~Enjoy a Bicycling Course of Sanin’s Mountains and the Japan Sea~

The YONAGO CYCLE CARNIVAL in YODOE has been held in this area of stunning natural beauty that also has many ancient ruins. The Japan Sea is to the north and Mount Daisen (A.K.A. Hoki Fuji) is to the south.
Let’s travel around the area by bicycle and feel the flow of eternal time.
We offer courses where you can enjoy both of Sanin’s charms: the mountains and the sea.
In addition to the Classic Course, this time, a strenuous 150km course will be added for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the YONAGO CYCLE CARNIVAL in YODOE.
The Cycle Marche (market) will be held at the goal, HIEZU SEASIDE SPORTS PARK. Seibu Chamber of Commerce and various vendors will hold their shops!