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The 5th annual Minami Atami aquathlon

21 May 2017(Sun)
Application period:
3 Dec 2016(Sat) - 12 May 2017(Fri)
Shimotaga, Nagahama Beach Park, Atami City, Shizuoka prefecture
  • Duathlon
  • Swim
  • 5.5km
  • 11.5km
  • 1.5km
  • Relay

- This event is one of the first aquathlons for the year in the Kanto area.
- There are many famous onsens (hot springs) in the area.
- From Tokyo it is approx. 2 hours and is doable as a day trip.

The aquathlon takes place at Nagahama Beach Park in Minami Atami, about 2 hours from Tokyo (or approx. 1 hour by bullet train). There are 4 race options: (i) Short aquathlon - 500m swim and 5km run, (ii) Long aquathlon - 1.5km swim and 10km run, (iii) Swim only - 1.5km swim, (iv) Aquathlon relay - 1.5km swim and 10km run

If the weather is good, late May is usually the beginning of summer. In past years, the temperature has generally been approx. 27 degrees, however water temp is usually approx. 20 degrees.

Close to Atami, one of Japan's famous onsen areas, we recommend a day trip to relax and enjoy the hot spings. In summer, it is a popular beach and swimming spot (beach swimming is permitted around mid-July).


Category early bird
untill 30 Apr 2017
late entry
from 1 May
to 12 May 2017
Registration Status
Registration fee Registration fee
(1)Short (Swim 500m, Run 5km)
The running course is a 2.5km loop (x 2 laps)
(2)Long (Swim 1.5km, Run 10km)
The running course is a 2.5km loop (x 4 laps)
(4)アスロンリレーの部(スイム1.5km ・ラン10km)
(4)Athron relay(Swim 1.5km, Run 10km)
Relay team leader to register on behalf of team
After selecting the event, please enter the necessary details required for each relay member
It is not necessary for all relay members to become a member of Sports Entry
Entry fee price is per team

Start and finish pointShimotaga, Nagahama Beach Park, Atami City, Shizuoka prefecture
Website ※Japanese
Race capacity(1) Short :200 participants
(2) Long :200 participants
(3) Swim :40 participants
(4) Relay :20 teams
Race informationThe swim and run are continuous, and rankings will be based on overall time.
The swim will be a marked beach swim course, and the run coursebwill either be along the coast or in the beach park.
Wearing a wet suit during the swim leg is permitted for all the race options.
Please remind that you will prepare your running shoes or equipments at own numbered box that set at transition area between swimming course and running course. Between the swim and run legs, there will be a transition area where a box with your race number will be allocated to you. Please prepare your running shoes and other gear needed in the allocated box in the transition area. Your completed total time will be measured from the point you reach the designated finish point.
Time meseament counts the time of transition area between swimming and running (interval to wearing clothes, shoes and bib).Your total race time will include time spent in transition.
Race rulesThe Japan International Open Water Swimming Association competition rules and Common Rules will apply to this race.
Eligible entrantsAnyone over the age of 18 who is healthy and has regularly trained, and has agreed with the rules and conditions of this race is eligible to register.
Event schedulePlease be sure to arrive at the race venue with sufficient time register and attend the briefing session.
Due to bad weather or rough sea condtions etc., the race schedule may vary on the day.

21 May (sun)
Race venue: Nagahama Beach Park, Shimotaga, Atami City, Shizuoka prefecture
8:00 - 9:30 Registration
※after submitting waiver and health questionnaire, get registration kit and go through to numbering procedule.Please submit the waiver form and health questionnaire, before receiving the race kit and race numbering
9:00 - 9:20 warm up (in the designated area)
9:20 - 9:30 beach cleaning (We will clean the race venue beach and surrounding areas)
9:30 - Opening ceremony
9:50 - Marhsalling of short aquathlon race participants
10:00 - Short aqutahlon race start
10:45 - Marshalling of long race participants
11:00 - Long aquathlon / Swim only / Relay race start
13:00 - Finish time for all races
13:10 - Medal ceremony (for the long aquathlon)
AwardsOverall placegetters: 1st - 3rd place getters in each race option
Age category:(only for Short and Long aquathlon race categories) Male and Female 1st - 3rd place getters in the following age categories:
[1]Under 18 years
[2]19-29 years
[3]30-39 years
[4]40-49 years
[5]50-59 years
[6]60-69 year
[7]70 years and older
Participant race goodsYes
Please noteon a first come, first served basis. They are needed to be confirmed their entry fee was paid.Confirmation and acceptance of entry will be based on a first-come, first-served basis upon payment of race entry fee.
Race entry fee will not be refunded except in cases where the organizer has declined to participate.Please note that no refund of race entry fee will be given, unless expressly agreed to by the race organiser.

Please note that weather conditions on the day may mean a change to some of the races, distances or cancellation of the race. pacticipants are needed to get own certification, medal,plaque,goodies at the event. If you wish to receive by post, please apply in advance. Shipping fee will be cash on delivery.Certificate of completion, medals and prizes etc will be awarded on the day. Please note that will not post out any certificates or good. However, if you cannot attend the award ceremony, you may apply to receive to accept your goods by postal payment of cash on delivery.
Race/bib number:participants will be able to check their race number on the notice board
Briefing: Race briefing will be announced during the opening ceremeony. Participants can confirm about rule, course details and tidal details easily (in Japanese) .Race rules along with the course route and race conditions will be explained.
Race day registration: Please proceedto the registration desk/tent that will be sent up at Nagahama beach park within the designated time.
After submitting waiver and health questionnaire, proceed to registration and numbering procedures.

After registration, participants will receive a racenumber on their arm at the registration desk . Please follow the directions of race staff.
Please be sure to check the start time for your race. It will be a water start.
※However in the interests of safety ,start times and schedule may be subject to change.
Final participant notification formFinal participant notification/confirmation form will be sent out 15 days before the event.
Any queries should be directed to the race committeeThe 5th Annual Minami Atami aquathron Executive Committee
zip/postal code 103-0023
3-1-6-304 JIOWSA, Nihombashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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