Yubari is in the process of revitalizing its economic and regional development.

Surrounded by the rich nature of mountains, rivers, valleys, and streams, Yubari was first developed as a mining town with a unique history and culture. This event was originally planned as a relaxing, early spring walk in the countryside and a visit to the Japan’s largest Coal Mining Museum. Unfortunately, the museum was involved in a fire in mid-April after its renewal in April 2018. However, Yubari has stayed strong with its ”Can Do” spirit under the mottos of ”Ganbare! Keppare!” Enjoy time in a historic village and visit the Yubari Branch Line of the Sekisho Rail Line which halted operations at the end of March 2019.

Yubari melons will be in season and will be served to all participants! Enjoy the gastronomy with the specialties of Yubari: food, beverages, and more.