2nd ONSEN・Gastronomy Walking in Okuhida・Hirayu Onsen

Date Jun 22, 2019
*Rain-or-shine event. If the weather is difficult for walking, only a meals will be served.
Venue Hirayu Onsen Area Okuhida Onsengo, Takayama-shi Gifu Japan
Registration period Mar 22, 2019 - May 31, 2019


Category Registration fee Status
・Should be able to walk the distance of about 8km
・Men and women of any nationalities and ages.
・Should follow the rules and manner of the event and traffic rules.
・Young children are expected to be accompanied by a guardian,and people who have difficulty walking should bring someone to assist them.

・This walking offers meals and beverages including alcohol,so please keep this in mind when applying for participation.
・Please use public transportation if you drink alcohol.
・One group must have no more than ten participants
8km Gastronomy Walking [10:00
~] Adult *Start in order of registration
¥3,500(JPY) Closed
8km Gastronomy Walking [10:00~] Elementary and junior high school students *Start in order of registration ¥2,500(JPY) Closed
8km Gastronomy Walking [10:20~] Adult *Start in order of registration ¥3,500(JPY) Closed
8km Gastronomy Walking [10:20~] Elementary and junior high school students *Start in order of registration ¥2,500(JPY) Closed
8km Gastronomy Walking [10:40~] Adult *Start in order of registration ¥3,500(JPY) Closed
8km Gastronomy Walking [10:40~] Elementary and junior high school students *Start in order of registration ¥2,500(JPY) Closed

Event Details

Date Jun 22, 2019
*Rain-or-shine event. If the weather is difficult for walking, only a meals will be served.
Venue Hirayu Onsen Area Okuhida Onsengo, Takayama-shi Gifu Japan
Registration period Mar 22, 2019 - May 31, 2019
Office Address ONSEN・Gastronomy Walking in Okuhida Executive Committee
Okuhida Onsengo Tourism Association
1689-3 Murakami, Okuhida Onsengo, Takayama-shi, Gifu-ken
Phone number 0578-89-2614
Fax number 0578-89-3200
Email address mailto...
PR This event won a grand prize in the 24th ONSEN・Gastronomy Walking in 2018!!
The Okuhida Onsen Area in the Hida Mountain Range (Northern Alps) consists of Hirayu Onsen, Fukuchi Onsen , Shin-Hirayu Onsen, Tochio Onsen, and Shin-Hotaka Onsen.
The entire area of Hirayu Onsen is within the Chubu Mountain National Park. The whole hot springs area is designated as a National hot spring health resorts and is used as a place to ”rest,” ”recreate,” and ”recover” in beautiful nature famous for having four seasonal faces.
At the opening of the event, there will be a traditional drum performance ”Tochikko Takara Daiko” which is taught as a subject in local elementary schools as well as the ”Shishi-mai” lion dance that is a traditional performing art at Hirayu Onsen.
Please enjoy the popular local sake, skewers of Hida beef, and the rich flavors of other regional foods while viewing the picturesque landscape of early spring.
What is ONSEN Gastronomy Walking? ONSEN・Gastronomy Tourism is a new tourism that introduces the charm of hot spring resorts in Japan by walking and experiencing the food, nature, culture and history of local areas.
We open this event, ONSEN Gastronomy Walking, to enjoy a stroll through the beauty of hot spring areas, to experience our history and nature, to taste local foods and beverages, and finally to soak in a soothing hot spring at the end of the tour.
The number of paticipants 300
* Registration will close as soon as capacity is reached.
Reception place on the day of event Akandana city parking
791-38 Hirayu Okuhida Onsengo
Clothes and items to bring ・Please wear comfortable clothes and suitable shoes for walking. (Please bring your own rain gear)
・Beverages will be provided at each point, but you may also bring your own favorite drinks.
・Tickets for Onsen will be provided after the walk, so please bring your own towels, etc.
Parking Free parking for participants
Direction to the venue [Courtesy bus]
・Outbound: Approx. 10 minutes "Hirayu Onsen Bus Terminal - Akandana Parking"
Please take the Kamikochi Line Bus starting from Hiraya Onsen Bus Terminal (free for participants). Bus leaves 25 and 55 minutes past every hour.

・Return: Approx. 10 minutes "Akandana Parking - Hirayu Onsen Bus Terminal"
Please take the Kamikochi Line Bus starting from Akandana Parking (free for participants). Bus leaves 20 and 50 minutes past every hour. *The last bus leaves at 16:50.

・On Foot: From Hirayu Onsen Bus Terminal to Akandana Parking is 1.7km and takes about 30 minutes to walk, so we recommend to take the bus. It takes about 15 minutes to walk through the Onsen area.

From Takayama, get off at Hirayu Onsen on Hirayu, Shin Hotaka Line
From Matsumoto, get off at Hirayu Onsen on Takayama, Matsumoto Line

Approx. 50 minutes from Takayama IC on Chubu Jyukan Jidoshado
Approx. 1 hour from Matsumoto IC on Nagano-do
Accommodation inquiries Okuhida Onsengo Tourism Association
Reception venue on the day of event and schedule 8km Gastronomy Walking

1) Departure time 10:00~ 100 paticipants
2) Departure time 10:20~ 100 paticipants
3) Departure time 10:40~ 100 paticipants

Reception window opens at 09:00. Please complete your registration 15 minutes prior to the starting time of your choice of walking. After walking starts, participants will start walking in the order of registration.

Starting time of opening ceremony 09:30~
Finish 15:00
* You may walk at your own pace, but please complete the course by 15:00.
Gastronomy menu There will be many local products and specialties of the Hida area such as ”Hida-gyu” (Hida beef) and ”Mitarashi Dango” (Rice dumplings with sweet sauce)!
A local brand ”Okuhida Shamo Chicken Soup” will also be served.
Enjoy the local food of Okuhida with delicious Sake.

Point 1. Hida Mitarashi Dango (sticky rice cakes), Apple Juice
Point 2. Okuhida Shamo Chicken Soup & Local Sake
Point 3. Cooked Mountain Vegetables & Tasting of Local Sake ”Hidamusume”
Point 4. Tsukesute Sandwich (pickled steak sandwich), Koji (sweet rice malt) and Hida Tomato Smoothie
Point 5. Sansho (Japanese pepper) Chocolate Cake, Dragon Fruit, Apple Juice
Point 6. Hidagyu (Hida beef) on a stick, Local Beer (Hida Beer)
Point 7. Taste-Test of Best 3 Kinds of Rice in Japan and 3 Kinds of Local Sake
Finishing Point: Onsen Eggs & Sansho (Japanese pepper) Cookies

* The menu is based on current information. The content may change anytime without notice.
Scenic point Enjoy the walk by seeing, touching, and feeling nature such as the 64m high and 6m wide ”Hirayu Otaki” waterfall which is one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan and one of the 3 best in Hida. You can also experience ”Hirayu Shizen Tanshoro(Hirayu Nature Path)” which winds through fields of wild plants surrounded by the Chubu Mountain National Park.

・Hirayu Shizen Tanshoro(Hirayu Nature Path): There are several entrances from the Onsen district. Enjoy walking in a forest with trees more than 200 years old.
You can feel the presence of nature while surrounded by many trees. The difficult section has 64 steps so please take your time while going up.

・Hirayu Otaki (Hirayu Waterfall): The waterfall changes its look every season, and in the coldest time of the year from mid-January to February it freezes. Every year between February 15th and 25th the frozen waterfall becomes an illuminated fantasy for the ”Hirayu Otaki Ice Festival.” You can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature whatever the season.

・Shinohara Muzen Memorial Museum: Shinohara Muzen (real name, Rokuji) was an advocate for social education especially in Hida region. He was not only an educator, but he also led youth and women’s organizations, developed tourism, improved hiking trails, and contributed to social studies. He is now known as ”The Father of Hirayu.”

・Hirayu Folklore Museum: At this museum of historic A-frame architecture, you can see the former Takakuwa Family residence relocated from Toyama Prefecture and a cultural asset of Takayama City, and the former Toyosaka Family residence relocated from the Kurabashira District. A natural hot spring bath facility ”Hirayu-no-yu” is also available for a small token.
Information on hot springs There are plenty of natural hot springs in the Okuhida Onsen district which is known as the village of the North Alps and outdoor hot springs. The total amount of discharged hot spring water is the third largest in Japan (37,000 l/m) and you can enjoy a variety of mineral springs from mineral-free springs to hydrogen carbonate springs, chloride springs, and sulfur springs.

Furthermore, Hirayu Onsen has a long history including a legend that when the warriors of Takeda Shingen were invading Hida, they were lead by a white monkey to these hot spring where their energy was restored. You can still enjoy these eternal, spacious hot springs surrounded by nature.

・All participants will be provided with Onsen bathing tickets for ”Hirayu-no-mori.” Be refreshed and relax after your walk. (Please bring your own towels.)

・All participants will be also be provided with a coupon book ”Okuhida-no-tatsujin” which you can use at sightseeing spots in the Okuhida Onsen District.
Event policy・Disclaimer 1. In order to hold the event smoothly and safely, participants shall comply with the regulations specified by the organizer and the traffic regulations.
2. The organizer shall not take any responsibility except for emergency measures in case of injury, loss or other accident."
3. The change of time or cancellation by personal reason is not accepted after registration.
4. The event may be canceled in case of an unexpected accident such as natural disaster, stormy weather, or new strain of influenza epidemic, etc. In that case, we can not compensate for the individual expenses such as participation fee, transportation or accommodation expenses."
5. Please check the event homepage for a cancellation notice.
6. It will be an event involving alcoholic beverages. Please enjoy the appropriate amount and please refrain from acting to disturb other participants. (loud voice, excessive drinking, etc.)"
7. We may ask for an identification card for age verification. Driving cars, bicycles, etc. with drinking is prohibited by law. Please use public transportation. "
8. The posting rights and portrait rights of the convention videos, pictures and articles, records, applicants' names, ages, addresses (country, prefecture/province) to magazines, Internet, etc., belong to the event organizer.
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About the Certification of ONSEN Kishidan (Order) You can be certified as a member of ”ONSEN Kishidan (Chivalric order of hot springs)” when you register for the walking event. (*No fee to be certified)
”ONSEN Kishidan (Chivalric order of hot springs) is a group of members supporting ONSEN・Gastronomy Tourism and consists mainly of people who have a passions for hot springs.

”ONSEN Kishidan (Chivalric order of hot springs)” members will receive ONSEN・Gastronomy Walking and other up-to-date information.
Official website for members of ONSEN Kishidan (Order)”

”ONSEN+” option is available for members.
For ONSEN+ information:

A ONSEN Kishidan (Chivalric order of hot springs) badge will be sent to your address. Please make sure to write your mailing address correctly and clearly.
* Personal information such as name, address, mail address, etc. received at the time of registration may be shared within the operating company, ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism Association.

Information about ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism Association:
Participation notice No participation notice will be sent to early registrants.
■ For internet registration
After the payment is made, please show a copy of the confirmation email or a screen shot of the ”payment confirmation” or ”entry confirmation” at the reception desk.
■ For phone registration and payment at convenience store
A transaction slip and/or receipt issued at the store can be used as certificate of payment. Please present the receipt at reception.
■ For phone registration and payment with a credit card
Please present an identification card on the day of the event at the reception desk.
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