“The Timeless Trail: 100 Years of Fascinating Okushinano Trail Journey”
The Oku-Shinano area, one of the world\'s leading heavy snowfall regions, is home to primeval beech forests with trees over 300 years old, historic trails, unique traditional culture of snow country, and rich orchards of apples and grapes. This area offers a field where you can enjoy a variety of activities such as trail running, mountain biking (MTB), and backcountry (BC) skiing, each season bringing its own beautiful scenery.
Okushinano also has numerous hot springs. After the race, please fully enjoy Japan’s traditional hot spring culture. We have created a 100km course with the desire for you to fully experience the charming nature of Okushinano. We are confident you will be satisfied.

3 round trip courses of mountain and village
・A round trip around the solitary peak, Kosha Mountain
・A round trip through the beech forests that are over 300 years old
・A countryside round trip, running through orchards and pastoral landscapes

“The Okushinano 100”encompasses these three rounds. Along the way, there are historic trails that connect villages, beech forests that have withstood the weight of snow, trails along streams fed by melting snow, and landscapes of mountain hamlets filled with nostalgia and tranquility. It\'s a 100km journey packed with the natural beauty and charm of Okushinano, so please enjoy it to the fullest.

Features of the race

The Okushinano Ultimate Trail Journey
You will encounter paths filled with natural beauty, such as primeval beech forests that are 300 years old, the beautiful rural landscapes of Kijimadaira, historic trails, and paths leading to orchards.

* Convenient Location
The fastest Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo Station to Iiyama Station takes just 115 minutes. There is an access bus from the station to the venue. The start and finish point is adjacent to a parking lot that can accommodate about 500 vehicles. After the race, baths are available for immediate use, so there\'s no need to travel by bus while still sweaty.

* Pursuit of a Sustainable Race
We aim for a sustainable race that is environmentally friendly, with paperless procedures, community building among stakeholders, and trail conservation activities.

* Support for Future Runners
We also hold races for elementary school students and preschoolers, supporting the challenges of young runners.

Where is Okushinano (Nagano) ?
The area comprising Nagano Prefectures is known locally as “Okushinano”. Thus, the Okushinano Nature Park resort area straddles the mountainous regions of Northern Nagano. From the world-renowned Snow Monkey Park and the popular ski resorts of Shiga Highlands and Nozawa Hot Springs, used in the Nagano 1998 Winter Olympics, to the National Parks included in the area, you can find here many unique and exciting sightseeing spots.