Hirukawa is located in the western part of Nakatsugawa city, surrounded by rich abundant nature. Hirukawa is surrounded by the prefectural nature park “Enakyo”(a valley in the middle of Kisogawa) to the south, and to the west Mount Kasagi and other mountains to the north and east.
The legend of the Emperor Go-Daigo and the buddhist legend of the anti-Buddhism revolution were passed down here.
The snow-like flowers of the Chinese fringetree cover the area, and the Nagatoro Chinese fringetree is preserved as a national natural treasure.
The location is also a granite producing area and rock carvings and relics can be found all over.
On the gastronomy point, there will be many regional dishes like gohei mochi, leaf-wrapped sushi, and locally brewed sake. You’ll also receive a voucher for an onsen/hot spring to be used at designated facilities in Nakatsugawa city.