With a history influenced by the nature of sea and mountains, Wakkanai is located in the northernmost part of Japan and is known as the “Northern Gateway.”
Situated in a 100ha forest park perfect for relaxing, Wakkanai Park offers a birds-eye view of the Hokkaido Heritage Site “Wakkanai Port North Breakwater Dome” and the magnificent Sea of Japan.
Stopping points in this year’s course include the “Founding Centennial Tower,” the famous “Hyosetsu-no-mon (Gate of Ice and Snow),” the northernmost shrine in Japan, and the Former Seto Family Residence which belonged to the leader of the offshore bottom fishing industry, Tsunezo Seto. The course is filled with local history and culture including the Wakkanai Fukuko Market which was used as the location for the movie “Kita-no-Kanariatachi (Canaries of the North)” and The Wakkanai Karafuto Memorial Hall.
As you walk the course, you will be welcomed with a variety of delicacies such as the Wakkanai local dishes, “Tako Shabu” featuring the most-caught octopus in Japan the Giant Pacific Octopus, “Venison Genghis Khan (Pan-Seared Marinated Deer Meat)” which has been newly certified as a Wakkanai brand, “Buttered Potatoes with Salted Squid” using the rare Yuchi potato, and pasteurized “Wakkanai Milk” with the true taste of natural milk.