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14th National Nakaumi Marathon

4 Nov 2018(Sun)
Application period:
8 Jun 2018(Fri) - 22 Aug 2018(Wed)
Yasugi-shi, Shimane Prefecture In the field in front of Wako Museum
  • run
  • half
  • 10km
  • 5km
  • 2km
  • walk

- Flat course with view of Nakaumi

- Enjoy the breathtaking view of Nakaumi with Mt. Tokami and windmills in the background.

- Beginners are welcome.


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
1) Half Marathon: Male (High school students)10:101,000JPYClosed
2) Half Marathon: Male (29 Years Old Or Younger)10:103,000JPYClosed
3) Half Marathon: Male (30s)10:103,000JPYClosed
4) Half Marathon: Male (40s)10:103,000JPYClosed
5) Half Marathon: Male (50s)10:103,000JPYClosed
6) Half Marathon: Male (Ages over 60)10:103,000JPYClosed
7) Half Marathon: Female (High school students)10:101,000JPYClosed
8) Half Marathon: Female (35 years old and younger)10:103,000JPYClosed
9) Half Marathon: Female (Ages between 36 and 49)10:103,000JPYClosed
10) Half Marathon: Female (Ages over 50)10:103,000JPYClosed
11) 10km: Male (High school students)10:071,000JPYClosed
12) 10km: Male (39 years old and younger)10:073,000JPYClosed
13) 10km: Male (Ages between 40 and 59)10:073,000JPYClosed
14) 10km: Male (Ages over 60)10:073,000JPYClosed
15) 10km: Female (High school students)10:071,000JPYClosed
16) 10km: Female (35 years old and younger)10:073,000JPYClosed
17) 10km: Female (Ages between 36 and 49)10:073,000JPYClosed
18) 10km: Female (Ages over 50)10:073,000JPYClosed
19) 5km: Male (Junior high school students)10:151,000JPYClosed
20) 5km: Male (High school students)10:151,000JPYClosed
21) 5km: Male (39 years old and younger)10:153,000JPYClosed
22) 5km: Male (Ages between 40 and 59)10:153,000JPYClosed
23) 5km: Male (Ages over 60)10:153,000JPYClosed
24) 5km: Female (Junior high school students)10:151,000JPYClosed
25) 5km: Female (High school students)10:151,000JPYClosed
26) 5km: Female (35 years old and younger)10:153,000JPYClosed
27) 5km: Female (Ages between 36 and 49)10:153,000JPYClosed
28) 5km: Female (Ages over 50)10:153,000JPYClosed
29) 2km: Elementary School Boys (1st-3rd Grade)9:401,000JPYClosed
30) 2km: Elementary School Boys (4th-6th Grade)9:401,000JPYClosed
31) 2km: Elementary School Girls (1st-3rd Grade)9:401,000JPYClosed
32) 2km: Elementary School Girls (4th-6th Grade)9:401,000JPYClosed
33) 2km Family Marathon: Two-person Team (1 Guardian + 1 Child)9:401,500JPYClosed
33) 2km Family Marathon: Three-person Team (1 Guardian + 2 Children)9:402,000JPYClosed
33) 2km Family Marathon: Three-person Team (2 Guardians + 1 Child)9:402,500JPYClosed
34) 4km Walking: High school students and younger10:20500JPYClosed
35) 4km Walking: General10:201,000JPYClosed
36) 4km Walking: Wheelchair (high school students and younger)10:20500JPYClosed
36) 4km Walking: Wheelchair (general)10:201,000JPYClosed
37) 8km Walking: High school students and younger9:40500JPYClosed
38) 8km Walking: General9:401,000JPYClosed

Points to note at the time of entering:

Please have one running guardian per team sign up for the 2km Family Marathon
Please fill in team members' information in the form after selecting the event category.
* Membership of Sports Entry is not required for team members.
* Entry fee is for one team.

Capacity5,000 people
* First come first served until limit is reached.
* We do not accept registration on racing day.
Qualifications1. Runners for Half Marathon must be able to finish within 2.5 hours.
2. Runners for 2km and Family Marathon must be able to finish within 25 minutes.
3. Runners in Family Marathon must hold hands before reaching the finishing line. One team must consist of two or three runners. Use of child stroller is not permitted.
4. Persons in wheel chairs can participate only in 4km Walking Course.
5. Please follow the qualification guidance for other races and be in good health.
Course DescriptionFlat running course with view of Nakaumi beach, residential areas, bamboo forests, fruit farms, etc.
Time MeasurementYes
ServicesHot spring bath ticket, Clam soup, Lottery (Yasugi city produce)
Concession StandsYes
Baggage CounterYes
AwardsEach 1st to 6th place (*Except Family Walking)
GuestsMr. Yoshizumi Ishihara, Ms. Yoshika Arai
Application NotificationOrganizing office expects to send out notification in mid October.
For inquiries regarding the application notification, please contact the organizing office below.
National Nakaumi Marathon Executive Committee Office TEL: 0854-23-3500
Reception LocationSendan-kai parking lot next to Yellow Bus terminal
Reception Time (day Before Event)12:30~17:00
Reception Time (event Day)7:30~9:00
About Parking1,200 parking spaces available
Shuttle BusShuttle bus service is available from Fukui Kogyo Danchi (Fukui Industrial Park) temporary parking lot.
Trains And Buses(Train) 10-minute walk from Yasugi Station on JR San-in Honsen (JR San-in main line)
(Bus) 10-minute walk from "Yasugi Station" stop
Direction By Car5 minutes from Yasugi IC on San-in Yasugi Jidosha Road
Time Limit[Half] 2.5 hours
Water Station6 locations
AgreementWith my understanding of the contents of this event, I pledge to participate at my own risk.

Please agree to the following oath before applying.
1. Applications will be closed on first come, first served basis, and will be closed as soon as limit is reached. For the subsequent applicants, we will refund the paid participation fee except the filing fee after the application period.
2. Any false declarations such as age or sex, substitution runner, transferring of rights (illegal entry) and escort running (except for person with disabilities) are prohibited. In the event that any unauthorized act is discovered, guilty party will not only lose the right to participate in current event, but application to future events may also be declined.
3. Change and modification of contents or cancellation after the application due to personal reasons are prohibited.
4. Except for overbooking, there will be no refund for overpayment, duplicated payment, deposit outside application period, or cases falling under 2 or 3 above. Event may also be cancelled due to weather, natural disasters, accidents, illness, etc. and there will be no refunds.
5. Guardians' consent is required for minors to participate.
6. Participants should manage their own health and withdraw from the race if physical condition deteriorates. If the organizer judges a participant's difficulty to continue the race, immediately follow the organizer's recommendation to stop the competition.
7. The organizer will give first aid in case of illness or accidents, but will not take any responsibility thereafter.
8. The organizer is not responsible for any lost or stolen items during the event.
9. The rights of publication in television, newspaper, magazine, internet, and and images, photos, articles, records, etc. taken during the event shall belong to the event organizer.
10. Participants are required to enroll in marathon insurance. (Included in entry fee)
11. In addition to the above, please follow any instructions by the organizer.

[About personal information]
1. The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information, observes the law concerning personal information protection and related laws and regulations, and securely handles personal information.
2. For the purpose of improving the service to the participants in the event, event information, race records, notification of related information, information of the next event, provision of services from association sponsorship / cooperation / related organizations, record announcement (ranking, etc.) will be collected. In addition, the organizer may contact you to confirm application details.
Management OfficeYasugi City Hall Citizens Division, Department of Culture and Sports Promotion, 878-2 Yasugi-cho, Yasugi-shi, Shimane Prefecture
National Nakaumi Marathon Executive Committee Office
Tel 0854-23-3500
Fax 0854-23-3155
Any questions Please note that the event management and the event itself will be conducted only in Japanese.
Please send inquiries in English or Japanese from this URL.

(For registration and entries, SportsEntry will respond and get back to you. They will confirm enquiries with the Race Organiser and you will receive a response from SportsEntry.)

Please note there may be a delay in responding. Where possible, please make your enquiry in as far advance as possible to allow plenty of time for a response and to ensure you get a response back in time.

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