This race is a running event to promote international goodwill.

<The Points of this Event>

・“Getting to Know Each Other through Running.”

Running requires the natural and safe environment.
Running is a sport which various different people can enjoy regardless of
their generations and nationalities; and it plays an important role in
one’s health care and useful life.
The philosophy of running will
enable us to get to know each other well.

・“A Charity Event for the Great East Japan
Earthquake Restoration and Education”

Part of the entry fee will be donated to the Great East Japan
Earthquake disaster area for supporting its restoration and education.

・“Deepening Mutual Understanding with Foreign Diplomats”

This is a running event for diplomats, embassy related people and
individuals to participate in.

This event as well as the annual “Tokyo International Futsal”
tournament will deepen mutual understanding between
“Active Int’l Association ” members and people from each embassy.

Also it will be a good PR of each embassy.