<Please Read> BRM participants must be at least twenty years old and either have long-distance cycling experience and/or the physical endurance to complete the course. Participants must also have liability insurance and provide proof of their insurance. No assistance or pick-up services are available should the cyclist decide to retire along the course. The cyclist is responsible for settling accidents, handling incidents, and fixing course, should they drive off-course. AJ and the hosts do not accept responsibility for any incidents, accidents, or driving off-course, etc. In 2017, AJ Hiroshima will host 10 BRMs that range from 200km to 1000km. (Multiple events along the same route, but in the opposite direction may be held on the same day. There may also be events held at different venues on the same day. Please be careful to apply for the correct event.) We have decided to accept international participants and are looking forward to having many participants. Please see Audax Japan (http://www.audax-japan.org/index.html) and understand what a BRM is before applying. International participants can apply from the English website (https://www.sportsentry.ne.jp/entry/t/68537/e). We are not able to, however, provide or prepare English information and various data regarding the course. We ask for your understanding. Please be aware that we may have used automated translating tools on the website and the translation may not be entirely accurate. *This is because the host and organizer cannot speak English. We will communicate as best as possible with gestures and a welcoming smile.