RM420 Okayama 1200 Spring Brilliance

Date April 20, 2024
Start/Finish Okayama Japan
Registration period From December 26, 2023 22:00 Open until February 1, 2024


Category Start time Registration Fee Status
RM420 AJ Okayama 1200km for Overseas riders 4:00 start(4/20 okayama) 04:00 ¥26,000 (JPY) Closed
RM420 AJ Okayama 1200km for Overseas riders 4:15 start(4/20 okayama) 04:15 ¥26,000 (JPY) Closed
RM420 AJ Okayama 1200km for Overseas riders 4:30 start(4/20 okayama) 04:30 ¥26,000 (JPY) Closed


Options Fee Status
▼Additional purchase of commemorative reflective vest
8800 yen (tax included)

Commemorative reflective vest【XXS】 ¥8,800(JPY) Closed
Commemorative reflective vest【XS】 ¥8,800(JPY) Closed
Commemorative reflective vest【S】 ¥8,800(JPY) Closed
Commemorative reflective vest【M】 ¥8,800(JPY) Closed
Commemorative reflective vest【L】 ¥8,800(JPY) Closed
Commemorative reflective vest【XL】 ¥8,800(JPY) Closed
Commemorative reflective vest【2XL】 ¥8,800(JPY) Closed
Commemorative reflective vest【3XL】 ¥8,800(JPY) Closed

Event Details

Date April 20, 2024
Start/Finish Okayama Japan
Registration period From December 26, 2023 22:00 Open until February 1, 2024
Office Address AJ Okayama Second 1200㎞ Executive Committee
Email address mailto...
PR The dawn of spring. The sky and the earth are dressed in lavender, and a light red spring breeze softly dyes the veil of morning mist. The sky, the earth, and the sea are all a light crimson, just like a girl who has fallen in love for the first time, blushing pink.. The melody of the sea roar, love letters written in light on the white sandy beaches, and the Seto Inland Sea in the beautiful morning glow of the islands, the gentle and gentle 1,200-km journey begins.

The Seto Ohashi Bridge stretching to Shikoku, small port towns, terraced fields, overlapping island shadows, and the crimson-tinted sea, overflowing with white light, mark the gentle time. Olive groves, yacht harbors, Ushimado, known as the Aegean Sea of Japan, and from the sea to the river.
We will head north to the special historic site of the former Kanya School where time gently stops, Yonogo Onsen, and the river dyed in the color of an akane-red sunset. Chikusa, the rows of cherry trees along Lake Ondashizu, the beautiful starry sky like an angel’s love, the late-blooming light red mountain cherry blossoms, the spring night when angels descend and softly write their thoughts on the tiny petals. From the Seto Inland Sea to the Sea of Japan, we connect our feelings.

The white hare of Inaba, a clear mint green robe over white skin, the Hakuto Coast with its legend of love, Togo, Misasa Onsen, and hot spring resorts from long ago are scattered all over the area. Hiruzen Kogen Plateau, play on the young leaf-colored plateau and take the Daisen Farm Road. National Park Daisen, with its white spring snow, young leaves and light purple mountain cherry blossoms as hair ornaments. Water mirrors in terraced rice paddies. Gentle wind and light flood the area. From the plateau to the Sea of Japan. A coastline forested with huge and oddly shaped rocks, white rough waves in the emerald green sea, and the gentleness of late-blooming cherry blossoms in the midst of the roughness. If the Seto Inland Sea is the gentle mother, the Japan Sea is the powerful father. Different in character, both nurture life .

Sakura Park, the national treasure Matsue Castle, Lake Shinji in the golden sunset, and the Sea of Japan. Izumo Taisha Shrine, and Okuizumo and Yuki.The second night is coming. From the Izumo Orochi Loop, the sky is full of stars. You can almost hear the myths of legends from the distant past. Then, we connect our gentle thoughts to the Seto Inland Sea.

Tojo, Taishakukyo Gorge, Lake Shinryu in the morning light, and the Seto Inland Sea. Takehara Machinami Preservation District, Tobishima Kaido, which connects small islands by bridges, the simple and gentle melody of spring breeze and waves, and gently hanging a necklace of light on the island shadows, we welcome our last night.

The fourth day, the last morning dawns. Tomonoura, the copper collored Bengara village secluded on top of a hill, Bichu Kokubunji Temple. We are ending our 1,200-km brevet accompanied throughout by the spring breeze, and encrouaged by the th the lovely wild flowers, gentle smiles, and lovely spring-colored scenery , all dedicate it to your heart. The only one of its kind , 1200km is awaiting you with a kind smile.

Thank you
Qualifications To have completed Super Randonneur Series either in 2021, 2022 or 2023.
RM1,200 km or more certification in any year from 2021 to 2023.
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