Sports Entry is Japan's leading online community for people who want to discover, learn, share, register for, and participate in all amateur sports activities which they arep assionate about.

Active individuals visit Sports Entry every day to search and register online for events, races, team sports and other recreational activities.

Our goal is to help fuel and grow people's passion for sports by supporting the amateur sports activity community through event entry registration, and much more! Outside of event entry services, we provide sports related marketing/promotion services, a wide range of sports event related information, sports related package tour and travel information/registration, social networking communication venues, an online shop promoting sports products, sports related counseling, and offer sports related surveys as well.

Sports Entry benefits for event organizers, travel agencies, sports product companies:

  • Gain participants, users, and consumers from Japan, a country with a growing population of those participating in amateur sports activities.
  • Take advantage of Sports Entry's knowledge of the local market, and be able to leverage Sport Entry's strength, credibility, and solid standing in Japan's amateur sports market.
  • By working with Sports Entry, you will be able to gain and build trust with Japanese participants which is crucial due to the conservative nature of Japanese consumers.
  • Access the vast number of registered members at Sports Entry, a population of people who are actively searching for information about sport events and activities. Market and promote to this sports dedicated audience!
  • Utilize Sports Entry's secure and easy-to-use registration system.
  • Remove the high costs of setting up a merchant account and website in order to access Japanese participants.Save time, the hassle, and the cost of consolidating multiple payment procedures, some which are unique to the Japanese market.
  • Receive support for manual entry and payment methods which are still common and prevalent in Japan in order to maximize the number of applicants for your event.
  • Ability to customize your event page on Sports Entry's website.
  • Simple and convenient access to check the registration status of applicants to your event through our easy to use online organizer management page
  • Convenient and easy access is available to download your event's list of applicants.
  • Ability to link your event's website to Sports Entry so people can directly access your website through Sports Entry as well.

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