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35th Annual Konosu Pansy Marathon

4 Mar 2017(Sat)
Application period:
25 Oct 2016(Tue) - 22 Dec 2016Thu
Saitama Prefecture, Konosu City, Konosu City Athletics Field
  • RUN
  • Half
  • 5km
  • 1.5km
  • 1km

- Half marathon event located one hour by train from Tokyo
- The traditional doll display set up outside the train station, one of Japan's most impressive, is also worth seeing

This half marathon event is one hour by train from Tokyo, located at Konosi City in Saitama Prefecture. Not many events are held on Saturdays, so this event is a popular way to spend a weekend. Please note that March is still very early spring, so the weather may still be on the cool side. The course is within an athletics stadium about a 15 minute walk from the station along the shinkansen line. There willl be 5 water stations. The entire course is completely flat.

The event will be held in conjunction with the Konosu Hina Doll Surprise Festival. The Hina Doll festivel is a traitional Japanese festival prayig for the healthy growth of girls. The Hina Doll is a special product of Konosu City. In the shopping maill outside Konosu station is Japan's largest Hina Doll display.


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
Half marathon : male (high school - age 39)
9:30 3,500JPY Open
Half marathon : male (age 40-49)
9:30 3,500JPY Open
Half marathon : male (age 50-59)
9:30 3,500JPY Open
Half marathon : male (age 60-69)
9:30 3,500JPY Open
Half marathon : male (70 years or older)
9:30 3,500JPY Open
Half marathon : female (high school - age39)
9:30 3,500JPY Open
Half marathon : female (age 40-49)
9:30 3,500JPY Open
Half marathon : female (50 years or older)
9:30 3,500JPY Open
5km : male (junior high)
9:50 1,000JPY Open
5km : female (junior high)
9:50 1,000JPY Open
5km : male (high school - age 39)
9:52 2,500JPY Open
5km : male (age 40-49)
9:52 2,500JPY Open
5km : male (50 years or older)
9:52 2,500JPY Open
5km : female (high school - age 39)
9:52 2,500JPY Open
5km : female (40 years or older)
9:52 2,500JPY Open
1.5km: male 5-6th grade
9:57 500JPY Open
1.5km: female 5-6th grade
9:57 500JPY Open
1.5km:beginner(high school students or older)
9:57 1,500JPY Open
1km:Parent-child (1st grade kids)
9:00 2,500JPY Open
1km:Parent-child (2nd grade kids)
9:10 2,500JPY Open
1km:Parent-child (3th grade kids)
9:20 2,500JPY Open
1km:Parent-child (4th grade kids)
9:40 2,500JPY Open
Start and finish pointSaitama Prefecture, Konosu City, Konosu City Athletics Field
Course descriptionFlat course
Time limit / Cut-off points(half)2.5 hours Cut-off points: 11km mark by 1 hour and 17 minutes, 15.1km mark by 1hour and 46minutes
(5k) 40minutes
※Road traffic closure will be lifted after the time limit.
Distance markersEvery 1km
Water stations 5 water stations (3.3km・6.7km・11km・15.1km・17.8km point)
Time keeping Yes
Awards(half) 1st - 10th place getters
(5k,1.5k,1k) 1st - 6th place getters
certificate&extra prize ※excluding beginner category

Special prize categories
All-round award, Oldest participant award, Jump award
Participant race goods sports goods, drink
FreebiesCompletion certification, banana, Miso soup with pork and vegetables
Race capacityNo registrations accepted on race day
(Half) 4000 people (5Km general) 1000 people
Race entry deadline may close earlier if race capacity is reached
Race RulesRace will still go ahead in the case of light rain or light snow (race will be cancelled due to bad weather)
For those in the paren-child race, please cross the finish line holding hands.
This race is organized in accordance with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations rules.
Points to note when enteringIf entering as a parent and child (excluding students), please only put in only one entry under the name of the guardian
After selecting the event, please enter the necessary details required for the child participant
It is not necessary for children to become a member of Sports Entry
The entry fee is based on per pair
Only the guardian needs to register (excluding students)
The entry fee is based on per pair
Transport information(Train) 15 min walk from Konosu station (JR Takasaki line)
(Bus) 3min walk from Konosu-shiyakusho bus stop
(car) Free parking available (1000 car spots)
※As parking is limited, please use public transport
Participant notification formParticipant notification/confirmation form including your number card / race bib will be sent out in the middle of February.
Entry OfficeKonosu Pansy Marathon Entry office
(10am to 6pm Monday - Friday. Closed Weekends and public holidays)
Zip/Postal code 362-0073
1-16-3, Asamadai Ageo, Saitama, 3 Tomokou Building 7(In Technoplan)
TEL:048-778-5880 (for Entry Office direct )
FAX 048-778-5889
Enquiries on event dayEnquiries on event day: Konosu City, Konosu City Athletics Field
Tel: 048-541-7700
Any other queries should be directed to the race organizing committee belowKonosu Pansy Marathon Race Organizing Executive Committee
Available weekdays 8:30am to 5:15pm - excluding weekends and national holidays)

Zip / Postal code:365-8601
1-1, Chuo, Konosu-shi, Saitama
1F, Counter number 4. (Konosu City Health and Sports Health Division)

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