The village name of Tsumagoi comes from the legend of “Yamato Takeru no Mikoto” who expressed his love for his deceased wife “Ototachibana Hime” when he said to her, “ I miss my wife”.

*Yamato Takeru no Mikoto: Appears in the earliest recorded histories of Japan, in both the Kojiki era (dated 712 AD) and Nihon Shoki era (720 AD). According to legend, he was one of the many descendants of Emperor Keiko, the 12th Emperor of Japan, who reigned from 71 to 130 AD.

Tsumagoi Village produces the most Cabbage (Summer and Autumn Cabbage) in Japan. The village name means “They think of the beloved sanctuary” and the “Cabbage Field Event” is held once a year. The event route starts from Aisai no oka and goes to Baragi Highland while viewing mountains such as Mt. Asama. In these event members of the Cabbage tourism study group led by local farmers, tourists and other villagers are looking forward to your participation.