BRM2018 (AJ Hiroshima)

Date January 21st, 2018 (Sun) to October 27th, 2018 (Sun)
Registration period Dec 10, 2017 - Sep 30, 2018



Category Registration fee Status
BRM121広島200km岩国(1/21 山口) ¥2,000(JPY) (2017-12-10-2017-12-31) Closed
BRM324広島200km尾道・三崎(往路)(3/24 広島) ¥1,500(JPY) (2018-02-01-2018-02-28) Closed
BRM325広島200km三崎・尾道(復路)(3/25 愛媛) ¥1,500(JPY) (2018-02-01-2018-02-28) Closed
BRM427広島200km尾道・四国カルスト(往路)(4/27 広島) ¥1,500(JPY) (2018-02-02-2018-02-28) Closed
BRM428広島200kmUFOライン・尾道(復路)(4/28 高知) ¥1,500(JPY) (2018-02-02-2018-02-28) Closed
BRM429広島300km須波・奥出雲(4/29 広島) ¥2,000(JPY) (2018-03-01-2018-03-31) Closed
BRM501 Hiroshima 600-km Course: Sunami & Tokushima [May 1st in Hiroshima] ¥2,000(JPY) (2018-03-01-2018-03-31) Closed
BRM503広島400km須波・津山(5/3 広島) ¥2,000(JPY) (2018-03-01-2018-03-31) Closed
BRM505 Hiroshima 600-km Course: Sunami & Shimanto [May 5th in Hiroshima] ¥2,000(JPY) (2018-03-01-2018-03-31) Closed
BRM609広島400km岩国・角島(6/9 山口) ¥2,000(JPY) (2018-04-01-2018-04-30) Closed
BRM616広島300km徳山・竹田津(6/16 山口) ¥2,000(JPY) (2018-04-01-2018-04-30) Closed
BRM707広島300km大山・鳥取(7/7 鳥取) ¥2,000(JPY) (2018-05-01-2018-05-31) Closed
BRM829広島400km瀬戸田・仁淀(8/29 広島) ¥2,000(JPY) (2018-05-08-2018-07-31) Closed
BRM929 Hiroshima 1,000-km Course: Kure (or Mihara Sunami) & Maizuru [September 29th in Hiroshima] ¥2,000(JPY) (2018-01-01-2018-08-31) Closed
BRM1027 Hiroshima 600-km Course: Sunami & Around Hiroshima [October 27th in Hiroshima] ¥2,000(JPY) (2018-08-01-2018-09-30) Closed

Event Details

Date January 21st, 2018 (Sun) to October 27th, 2018 (Sun)
Registration period Dec 10, 2017 - Sep 30, 2018
Office Address 5-5-18-303 Dekiniwa,Kumano-cho Aki-gun,Hiroshima Prefecture,Japan 731-4221
AJ Hiroshima
Phone number 090-9736-3886
+81-90-9736-3886 (international calls)
Email address mailto...
PR <Note>
The BRM brevet is open to all cyclists above the age of 20 who have experience in long distance cycling, have the same level of strength to finish the race on his/her own, and sign up for a liability insurance for the event. To learn more about insurance, please see AJ’s insurance page.
(For participants coming from outside Japan: the organizer will sign up for a separate insurance and bill you your insurance fee.)

BRM does not provide support to or pick up participants when they drop out. Participants are responsible for themselves in all situations, including figuring out their courses as well as handling problems and accidents. AJ and the organizers will not be held responsible for any situation. Please carefully read the BRM/AJ Regulations and ”About BRM” before applying for a brevet.

AJ Hiroshima will host a total of 15 BRM brevets in 2018, ranging from 200 km to 1,000 km.
We are looking forward to welcome many participants from around the globe.
To participate, please first read the Audax Japan website listed below:
Make sure you fully understand the content of BRM before you apply.

We will accept entries from outside Japan through this English application website. Please note, however, that we will not be preparing or providing English translations of the various kinds of information for the rides. Additionally, various translation tools will be utilized to translate related websites as well as communication (e-mails and so on) with participants.
[About BRM Application] After you apply, Sports Entry will send you an automated confirmation e-mail. The process after that differs according to each organizer. Please check their respective websites. In addition, please contact the organizer for the details of each BRM.
Qualifications The participant must…
1. be over 20 years old.
2. purchase a personal liability insurance that covers more than 100 million yen.
(the insurance must cover incidents in Japan)
3. purchase an insurance that covers death and disability
(the insurance must cover incidents in Japan)
4. If a participant lives outside Japan, AJ Hiroshima will contract insurance with an insurance company in Japan, separately from said participant’s own insurance, in order to assure that all participants have liability insurance in Japan that covers at least 100 million yen. AJ Hiroshima will charge this insurance fee to participants. Participants from outside Japan are asked to understand and accept this requirement before applying.
5. In regards to article 4, if the individual will not participate in the BRM, the participation fee will not be returned. In addition, the host will charge the insurance fee. Please keep this in mind before applying.