This event won a semi-grand prize in the 24th ONSEN・Gastronomy Walking in 2018!!

This is the 3rd Amakusa Shimoda Onsen event and will be a most luxurious day to fully enjoy Amakusa Shimoda Onsen during the walk. The walk includes breath-taking views of the sunset on the East China Sea and fresh seasonal seafood of the Shimoda Onsen district with a 700-year history in Amakusa. You can ease yourself at 100% natural hot springs and foot baths after your walk.
To make the best of your time, please spend a relaxing night and on the following day, enjoy the historical ”Shimoda Onsen Festival” and the heritage-related items of the hidden Christians of Nagasaki and Amakusa region which was designated as a world heritage site in July 2018.