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Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon

8th Jan 2017(sun)
Registration period:
1 Oct 2016(sat) - 30 Nov 2016(wed)
Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima
  • RUN
  • full
  • onsen nearby
  • 8hours
  • oneway course
  • Updown
  • official marathon
  • Baggage storage

-Run alongside a course surrounded by early blooming spring rape blossoms
-Time limit: 8 hours
-This is Japan's earliest official citizen's marathon

This is the earliest official citizen's marathon for the year in Japan, held in January and each category sells out. The time limit is 8 hours.

The course is up and down with an elevation change of up to 100m. The race takes its name from the expansive fields of yellow rape blossoms surrounding Lake Ikeda (Kyushu's largest lake). You'll see Mount Kaimon (known as the Fuji of Satsuma), Japan's largest flower park Flower Park Kagoshima, and various other local attractions. Generous local supporters provide runners with pork and vegetable soup, freshly harvested cherry tomatoes and other local dishes. Aid stations will be set up at the 7.5km mark and every 2.5km thereafter (total of 14 stations) where water, bananas, rock sugar and sweet potatoes will be provided.

When you've reached the finish line, why not enjoy some of Japan's famous natural sand onsens (sand hot springs) to relieve your muscles and tired body.


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
01)Full marathon : male (age 19-29) [elite:A]
9:00 5,000JPY Close
02)Full marathon : male (age 30-39) [elite:B]
9:00 5,000JPY Close
03)Full marathon : male (age 40-49) [masters:A]
9:00 5,000JPY Close
04)Full marathon : male (age 50-59) [masters:B]
9:00 5,000JPY Close
05)Full marathon : male (age 60-69) [veteran:A]
9:00 5,000JPY Close
06)Full marathon : male (age 70 or older) [veteran:B]
9:00 5,000JPY Close
07)Full marathon : female (age 19-29) [ladies:A]
9:00 5,000JPY Close
08)Full marathon : female (age 30-39) [ladies:B]
9:00 5,000JPY Close
09)Full marathon : female (age 40-49) [queens:A]
9:00 5,000JPY Close
10)Full marathon : female (age 50-59) [queenss:B]
9:00 5,000JPY Close
11)Full marathon : female (age 60 or older) [pearl]
9:00 5,000JPY Close
Date Sunday, Jan 08, 2017
Eligible entrants 19 years or older (From 1 April 1988) / Time limit of 8 hours
Start venue Kagoshima Prefecture, Ibusuki City, Ibusuki City Athletics Stadium
Registration period Oct 01, 2016 - Nov 30, 2016
Administrative office (Public Corporation) Ibusuki City Tourism Association
Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon Executive Committeen
Office Address Zip/Postalcode:891-0405
2-5-33, Minato, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima, 891-0405, Japan
(Available weekdays 9am to 5pm - excluding weekends and national holidays)
Entry Office Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon Entry office (in Sports Entry)
Office Address Zip/Postalcode:880-8691
Miyazaki Central Post Office Private Box 33
(Available weekdays 10am to 5:30pm - excluding weekends and national holidays)
Course description up and down, Kyushu's largest lake (Lake Ikeda), Mount Kaimondake (The Mount Fuji of Satsuma) are some of the features you'll enjoy on this great course.
Registration venue Ibusuki municipal athletics stadium
Registration time (day before) 14:00~17:30
Registration time (on the day) 6:30~8:00
Time limit / Cut-off pointsTime limit: 8 hours
Cut-off points: 29km mark by 3pm (6 hours), 35km mark by 4pm (7 hours)

Time limit and cut off points are based on the starting gun.
If you do not make the cut-off points within the time limit, race staff will stop you from completing the race.
Your race number will be removed and you will be disqualified from the race.
Distance markersEvery 5km
Water stations14 water stations - every 7.5km
Time keeping Yes

Start and interval times will be calculate the net time (which will later by publicly available on the internet after the race).
However the official race time (in chronological order) is the gross time will be referenced by the net time.
AwardsEach age category 1st - 6th place getters
Special prize categoriesForeign visitor award, Oldest participant award, Couple award, Sister City Award, Jump award (the 500th place getter)
Major prizes (Honolulu Marathon invitation, Seoul 2 night/3day travel voucher, Chitose JAL International Marathon invitation)
Completion certificationRace finishers can pick up their completion certificate until 6pm from the race information tent (only avilable on race day)
Participant race goodsT-shirt, Udon (soba), rice ball (onigiri), sweet red bean soup, sweet potato
FreebieOnsen entry discount coupon
LotteryYes (Honolulu Marathon, Seoul travel voucher)
StallsYes (sports equipment, specialty goods)
Transport information(Train) 20 min walk or 7 min bus ride from Ibusuki station (JR Ibusuki Makurazaki line)
(Bus) 20min walk from Ibusuki bus stop, or 5min walk from Gatayama bus stop
(Car) 1hr 10min from Taniyama Interchange
Shuttle busShuttle bus will run from JR Ibusuki station
ParkingApprox. 5000 vehicles (free)
Accommodation infromationJTB Convention Support Centre
(Office agent window/counter) JTB Convention Support Centre Nanohama Marathon

Zip/Postalcode: 810-0072
1-1-35 Shin KBC Bld.6, Nagahama, Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 810-0072, Japan
TEL: 092-751-2102
FAX: 092-751-4098
Business hours: Monday to Friday 9:30 - 5:30 (Closed weekends, national holidays and 30 Dec - 3 Jan)
Accommodation application deadlineFriday 11 November 2016
Number of participants last yearTotal 17, 522
Number card (race number bibs)Number card (race number bibs) will be distributed on the day before and day of the race.
You will need to exchange your race card number to receive the race number bib
Valuable items/property storageAvailable. Only valuable items will be looked after.
All other items and luggages are to be placed inside the gymnasium floor - Sun City Hall
Mizuno Running WorkshopDate: 7 January 2017 (Saturday) 2pm (2 hours)
Fee: Free
Venue: City Municipal Hall
InsuranceSports injuries will be covered by insurance. This will apply to injuries and does not conditions such as heart failure
Race Rules and points to note1. This race is organised in accordance with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations rules.

2. The race number bib will be provided and distributed by the race organiser at the time of registration.

3. To ensure participant safety, the maarathon will start in waves based on the order of the times as self-reported by each particpants. Previous race times will also be considered for wave starts.
Wave starts will be announced. Please start in the wave that you have been designated by race attendants on the day.

4. In the interest of health and safety, you should receive consult a doctor before race day for medical clearance. Race is entered at your own risk (please be sure to being your health insurance card).

5. Race organisers are not responsibility for injury or loss or any other accident, or emergency treatment You are responsible for your own health. As the race organiser, we hope that everyone has an inidividual health check up including ECG

6. During the race, participants may be stopped in order to give priority way and yield to any emergency vehicles

7. Participants are to run on the left hand side of the road. When overtaking another race, please do not cross over the centre line.

8. Throughout the race, please follow the instructions of police officers and race directors

9. Road traffic closure will be lifted after 7 hours (at 4pm), after which time, please follow the instructions of race directors and use the footpath.

10. The race organiser reserves the right and ownership to use any footage taken during the course of the race including videos, photos, articles, recordings, reports, magazines, internet, advertisements etc.

11. Please be prepared for bad weather, cold conditions and rain.
registration deadlineDeadline for post office money transfer: Monday 31 October 2016
Online application deadline: Wednesday 11 November 2016
Participant notification formParticipant notification/confirmation form including your number card / race bib exchange card will be sent out in later December.
Any queries should be directed to the race committee below:
Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon Race Organising Executive Committee
Tel 0990-22-2550 (Weekdays 9-5, excluding weekends and national holidays)
Registration contract ※Not available in English. Please enter in Japanese.
Personal information ※Not available in English. Please enter in Japanese.

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