time schedule details may be subject to change due to the water or weather conditions
Please note that categories or distances may be subject to change due to the conditions.
Race briefingAt the opening ceremony, the race briefing will also be provided. Details will include course deails, rules, water conditions etc.
Registration details on the dayPlease come to registration desk at the tent sent up on Iwai Beach. Please arrive by the relevant time.
Please fill in the waiver and health questionnaire first. Then proceed to receive your participant kit, and numbering area.

About paticipant kit
(1) bib/race number
(2) race swim cap

Participants will have their race number written on their arms. Please follow the directions and guidance of staff.
About race startPlease check the race schedule. Participants should arrive and be on time for the marshalling time.
It will be a water start and all participants will start together (ie no wave starts)
Please note that due to safety reasons, timing may change due to water conditions.
Competition rulesThe race will be governed by the common competition rules of the Japan International Open Water Association.
Prizes/AwardsOverall Male/Female 1st - 3rd place getters in each category
Age-group awards (applicable only for the short and long course aquathlon race): male and female 1st-3rd placegetters
[1]18-29 years old
[2]30-39 years old
[3]40-49 years old
[4]50-59 years old
[5]60-69 years old
[6]70 years old or older
Participant race goodsyes
NoticeRace categories and distances may be subject to change or cancelled due to bad weather.
Please receive participant certifcate, medal, prizes and participant race goods on the event day.The organizer will not post out items.
You may apply for goods to be sent by cash od delivery.

Organizer will be post participant race numbers on the bulletin board.
Participant notification formParticipant notification/confirmation formr will be sent out 15 days before the event. (by post or email)
Any queries should be directed to the race committeeThe 6th annual Chiba Boso aquathlon race Executive Committee
zip/postal code 103-0023
JIOWSA 3-1-6-304 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo, Tokyo
Tel 03-5695-1355
Website: ※Japanese

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