2016BRM(AJ Hiroshima)

Date Mar.2016 - Oct.2016
Registration period From January 1, 2016 Open until September 30, 2016

Event Details

Date Mar.2016 - Oct.2016
Registration period From January 1, 2016 Open until September 30, 2016
Zip / Postalcode 739-2302
Office Address AJ Hiroshima,
2701 Fukutomicho Shimodakeni, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima
Phone number 080-6242-3918
PR In 2016, AJ Hiroshima will host 10 BRMs that range from 200km to 1000km.
We have decided to accept international participants and are looking forward to having many participants.
Please see Audax Japan ( and understand what a BRM is before applying.

International participants can apply from the English website. We are not able to, however, provide or prepare English information and various data regarding the course. We ask for your understanding. Please be aware that we may have used automated translating tools on the website and the translation may not be entirely accurate.
*This is because the host and organizer cannot speak English. We will communicate as best as possible with gestures and a welcoming smile.
Participation Requirements ・All participants are required to have a liability insurance that exceeds one hundred million yen. International participants’ insurance policy must be valid in Japan.
・The participant must also have an insurance policy that covers their own death and chronic injuries.
・All participants must submit their insurance policy numbers, etc. before they depart on the course to qualify for participation. International participants are asked to send as much information as possible by email before arriving in Japan.
About Names in Alphabetic Characters ACP and RM certify BRM, and the results created by the host
will be submitted to AJ. The application for certification will be submitted using the name written in alphabetic characters on the BRM application. Please be consistent in providing details. If the applicant’s name is spelled differently, it may be considered as a different person and hinder the process of applying for SR medals, etc. Please be careful to keep the spelling of your name consistent with all BRMs and that your first and last name are always written in the same order.”
Please be consistent with the spelling of your name.
The format of the certified BRM results will be as follows. All characters of the last name will be in upper case lettering. The first letter of the first name will be upper case and all following letters will be lower case.
Example: YAMADA Taro
Please keep the spelling of your name consistent. For example, do not change Taroo to Tarou.
About BRM Application An automated confirmation email will be sent by Sports Entry to confirm your application. Following procedures will differ with each hosting club. Please see the hosting club’s website. Furthermore, please confirm BRM details with the hosting club.