3rd ONSEN・Gastronomy Walking in Aizuwakamatsu

Date Oct 14, 2019
*Rain-or-shine event. If the weather is difficult for walking, only a meals will be served.
Venue Ashinomaki Hot Spring Area, Aizuwakamatsu-shi Fukushima Japan
Registration period Sep 25, 2019 - Oct 6, 2019

・This walking offers meals and beverages including alcohol.
・Please use public transportation if you drink alcohol.



Category Registration fee Status
[Eligibility]Should be able to walk the distance of about 10km
・Men and women of any nationalities and ages.
・Should follow the rules and manner of the event and traffic rules.
・Young children are expected to be accompanied by a guardian, and people who have difficulty walking should bring someone to assist them.
・Younger than elementary school children can walk together with their guardian, but no meals will be provided. (No subject to entry)
*The registration fee includes: gastronomy (food and drinks) and accident insurance.
1) [Group (1)] Starting 10:00-10:30: Adult (Junior high school students and older) ¥3,500(JPY) Closed
1) [Group (1)] Starting 10:00-10:30: Elementary school students ¥2,500(JPY) Closed
2) [Group (2)] Starting 10:30-11:00: Adult (Junior high school students and older) ¥3,500(JPY) Closed
2) [Group (2)] Starting 10:30-11:00: Elementary school students ¥2,500(JPY) Closed
3) [Group (3)] Starting 11:00-11:30: Adult (Junior high school students and older) ¥3,500(JPY) Closed
3) [Group (3)] Starting 11:00-11:30: Elementary school students ¥2,500(JPY) Closed

Event Details

Date Oct 14, 2019
*Rain-or-shine event. If the weather is difficult for walking, only a meals will be served.
Venue Ashinomaki Hot Spring Area, Aizuwakamatsu-shi Fukushima Japan
Registration period Sep 25, 2019 - Oct 6, 2019
Zip / Postalcode 965-8601
Office Address Aizuwakamatsu City Office, Tourism and Commerce Department, Tourism Division
3-46 Higashisakae-machi, Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima-ken
Phone number 0242-39-1251
Fax number 0242-39-1433
Email address mailto...
What is ONSEN Gastronomy Walking? ONSEN・Gastronomy Tourism is a new tourism that introduces the charm of hot spring resorts in Japan by walking and experiencing the food, nature, culture and history of local areas.
We open this event, ONSEN Gastronomy Walking, to enjoy a stroll through the beauty of hot spring areas, to experience our history and nature, to taste local foods and beverages, and finally to soak in a soothing hot spring at the end of the tour.
The number of paticipants 300
* Registration will close as soon as capacity is reached.
Registration place on the day of event Okawa Dam Nishi Park (Minamiaizu-gun, Shimogo-machi, Oaza Onumazaki)
Clothes and items to bring Please participate in comfortable clothes and walking shoes, and bring your own headwear, rain gear, beverages, and towels for bathing.
* We will provide beverages at some of the gastronomy points.

A foot bath is along the course, so please bring your own towels.
Parking Free parking in Ashinomaki Hot Spring (former Hotel Izumiya) will be available.
* Proceed to the event starting point from the temporary parking in Ashinomaki Hot Springs by shuttle bus.
* There is no parking available at the event starting point area.
Direction to the venue ■By Train
From JR Aizuwakamatsu Station to Aizu Tetsudo Okawa Dam Park Station (approx. 30 min.)
From Aizu Tetsudo Ashinomaki Onsen Station to JR Aizuwakamatsu Station (approx. 25 min.)

■By Bus
From Aizuwakamatsu Station to Ashinomaki Chuo Waiting Area (approx. 45 min.)

■By Courtesy bus
[By Car, Bus, Bicycle, or Walking]
A shuttle bus will be available from Ashinomaki Hot Springs Parking (former Hotel Izumiya) to the event starting point.
*departure time: 09:40, 10:10, 10:40

[By Train or By Walking]
(Going) A shuttle bus will be available from Aizu Tetsudo Okawa Dam Park Station to the event starting point.
*departure time: 09:50, 10:50
(Returning) A shuttle bus will be available from the event starting point to Aizu Tetsudo Ashinomaki Onsen Station.
*departure time: 12:50, 13:50, 14:50, 16:00

■By Car
Approx. 40 min. from Aizuwakamatsu IC to Ashinomaki Hot Springs
Accommodation inquiries [Ashinomaki Onsen Tourism Association]
TEL 0242-92-2336

[Aizu Higashiyama Onsen Tourism Association]
TEL 0242-27-7051
Registration place on the day of event and schedule [Registration place on the day of event]Okawa Dam Nishi Park
[Starting point]Okawa Dam Nishi Park
[Finishing point]Ashinomaki Hot Springs Kagayaki Park

1) Reception opening hours 10:00~/Departure time 10:30~
2)Reception opening hours 10:30~/Departure time 11:00~
3)Reception opening hours 11:00~/Departure time 11:30~
Last finishing time: 15:30
Gastronomy menu There will be a plenty of natural country dishes and Aizu sake at seven locations along the walking course including the starting and finishing points.
In Tokusadaira, you can enjoy mixed taro potato soup with the head female chef of Ashinomaki Hot Springs.

Starting point: Aizu sake, Amazake sweet sake
Gastro point (1): Grilled Aizu chicken with salt and pepper
Gastro point (2): Local-favorite petit cutlet with sauce on rice
Gastro point (3): New potatoes, autumn eggplant with sweet miso, Aizu sake or soft drink
Gastro point (4): Yamashio (mountain salt) pudding
Gastro point (5): Ayu sweetfish grilled with salt and potato miso soup at a traditional place where Ashinomaki mixed-taro potato soup is made.
At the finishing point: Newly harvested rice, grilled horse meat with miso sauce, chestnut sweets, brown sugar dumplings, beer, Aizu sake, shochu or soft drink.
* The menu may change without notice.
Scenic point On this course, you can feel the majestic nature of the mountainous area of Aizu and the beginning of autumn.
Your goal will be Ashinomaki Hot Springs viewing Lake Wakasatoko, Okawa Dam, and the Agagawa River on the way.
Information on hot springs *hot spring bath (free / discount, etc.) A foot bath in Ashinomaki Hot Springs is available along the course.
Participants who stay in Higashiyama Hot Spring or Ashinomaki Hot Spring the day before or on the day of the event will be provided with a 1,000 yen discount ticket for accommodation. (max. 20 for each location)
Ashinomaki Onsen Tourism Association
(TEL:0242-92-2336 URL:
Aizu Higashiyama Onsen Tourism Association
(TEL:0242-27-7051 URL:
Restroom Locations along the Course (in addition to the starting and finishing points) 3 places
Event policy・Disclaimer 1. In order to hold the event smoothly and safely, participants shall comply with the regulations specified by the organizer and the traffic regulations.
2. The organizer shall not take any responsibility except for emergency measures in case of injury, loss or other accident."
3. The change of time or cancellation by personal reason is not accepted after registration.
4. The event may be canceled in case of an unexpected accident such as natural disaster, stormy weather, or new strain of influenza epidemic, etc. In that case, we can not compensate for the individual expenses such as participation fee, transportation or accommodation expenses."
5. Please check the event homepage for a cancellation notice.
6. It will be an event involving alcoholic beverages. Please enjoy the appropriate amount and please refrain from acting to disturb other participants. (loud voice, excessive drinking, etc.)"
7. We may ask for an identification card for age verification. Driving cars, bicycles, etc. with drinking is prohibited by law. Please use public transportation. "
8. The publication rights for any video, photographs, articles, records, the names/ages/addresses of participants (country, prefecture) that might be released to magazines, internet and others belong to the event organizer, the General Incorporated Association, and the ONSEN Gastronomy Tourism Promotion Organization.
About the Certification of ONSEN Kishidan (Order) You can be certified as a member of “ONSEN Kishidan (Chivalric order of hot springs)” when you register for the walking event. (*No fee to be certified)
“ONSEN Kishidan (Chivalric order of hot springs)” is a group of members supporting ONSEN・Gastronomy Tourism and consists mainly of people who have a passions for hot springs.

“ONSEN Kishidan (Chivalric order of hot springs)” members will receive ONSEN・Gastronomy Walking and other up-to-date information.
Official website for members of ONSEN Kishidan (Order)”

“ONSEN+” option is available for members.
For ONSEN+ information:

A ONSEN Kishidan (Chivalric order of hot springs) badge will be sent to your address. Please make sure to write your mailing address correctly and clearly.
* Personal information such as name, address, mail address, etc. received at the time of registration may be shared within the operating company, ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism Association.

Information about ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism Association:
Additional notices from the event office "Aizu Machinaka Art Project 2019" will be held on Nanukamachi Dori, Noguchi Hideyo Seishun Dori, and Omachi Dori.
This art event of Machinaka includes "Aizu, Lacquer Art Festival" which is a source of Aizu culture with the theme of "Japanese Lacquer," and "Machinaka Pinacoteca" which is a display of excellent works by artists of Aizu.
  • Reception site on the day of event
  • Show All Places