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3rd annual Akabane-marathon

1 Apr 2017(Sat)
Application period:
25 Nov 2016(Fri) - 13 Mar 2017(Mon)
near Shin Arakawa Ohashi bridge, Akabane Kita-ku Tokyo
  • RUN
  • Half
  • Quarter
  • 5km

- This spring marathon allows you to run through a promenade of cherryblossom trees.
- After the race, enjoy a drink at one of the many of the stalls.

Akabane, located n Tokyo's Kita (north) ward is the venue for this race event. The race distance options are half marathon, quarter marathon (10.5km), and 5km. The race venue is a flat round-trip course along the Arakawa River (Tokyo's largest river) - a popular running course in the Tokyo suburbs.

At the beginning of April, you can usually enjoy about 110 cherryblossom trees in full bloom. Akabane is also famous as one of Tokyo's popular drinking areas with many drinking spots and bars. At Ichiban-gai drinking alley outside the East Exit of Akabane train station, there are many cheap food and drinking venues.


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
Half marathon (21.0975km) :Anyone can join
11:00 3,200JPY closed
Quarter (10.54875km) :Anyone can join
11:00 2,700JPY closed
5km :Anyone can join
11:10 2,700JPY closed
Start and finish point near Shin Arakawa Ohashi bridge, Akabane Kita-ku Tokyo
Website ※Japanese
Registration desk (on the day) Near Shin Arakawa Ohashi bridge from 9:30
Water station 2 stations, every 3 km
Time keeping Yes
Time limit / Cut-off points [Half marathon]3hours
[Quarter marathon] 1.5hours
[5km] 40 minutes
Distance markers Every 1km
※ May vary depending on the facilities in the area
Awards Yes
Participant race goods drink
Lottery Yes (details available on race website.)
Valuable items/property storage Available
※Whilst staff will be present, please understand that the race organization committee does not accept any responsibilities for lost and broken items or belongings (Staff are always resident)
Race capacity (Half) 300 people (Quarter) 150 people (5Km) 150 people
Race entry deadline may close earlier if race capacity is reached
Participants must comply with the race regulations of the local government and Akabane Marathon rules 1. This race shall be carried out in compliance with all related laws in the country.

2. The organizer will hold this race according to the rules, regulations and entry rules.

3. Please understand that the race organization committee does not accept any responsibilities for any of the below.
(1) Injury or any other accident (except for emergency measures)
(2) Lost or broken items and belongings
(3) Delay caused by public transportation, traffic or road conditions

4. The Race organiser will regulate and monitor the race venue and enforce race rules, to ensure the safety of participants.

5. Throughout the race, please follow the instructions of race directors.Runners who do not follow instructions will be disqualified from the competition and prevented from continuing.

6. The Race Organiser reserves the right and ownership of race and event pictures, photos, articles, records, race participant details (includingnationality, prefecture/town) etc for the purposes of publishing and advertising on TV, newspapers, magazines, internet etc.

7. The Race Organiser recognises the importance of personal information and observes related laws and regulations concerning the handling and protection of personal information in accordance with the personal information protection policy in relation to the below

(1) Personal information
Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Age, Address, telephone number, e-mail address, Nationality, Emergency contact details (tel, relationship, record, medical information)

(2) purpose of use
For the purposes of improving the service and safety of participants, we will use participant personal information to send you event details, time/record notice, relation information, information from related and supported organisation with regard to announcements and place rankings, insurance and medical treatment purposes.

(3) Third party provisions
We may provide information to third parties, related business operators and contractors in relation to the management of this event where necessary, including in relation to insurance purposes; medical treatment for educational purposes and publicity purposes including TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, etc
Transport information (Train)
10 min walk from Akabane station (JR Saikyo line)
10 min walk from Akabane station (JR Keihin Tohoku line)
5min walk from Akabane Iwabuchi station (Nanboku line)
Participant notification form Participant notification/confirmation form will be sent out around 24th March by email.
We will notify race bib numbers on the race website. (If you do not have an e-mail address, please check the website.)
Any queries should be directed to the race committee Tokyo-to Kita-ku Akabane Marathon club
zip/postal code 115-0045
1-31-1 Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo
TEL 050-5277-4431
Website ※Japanese

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