On June 3rd, 2018, our city Aizuwakamatsu will hold an event. In this event, you can enjoy delicious cooking, Japanese sake and interesting history.

Aizu was the last SAMURAI city which fought the Meiji government in the end of Edo Period. Aizuwakamatsu, the provincial capital of Aizu, is famous for it’s traditional Japanese cooking. We call it “Aizu Ryori”. Aizu people are honest and trustworthy. They taste delicious foods and good sake every day. This year is the 150th anniversary of the Boshin war. Enjoy sightseeing in Mt. Iimori and other historical tourist attractions, enjoy hot springs in Higashiyama Onsen, and see geisha performances. You’ll have a strong feeling of Aizu people’s hospitality, Omotenashi.