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33rd SWIMRUN in Taki

5 Aug 2018(Sun)
Application period:
26 Mar 2018(Mon) - 29 Jun 2018(Fri)
Taki-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane Prefecture (within Tagi)
  • run
  • aquathlon


Category Registration Fee
(and period)
Long: Men (19-39 years old)9,000JPYClosed
Long: Men (40-69 years old)9,000JPYClosed
Long: Women (19-69 years old)9,000JPYClosed
Short: Men (16-35 years old)9,000JPYClosed
Short: Men (36-55 years old)9,000JPYClosed
Short: Men (56-99 years old)9,000JPYClosed
Short: Women (16-39 years old)9,000JPYClosed
Short: Women (40-99 years old)9,000JPYClosed

Points to note at the time of entering:

16 to 99 years old (family consent required)

Runner's Chip will be used in 33rd competition (expected). Details will be given on event day.
Loss of chip will result in being charged for cost of chip.
Participation award will be a T-shirt as previously. Men's size: Large and Women's size: Medium.

<Kid's Category>
No child registration is accepted at Sports Entry.
Please contact the event office about Kid's Competition.
◆ SwimRun executive committee 0853-86-3766 (in Sports Club Taki)

CAPACITY600 people(Once capacity is reached the entry deadline will close.)
ELIGIBILITY16 to 99 years old (family consent required)
OTHER[Fee] 9,000 yen (Insurance included. Participation awards will not be sent for absentees)
T-shirt (Men's size: Large Women's size: Medium)
* We cannot change size.
AWARDS1st-6th places in each category (expected)
* A special award will be given (expected)
OTHER[Measurement for Records]
Runner's Chip will be used (expected). Details will be given on event day.
Loss of chip will result in being charged for cost of chip.
ENROLLMENT NOTICEEnrollment notice will be sent out by the event office in mid-July.
Please contact the event office below for questions.
◆ Swimrun Executive Committee 0853-86-3766 (in Sports Club Taki)
RECEPTION HOUR (Event day) 7:00~8:00
■ Long Distance Category
• Swim: 2.4 km (start and finish lines: Tagi Harbor)
• Run: 21 km (within Tagi)
■ Short Distance Category
• Swim: 1.2 km (start and finish line: Tagi Harbor)
• Run: 10 km (within Tagi)
[Category Details]
■ Long Distance Category (3 groups)
Men 19-39 years old / 40-69 years old
Women 19-69 years old
■ Short Distance Category (4 groups)
Men 16-35 years old / 36-55 years old / 56-99 years old
Women 16-39 years old / 40-99 years old
ON EVENT DAY7:00-8:00 Reception (please be on time) <Tagi Harbor>
8:00-8:15 Opening Ceremony <Tagi Harbor>
8:15-8:45 Participants Call, Final Confirmation <Tagi Harbor>
8:15-13:00 Race (may change due to weather)
NOTE• Category change will not be accepted after enrollment notice is sent.
• Cancellation after registration is not accepted, and no registration fee will be refunded for no shows.
REMINDER<Applied to all categories>
• Organizer will take no responsibilities except in emergency situations to provide medical treatment during competition. Please participate in the best possible health condition.
• Organizer may change the race route or cancel the event in cases of bad weather or in unavoidable situations. No registration fee will be refunded if event is cancelled.
• Organizer may withdraw participant if he/she is determined to be in danger during the race (such as him/her not being responsive)
In long distance race, participant must withdraw from the race if he/she doesn't complete within 4 hours (about 2 hours for swim). In short distance race, the maximum time limit is about 2 hours and 30 minutes (about 1 hour for swim).
Giving a Red Flag is a difficult decision for race staff, so please come well-prepared and be sure to have sufficient training before the race.
Please be sure to obey the organizers' or observers' directions.
Participants and supporters must not poach turban shells, abalone, or other seafood. Poaching may result in the cancellation of future events.

• For safety, use of goggles, wet suit, floating equipment, life jacket, etc. is permitted.
• Participants are allowed to rest by holding onto boats such as guard boats.

• Be sure to drink enough water at each aid station.
I participate in the event by acknowledging the truth of my application content and agreeing to the following.
I will follow the directions given by the event organizer. I will participate in the event making every effort to prepare myself physically and to achieve a good health condition. I, my family, or any of my representatives will not inconvenience or seek any liability from the event organizer or its affiliates for accidents, injuries, or death which may happen during the event competition or supplemental events. I also agree in principle that the registration fee once paid will be not refunded. I accept the registration fee will not be refunded even if the event is cancelled due to weather conditions or other reasons.
• Please agree to release your address (city and prefecture), name, and nickname on the supporter's roster.
[Handling of personal information]
We will comply with the laws applicable to the protection of personal information and use the personal information you provided. However, please understand that we may apply for dispatching information if it's effective for the operation of the organization. It will be used only with your consent for the purpose of notifying the event information.
EVENT OFFICESwimRun Executive Committee
86-3 Oda, Taki-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane Prefecture (in Sports Club, Taki)
Tel 0853-86-3766
Mail:mail to...
Website : ※Japanese
Any questions Please note that the event management and the event itself will be conducted only in Japanese.
Please send inquiries in English or Japanese from this URL.

(For registration and entries, SportsEntry will respond and get back to you. They will confirm enquiries with the Race Organiser and you will receive a response from SportsEntry.)

Please note there may be a delay in responding. Where possible, please make your enquiry in as far advance as possible to allow plenty of time for a response and to ensure you get a response back in time.

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