The 18th.Ayahashi kaichu Road Race Tournament

Date Apr 1, 2018
Venue Uruma City Yonashiro Comprehensive Park Athletics Stadium (Start/Finish) Okinawa Japan
Registration period Jan 16, 2018 - Feb 25, 2018
【Entry Term】
[Half Marathon(21.0975km)]Feb. 25 2018 at 23:59

[10km・3.8km]Feb. 23 2018 at 23:59

*NOTE: Transferring charge will be automatically added to the entry fee in case of individual entry.
[Processing Fee]
Up to 4000 yen :308 yen
You must fill up your Card data (Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress and Diners Only) correctly.



Category Start time Registration fee
(and period)
1)Half Marathon(21.0975km):Men【Adult】 09:00 ¥3,500(JPY) Closed
2)Half Marathon(21.0975km):Women【Adult】 09:00 ¥3,500(JPY) Closed
3)Half Marathon(21.0975km):Men【Child】 09:00 ¥1,500(JPY) Closed
EligibilityHigh school students(born on 2nd April 2002 and later)
4)Half Marathon(21.0975km):Women【Child】 09:00 ¥1,500(JPY) Closed
EligibilityHigh school students(born on 2nd April 2002 and later)
5)10km:Men【Adult】 09:50 ¥3,000(JPY) (-2018-02-23) Closed
6)10km:Women【Adult】 09:50 ¥3,000(JPY) (-2018-02-23) Closed
7)10km:Men【Child】 09:50 ¥1,500(JPY) (-2018-02-23) Closed
EligibilityJunior high school students and High school students(born on 2nd April 2005 and later)
8)10km:Women【Child】 09:50 ¥1,500(JPY) (-2018-02-23) Closed
EligibilityJunior high school students and High school students(born on 2nd April 2005 and later)
Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult to participate the events.
(The parents need to apply to the same events as their children.)
The parents shall be responsible for their children.
9)3.8km:Men【Adult】 12:10 ¥3,000(JPY) (-2018-02-23) Closed
10)3.8km:Women【Adult】 12:10 ¥3,000(JPY) (-2018-02-23) Closed
11)3.8km:Men【Child】 12:10 ¥1,500(JPY) (-2018-02-23) Closed
EligibilityHigh school students and below
12)3.8km:Women【Child】 12:10 ¥1,500(JPY) (-2018-02-23) Closed
EligibilityHigh school students and below

Event Details

Date Apr 1, 2018
Venue Uruma City Yonashiro Comprehensive Park Athletics Stadium (Start/Finish) Okinawa Japan
Registration period Jan 16, 2018 - Feb 25, 2018
Zip / Postalcode 904-2305
Office Address Ayahashi Kaichu Road Race Tournament Office (Uruma City Yonashiro Comprehensive Park)
1 Chuo Yonashiro Uruma-shi Okinawa
Phone number 098-978-9404(Speaking Japanese Only)
Fax number 098-978-9405(Speaking Japanese Only)
Email address mailto...
Purpose With the event’s catchphrase, “Run the Kaichu Road while enjoying the smell of the ocean”,
We welcome runner from inside and outside of Okinawa. The event’s purpose is to improve skill and promote health ,as well as local revitalization and promoting friendship between the local citizens and participants.
Race Date and Location The opening ceremony will be held at 8:00 and the race will start at 9:00 on 1 April (Sun.) 2018 rain or shine. The closing ceremony will be held at 14:00. The location is Uruma City Yonashiro Comprehensive Park Athletics Stadium (Start/Finish).
Events ■Half Marathon(21,0975km)
[Eligibility for Participation]High School students and above
(born on 2nd April 2002 and later)
[Time Limit]2h50mins
[Entry Restiction]3,500people
[Participation Fee]Adult:3,500/Child:1,500

■Trim Marathon(10km)
[Eligibility for Participation]Junior high school studentys and above
(born on 2nd April 2005 and later)
[Time Limit]1h30mins
[Entry Restiction]2,000people
[Participation Fee]Adult:3,000/Child:1,500

■Trim Marathon(3.8km)
[Eligibility for Participation]All ages
[Time Limit]50mins
[Entry Restiction]3,000people
[Participation Fee]Adult:3,000/Child:1,500
Application Method 15 January (Mon.) - 23 February (Fri.) 2018
*No application will be accepted on the race day.
Record An automated measuring instrument with transmitters attached to the number cards will be used for the record. Please check if the transmitter is attached to your number cards, otherwise you cannot be measured as a runner. If the transmitter isn’t attached property, please approach to the staff.
*Please keep the transmitter until the completion of the race. After you finish we will collect the transmitter, please follow instruction.
Obtaining the number card and commemorative T-shirt The office will send the “Exchange Ticket for the Number Card” to registered address to obtain your number card and commemorative T-shirt before the race. Please follow the guidance below.
*Please ensure you have your exchange tickets at the race site. Otherwise your participation in the race may be refused. Please be aware of this.
1 Exchange date and site

*Please bring the exchange ticket and hand it in at the reception. You will be given your number card and a commemorative T-shirt for the race.
Location: Uruma City Community Center Hall (Uruma City Hall Yonashiro Branch)
467-4 Yakena Yonashiro Uruma-shi
Date for all events: 31 March ( Sat.) 2018 13:00 - 18:00
Date for the marathon: 1 April (Sun.) Half Marathon 6:30 - 8:30, Trim Marathon (10km) 6:30 - 9:20, Trim Marathon(3.8km) 9:00-11:40

1.Traffic congestion around the site is anticipated due to the traffic restriction implemented for race.
We recommend participants of Trim Marathon (10km/3.8km) to exchange the cards on 31 March (Sat.) 2018
before the racing day.
2.The copy of the application form should be kept in a safe place.
3. We will exchange the number card to the T-shirt for the people who applied the race but couldn’t participate for the certain reasons.
*We will not send the T-shirt from the office. Please come to the office by 20 April (Fri.) 2018.
4.Please make sure that you return the transmitter back. (Including people who exchange the number card but didn’t participate the race.) If you didn’t return, lose or corrupt the transmitter, the actual cost of the transmitter (2,000yen) will be charged.
Safety precautions 1. Please follow the direction given by the person in change for each event at the starting point.
2. Please follow the direction given by the policeman and event staff during the race.
3. Distance from the start point is displayed every 1km and at the turning points.
4. Wearing timing devices, such as watches and cell phones are forbidden.
5. Timing is counted by seconds. (Under second is rounded up to the nearest.)
6. Please run carefully to avoid any accidental contact with other runners, especially at the turning points.
Prize 1. Road Race (Half Marathon)
 (1)1st-3rd (Male/Female)
 (2)By age (30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and over 70’s) 1st Male and Female
 (3)1st among Uruma citizens (Male/Female)*The winners will be invited to the Takuboku-no-Sato Fureai Marathon (Morioka City Iwate Prefecture).
*Please refer to the web site for more information of the criteria for the selection.
2. Trim Marathon
 (1)Pitari Prize...Each event (Male/Female) 1st-3rd. *3 People from each group of men and women who have lesser differences between their declared predicted time and actual running time will be awarded.
 *If many people have the same result, the shorter time and older people are given priority.
 (2) Best participants in each event ( Male/Female) The best completion time.
3. Aged Person Prize. Each aged male and female runner who accomplishes the race is eligible for the prize.
4. Participation from out of Okinawa Prize. A male and a female participant who comes from outside Okinawa are selected in a drawing.
Advance Healthcare Directive 1. Please submit to a medical check before the race, and take full responsibility for your healthcare.
2. If you feel sick during the race, please stop the race and inform the staff.
3. The hosts of the race will handle and accidents during the race such as first ‒aid procedure and within the range of the insurance, but are not
responsible for anything besides this.
4. The race staff and doctor can judge that a runner should stop running, please follow the direction immediately.
5. Please keep your personal belonging safe. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.
*The baggage claim will be located in the basketball court in the park. The fee is 500yen.
6. The application and payment should be done within the designated period. In this case, we will refund the fee after deducting the money transfer
Covenant 1. Please check the following contents before making the decision to participate in the race.
2. You can’t change the even you applied, predicted time you declared or the size of the T-shirt after application, and the fee is nonrefundable.
3. You have to take a proper procedure for the entry to the race. Anyone who don’t have the number card, or a substitute runner isn’t allowed to participate the race.
4. In case of cancellation of the race due to bad weather, earthquake, wind and flood damage, accident or plague etc. or over payment,or overlapping payment, we can’t refund the fee.
5. If you don’t indicate our size of the T-shirt, L-size is issued for men and M-size for women. If you don’t fill our predicted time or the time you fill is longer the time limit, the limit time is our predicted time.
6. Running with your pets would be annoying to other runners and strictly prohibited.
7. We obey the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and use the personal information obtained from the participants only for the making of number cards, sending the exchange tickets and related notification and offering service from our sponsors.
8. Rights of publishing and using related videos, photographs, articles and record to television programs, newspapers, magazines or the internet websites belong to the host of the race.
9. Before parents give permission to minors to participate in the race, please read this implementation guidance.
10.Baby car and wheel chair are invited to participate only for Trim Marathon (3.8km) and for safety purpose, starting at very end.
Contact ※( Speaking Japanese Only)

Ayahashi Kaichu Road Race Tournament Office (Uruma City Yonashiro Comprehensive Park)
l Chuo Yonashiro Uruma-shi Okinawa 904-2305 TEL: 098-978-9404 FAX: 098-978-9405
URL: Email:mail to...

<inquiry after application regarding the entry>
I.SAM LTD. Entry Center
Okinawa Industry Support Center 405
1831-1 Oroku Naha-shi Okinawa 901-0152
TEL:098-987-4000 10:30-16:00 (Exc luding Sun., Sat . and Japanese national holidays)