The 10th Anniversary Kourijima Magic Hour RUN in Nakijinson

Date Apr 18, 2020
Venue Nakijin village general athletic park Okinawa Japan


Category Start time Registration fee Status
Half marathon:Men(16 - 29 years old) 15:30 ¥4,500(JPY) Closed
Half Marathon:Men(30’s) 15:30 ¥4,500(JPY) Closed
Half Marathon:Men(40’s) 15:30 ¥4,500(JPY) Closed
Half Marathon:Men(50’s) 15:30 ¥4,500(JPY) Closed
Half Marathon:Men(over 60) 15:30 ¥4,500(JPY) Closed
Half marathon:Women(16 - 29 years old) 15:30 ¥4,500(JPY) Closed
Half Marathon:Women(30’s) 15:30 ¥4,500(JPY) Closed
Half Marathon:Women(40’s) 15:30 ¥4,500(JPY) Closed
Half Marathon:Women(50’s) 15:30 ¥4,500(JPY) Closed
Half Marathon:Women(over 60) 15:30 ¥4,500(JPY) Closed

Event Details

Date Apr 18, 2020
Venue Nakijin village general athletic park Okinawa Japan
Office Address Kouri island Magic Hour RUN competition executive Committee
Email address mailto...
The name of competition The 10th Anniversary Kourijima Magic Hour RUN in Nakijinson
Schedule 18th April 2020(SAT)15:30 Start
Event Half 15:30 start Time limit : 3 Hours 30 minutes(2 gateways)
Maximum number of participant 4,000 ※when it reached 4,000 then apply will be finished
Participation fee 4,500 Yen(Competition management cost,Insurance fee for injury)
Requirements of participation Any nationality,healthy,over age 16(on competition day),under age 18 need to agreement of their parents
Prize of participation T shirt,and Commemorative towel for all participants and people who run the full course will get certification and medal
Commendation (1)Men and women until 3rd winners
(2)Each 1 best runner of every age 10 each from 20’s to over 60,men,women separately
About participate apply Before participate apply please read carefully the sentences as below
・Please take care about your health and apply under your responsibility
・The organizer will do first aid in case of illness,injury,accident within insurance application.Excluding that organizer do not take responsibility
・In case of an omission or a mistake on the writing form,it may disqualify
・In case of an omission of T-shirt size,the large size will be given
・In case of exceed apply,refund charge 520 Yen will be charged to you
・The operating costs are consist of participation fee and support from the supporters.and it made preparation and management of competition.Mostly operating costs are used before the competition.Therefore we hope your understanding before your participate apply
・Under the personal information protection law,the organizer and each entrusted company that made compliance terms with the organizer will keep it on strict secure.The personal information of participant may use for inquiry about the competition,the notice of exchange number card,information for the next competition,the competition supporters and service provision by affiliate companies,tourist information of Nakijin village
Transportation access・Parking ・To access the place of competition, public transportation is limited please use rental car or your own car etc.
・The main parking is limited space therefore please sharing vehicle.As shown of the notice number card please use the parking.under the road traffic law illegal parking will be moved by a wrecking truck
・Staying in a vehicle or using a tent at the main competition area is prohibited from the previous day
Participant registration・Number card distribution ・Before 10days of the competition,the notice of exchange number card will be sent
・In case of lost the notice of exchange number card,500 Yen will cost for reissue.
You must have the notice of exchange number card for registration
For further information on this matter,please contact the following convention secretariat.
◆Kouri island Magic Hour RUN competition executive Committee Mail:mail to...

・Beforehand please be sure to sign and finger print on the form of the exchange number card to verify that participation by self-responsibility,if not the card will become invalid and you can not join the competition
・After participant registration,if you not joining the competition,please return the J-chip that pasted on number card when your participant registration,if you not return the J-chip,you must pay 4,000 Yen for it.
・If you do not take the prize of participation on the competition day,you can request that within 2weeks then it will be sent by the postal item of cash on arrival
・Luggage storage is available at the main competition area(500 Yen per person,exclude valuable items)
Babysitting service ・For participant babysitting service is available(capacity of 30 persons prearranged)Application period is until 13th(FRI),when the members reached maximum capacity the application will be finished
・From age 1 to age2: 3,000 Yen per person
 From age 3 to elementary school 3rd grade: 1,000 Yen,
※including insurance and snack
※Must apply to Naha office by telephone(098-860-3573)
※Extra clothes,a paper diaper etc.if it needed please prepare by yourself
About the course ・The course prepared by the cooperation of Kouri and Yagaji Islands peoples therefore on the course and on the bridges please don’t threw away a stuff or garbage.if there is disrespectful behavior participant it will be disqualified immediately and never join this competition again
・When you overtake other runners please be very carefully
・This competition following the rules of Japan Association of Athletics Federations and local rules
Half part gateway・Pick up bus ・Set up at the gateways and the places as below
[Half part]
◎1st gateway(10.2km point): Kouri island communication square
◎2nd gateway(16.6km point): Signal before of Amesoko elementary school
・Pick up bus will be stay at the 1st gateway, the 2nd gateway.After gateways the bus will following the last case of retiring outside the gateway,accommodation may get delayed according to case of relief the rescue vehicle will be priority
・If the last line observer decided that runner could not be finished,the runner may disqualified for the traffic circulation and security even if before gateway
Participation pledge matter (1)Participant need to following the competition information, notes,pledge matter for participation.When you joining competition please following the competition information on the notice of exchange number card that delivered until 10 days before and please following an announcement on the competition day
(2)This competition is held for promotion of Nakijin village tourism and regional vitalization therefore bringing,alcohol or beverages with cooler box will be prohibited.
(3)Participant must not have heart disease and any disease.need to care own health by enough training.lost items at the course or competition area will be own responsibility
(4)For safety reason you must following any instructions from the organizer,course judge or competition staff.In case of stop the competition according to organizer’s decision,you also must follow that immediately
(5)A person who disqualified by gateway time limit need to ride on the bus of disqualified accommodation.If do not ride the bus it will not covered by the insurance.Then organizer do not take responsibility for that
(6)The cancellation by stormy weather,earthquake,wind and flood damage,accident,infectious disease etc.or participant’s own decision,joining of substitute attendance(joining impropriety),excess payment,overlapping payment will not refund
(7)In case of cancellation of the competition,it will be informed on official website.Therefore please check regularly
(8)Participant must agree that pictures,videos,articles,records etc.taken during the competition could be used to TV,newspaper,magazine,internet etc.The portrait rights and the right of exhibition are reserved by the organizer.
(9)Otherwise,Participant conforms to the competition regulations separately specified by the organizer
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