The famous poet, Matsuo Basho, also visited this site and the walking course starts from the temple in the mountains where he recited the poem, ”How quiet it is here. The cries of cicadas echo in vain, only to melt into stone.” From the temple the course follows an idyllic path where fruit trees such as cherries bloom. The destination of the gastronomy course is Tendo Onsen which boasts Japan’s largest production of Japanese chess (Shogi) sets. In addition to Yamagata ”Japanese Sake” which received the first GI (Geographical Indication) in the prefecture, you can also enjoy wine produced in ideal soil and climate, 100% fruit juices, the Yamagata specialty of ”Taro Soup,” and ”Rice Balls made with the Tsuyahime brand rice” which is known as Yamagata soul food.

After your walk, heal your body and soul in the waters of Tendo Onsen renown for promoting beautiful skin.