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20th Miyazaki Seagaia Triathlon 2018

8 Jul 2018(Sun)
Application period:
1 Feb 2018(Thu) 12:00 - 31 Mar 2018(Sat)
Miyazaki City, Sun Beach Hitotsuba (Start venue)
  • 51.5km
  • 25.7km

- Registration deadline will cut-off earlier if race capacity is reached.
By the rapid increase in access, please notice that it has possibility to take time for procedure when the entry started.


Category Registration Fee
(and period)
1) Standard: Men (39 years or younger)17,000JPYClosed
1) Standard: Men (40’s)17,000JPYClosed
1) Standard: Men (50 years or older)17,000JPYClosed
1) Standard: Women17,000JPYClosed
2) Sprint: High school students11,000JPYClosed
2) Sprint: General11,000JPYClosed
3) Junior A6,000JPYClosed
Junior B5,000JPYClosed
Welcome Lunch Party 【Standard & Sprint】(7/7)2,000JPYClosed
Welcome Lunch Party 【Junior】(7/7)1,000JPYClosed
Welcome Lunch Party 【Kids】(7/7)500JPYClosed
Welcome Lunch Party 【Companion aide】(7/7)2,000JPYClosed

Points to note at the time of entering:

[Changed from 2018.02.26]
Any non-Japanese can participate this event whether you are a member of JTU or not.
*The JTU membership number is assigned to registered JTU members only.

Entry for the standard or sprint category will require registration (2018 membership) with the Japan Triathlon Union (JTU)
Your age is taken to be the age as at 31 December 2018

[fee]17,000 yen [Capacity]700 people
[fee]11,000 yen [Capacity]High school students 20 people ,General 30 people
■Junior A
[fee]6,000 yen [Capacity]50 people
■Junior B
[fee]5,000 yen [Capacity]50 people
[fee]4,000 yen [Capacity]50 people
■Welcome Lunch Party 【Standard & Sprint】
[fee]2,000 yen
■Welcome Lunch Party 【Junior】
[fee]2,000 yen
■Welcome Lunch Party 【Kids】
[fee]2,000 yen
■Welcome Lunch Party 【Companion aide】
[fee]2,000 yen
Participation criteriaEligibility
Common criteria (regardless of category)
You must be in fit and healthy physical condition, and agree to not interfere with the management of the competition, and take the initiative to observe and abide by the rules of the race convention.
You must be able to attend the pre-race day check-in registration ·and pre-race day competition information briefing as prescribed in the official schedule.

Standard category
Participants who are 18 years or older as at 31 December 2018
Capable of completing the race distance of 51.5km within 4 hours.
Swimmers who can swim 1.5km within 60minutes.
Registered members of the JTU for 2018.

Sprint category
High school students aged 16 years or older as at 31 December 2018 (junior high school students not permiteed in this category)
Beginners who are 18 years or older as at 31 December 2018
And can also swim 750m within 30minutes
Registered members of the JTU for 2018.

Junior A category
A person enrolled in a junior high school on the day of the event.

Junior B category
Elementary school students who are in 4th, 5th or 6th grade on the day of the event

Kids category
Elementary school students who are in first, second or third grade on the day of the event
Course detailsSwim: Sun Beach Hitosuba
Bike: Miyazaki Rinkai Park, Awkigahara Forest Park Garden Road (park road), Hitotsuba toll (southbound)

Run: Miyazaki Rinkai Park
Distance: 1.5km swim/40km bike/10km run Total: 51.5km
Note: 18 years or older

Distance: 750m swim/20km bike/5km run Total: 25.7km
Note: High school students or older, adult beginners (but you must be able to swim 750m within 30 minutes)

Junior A
Distance: 250m swim/16km bike/3km run Total: 19.25km
Note: Elementary school students

Junior B
Distance: 150m swim/8km bike/1km run Total: 9.15km
Note: Elementary school student in grades 4-6

Distance: 450m swim/2km run/500m run Total: 2.55km
Note: Elementary school students in grades 1-3. Water depth of 70-80cm

Your age is taken to be the age as at 31 December 2018
Entry for the standard or sprint category will require registration (2018 membership) with the Japan Triathlon Union (JTU)
Pre-race day schedule1:30pm-3pm Welcome lunch party (fee applies. Registered participants only)
3pm-5:30pm Athlete registration check-in reception
3:30pm ~  Race briefing (1st) Standard/Sprint
4:30pm ~ Race briefing (2nd) Junior A/Junior B/Kids
5:00pm ~ Standard/Sprint
5:30pm ~ Race briefing (3rd) Junior A/Junior B/Kids
6:00pm ~ Standard/Sprint

Race briefing (compulsory for all participants). All athletes are required to attend one of the briefing sessions (each is held twice)
Race/Event Day scheduleCompetition race time
9am - 2pm (Road rules/regulation apply between 8am - 12:30pm)
Terms and ConditionsContract
20th Miyazaki Seagaia Triathlon 2018 (Race date: Sunday 8 July 2018)

1. I will comply with the Competition Rules of the Japan Triathlon Union (hereinafter referred to as ""JTU""), the convention regulations (supplementary notes) prescribed by the event organizer, and the local rules. I understand, accept and agree to the terms and conditions and my participation in this event is confirmation of my understanding and consent.
Understanding of the race particulars and safety preservation
I understand that I have sufficient experience of triathlons or similar activities and am in physical condition sufficient to withstand sudden changing conditions. I am aware that the race venue is in an outdoor environment where conditions (both envionmental and physical) can change suddenly and that accidents may occur and accept this risk. I understand that we participate and compete with sufficient attention to care and safety to ourselves and the surroundings.

Self declaration of health status
2. My current health condition has been confirmed to be healthy as a result of a doctor's health examination over the last year, so it is not expected that problems will occur during participation in the event. Also, if there is something that the Medical Team of the Race/Event should be aware in the carrying out of emergency medical care due to an unexpected condition or an existing medical condition, I will declare it in writing to the Race Oganizer in advance. If requested by the event organizer, I agree to submit necessary documents such as a health certificate or ECT scan certificate.

Responsibility for self-management and acceptance of emergency first aid
3. I will pay attention to the safety and health of myself and others and will exercise self awareness and act responsibly with regard to health and safety. Furthermore, if I am injured, encounter an accident, or suffer from illness or get sick during the race, I consent for the doctor designated by the Race Organizerto give first aid to me, and that I will not object or hold liable the Race Organisers in relation to the method of medical treatment or the results or consequences of such emergency first aid.

Scope of compensation in the event of injury or death
4.I accept that the scope of compensation in the event of injury, subsequent illness or death, will be limited to the insurance coverage entered into the Race Organiser.

5.I accept that there will be no reimbursement or refund of any expenses incurred (including the entry fee), nor any claim for payment will be made, in the event that the race is cancelled or discontinued due to force majeure including in the event of natural disasters, bad weather conditions etc.

In addition, I will not hold the Race Organiser liable for any loss, damage or theft of belongings or personal property during the course of the event, except in the case of serious negligence by the event organizer.

Handling of image rights and personal information
6. I acknowledge that personal information such as myimage/portrait, name, address, age, competition history and self-introduction may be used for the purposes of marketing (eg event flyer, brochure), results, public relations materials relating to the event, press and media etc. The Race Organiser and relevant affiliated orgnisations may also use for printed materials, video and promotional and marketing purposes.

Acknowledgement of family/relatives
7. My family, relatives and parents understand the contents of the terms and conditions of this contract/oath and are aware and accept my participation in this event.

Other matters not stipulated in this agreement
8. Regarding matters that are not covered in this Pledge, I agree to settle any disagreement in accordance with JTU Competition Rules and Convention Regulations.
Competition/Race regulations20th Miyazaki Seagaia Triathlon 2018 (Race date: Sunday 8 July 2018)

1. No refunds will be given if you decide to withdraw your entry after you have completed entry registration for the 20th Miyazaki Seagaia Triathlon Competition 2018, regardless of whether the application window is still open or not. Nor will a refund be given if the Race Organiser cancels the race due to bad weather etc. Furthermore, if you violate any of the terms or conditions or race rules or convention regulations, and/or you are denied entry to participate, no refund will be given for the entry fee paid.

2. It is a condition of entry/participation in the ""20th Miyazaki Seagaia Triathlon Competition 2018"", that entrants attend the pre-race registration and briefing day, held the day before the triathlon event. If you are not able to fulfill this requirement, the Race Organiser reserves the right to refuse your entry.

3. It is mandatory that all participants in the Standard ad Sprint categories of the @0th Miyazaki Seagaia Triathlon Competition 2018, be a registered 2018 member of the Japan Triathlon Union. Participants may have their entry refused or denied if your membership cannot be confirmed.

4. To participate in the 20th Miyazaki Seagaia Triathlon Competition 2018, you must comply with all the requirements and rules relating to equipment and gear standards under such Competition rules including bicycles, helmets, and other rules stipulated by the Race Organiser.

5.In the event that there is a change to your personal details such as surname, contact address, telephone number, etc. after applying/registering your entry in the ""20th Miyazaki Seagaia Triathlon Competition 2018, you must notify the Race Organiser with your updated details.The Race organizer will not be held responsible for the non-delivery or failed delivery of any any information relating to the race to participants.
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