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2018 Cylcing Yakushima & Yakushima Hill Climb 2018
-An eco ride through the ancient woodlands of a world natural heritage island-

17(Sat) and 18(Sun), Feb 2018
Application period:
13 Sep 2017(Wed) - 31 Jan 2018(Wed)
Kagoshima prefecture, Kumage-gun, Yakushima town
  • BIKE
  • Cycling
  • Hill Climb

-In 1993, the ancient woodlands of Yakushima were deemed a natural asset and was registered as a World Natural Heritage site.
- This is the 7th year of "Yakushima Cycling" a long distance cycle through Yakushima
- From the 100km long distance to the 20km beginner course, everyone can participate and enjoy the charm of the varying scenic course.

- The Yakushima 2018 Hill Climb for it second time, will be held on Saturday 17th.
- The course starts from the Yakushima nature park and passes through the famous sightseeing spot the Shiratani Unsuikyo Gorge
- If you are interested in a time race on Yakushima, then be sure to join!
- There is an entry discount for those who enter the Cycling Yakushima event the next day (as a combo entry)
- This course is perfect for those who want to enjoy two days of cycling.


Category Start time Registration Fee
(and period)
Yakushima Hill Climb:Junior high school students and under 29 year old males(2/17)13:305,400JPYOpen
Yakushima Hill Climb:30-39 year old males(2/17)13:305,400JPYOpen
Yakushima Hill Climb:40-49 year old males(2/17)13:305,400JPYOpen
Yakushima Hill Climb:50-59 year old males(2/17)13:305,400JPYOpen
Yakushima Hill Climb:over 60 year old males(2/17)13:305,400JPYOpen
Yakushima Hill Climb:Junior high school students and under 35 year old females(2/17)13:305,400JPYOpen
Yakushima Hill Climb:over 36 year old females(2/17)13:305,400JPYOpen
Island circuit (100km): Adult(2/18)7:309,500JPYOpen
Island circuit (100km): Elementary school school students in grade 5 onwards(2/18)7:304,000JPYOpen
Short course (50km): Adult(2/18)11:006,500JPYOpen
Short course (50km): Grade 5 elementary school students onwards(2/18)11:003,000JPYOpen
Family course (20km): Adult(2/18)12:303,000JPYOpen
Family course (20km): Elementary school students12:301,500JPYOpen
Points to note when entering; High school students and under will require parental/guardian consent to participate. Elementary school studens will need to be accompanied by parents if participating (the companion will require a separate registration entry application)

Please note: On flights between Kagoshima and Yakushima bicycles cannot be carried or transported on due to limited cargo space. Please note that bikes cannot be deposited or looked after by the airline. Also there are a limited number of high-speed boats that go to Yakushima, so please book bicycle space in advance. Set race (combo) discount: For those entering the set events of the Yakushima Hill Climb and the Cycling Yakushima (100km circult lap around Yakushima (general entry)), a 1900 yen discount will automatically be applied at the time of registering. (Limited to when you apply for both at the same time only) Cycling Yakushima 2018
Venue 1
2018 Cylcing Yakushima
Yakushima island circuit course (start and finish is at Omonari Sukoyaka Fureai Center)

A cycling event that circumnavigates Yakushima island on a bike
This is not a time race event

Entry eligibility:
Those who can complete the course within the time limit and comply with the race rules and regulations
Elementary school students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
The entry free includes: race number, participation souvenir, AS food and drinks
Residents of Yakushima and Tanegashima are eligilble for a discount (entry through SportsEntry not applicable)

500 people
Venue 2
Yakushima Hill Climb 2018
Start: Yakushima General Park
Finish: 400m before the Shiratani

GorgeCourse data:
Measurement distance: 7.9km Elevation gain: 583m Average gradient: 7.2%

Eligibility criteria:
Healthy males and females aged junior high school or older (on the event day), who will comply with the race rules and regulations, and are able to complete the course within the allocated time limit.

100 people
Applicable to all event categoriesRace bib card nummber exchange: 12:00 - 12:45
Opening ceremony/Race briefing: 12:55 / Transfer to the starting area (number order): 1:10pm
Expected start time: 1:30pm / Descent: 3:10pm
Finish time: 3:10pm
Accident insuranceThe race organiser will provide accident insurance for participants
Depending on the insurance coverage applicable to individual participants, please be aware that proof such as an accident report/certificate may need to be issues by the police before any claim or compensation can be paid out.
Please note:Flights between Kagoshima and Yakushima are not able to carry bicycles due to cargo limit. Please also note that you cannot deposit bicycles as a portable item within the aircraft.
As there are a limited number of high speed boats to Yakushima, please book in advance for bicycle consignment.
Pre-race day 17 February (Sat)12:00 Yakushima Hill Climb Registration opens Venue: Miyanoura
13:30 Yakushima Hill Climb 2018 Start Venue: Miyanoura
3pm-5pm Cycling Yakushima 2018 Cycling station opens
High speed boat. Will be locked until 5:30am the next morning. Location: Onoaida (Yakushima Town Sukoyaka Fureai Centre

Timing and details may be subject to change.
Final event details will be sent out in early February 2018
Pre-race day 18 February (Sun)5:00am Luggage storage on the day bike storage opens Location: Onoaida (Yakushima Town Sukoyaka Fureai Centre)
5:30-6:30 Registration Location: Onoaida (Yakushima Town Sukoyaka Fureai Centre)
6:30am Opening ceremony Location: Onoaida (Yakushima Town Sukoyaka Fureai Centre)
7:30am Start (100km course): Location: Onoaida (Yakushima Town Sukoyaka Fureai Centre)
11:00 Start (short course): Location: Nagata (Nagata municipal hall)
12:30 Start (20km course): Location: Kurio (Kurio Seikatsu Hall)
15:00 AS Time limit cut off Those who do not reach this point by the cut-off time will be discontinued from finishing Location: Kurio (will be taken by sweeper bus)
16:30 Finish Location: Onoaida (Yakushima Town Sukoyaka Fureai Centre)
17:00 Evening festival start Location: Onoaida (Yakushima Town Sukoyaka Fureai Centre)

Timing and details may be subject to change.
Final event details will be sent out in early February 2018
Important notes1) Personal information and race event category can't be changed or cancelled after registration is complete

2) Cycling Yakushima 2018 (held on 18 Feb) will not be subject to road or traffic closures. Therefore, because you will be riding on public roads, you will need to share the road with general vehicles and pedestrians. Please follow traffic laws and regulations and ride safely.

3) There may sharp corners and rough patches along the course, Please pay attention to oncoming vehicles and lower speed on the downhill

4) Although there are toilets at the main venue and at the Aid Stations, there are a limited number. Please refer to the toilet map and plan accordingly.

5) Please be sure to check bike parts and countermeasures against cold weather such as brakes, chain tension, helmet, headlight and cycling wear

6) Although there will be a mechanical support car on the course, they will not be able to respond to requests for spare parts and supplies. Please be sure to bring spare parts yourself.

7) Venue and course layout etc may be subject to change depending on the weather and road conditions.

8) Please dispose of any rubbish in the rubbish bins provided or take your rubbish away with you. Please dispose of rubbish properly.

9) Bicycles can be couriered via Yamato or Sagawa transport companies. Please allow a week for shipping and bring along the shipment form

10) If you are a member of the Japan Cycling Association (JCA) please use the Cycling Yamato service (Please present your JCA membership card)

11) Registration on the day for the Cycling Yakushima 2018 will not be accepted on the day. Please note only advance entries will be accepted.

12) The start will be based on the number order of race numbers

13) Food (rice balls and fruit) and drinks will be available at Aid Stations. However, supplies may be limited. Please be sure to also pack your own drinks and snacks appropriate to the temperature and physical condition on the day.

14) The event may be cancelled due to weather or other unavoidable circumstances

15) No refund of participatione entry fee will be available under any circusmtance if the event is cancelled due to severe weather, natural disasters, incident, riot, accident etc.

16) The below regulations of the Kagoshima Prefecture Road Traffic Law Enforcement Regulations has been revised as per the below (in effect from 1 July 2009). Please be sure to observe the below laws:

Article 12 of the Detailed Regulations of the Kagoshima Prefecture Road Traffic Law (Compliance with Drivers)1) It is prohibited to use cellular phone equipment whilst riding a bicycle

2) It is prohibited to listen to the radio, music etc at high volume. and use earphones, headphones whilst driving a vehicle (including a bike) which would obstruct sounds or voices that need to be heard for traffic safety reasons.

3) It is prohibited to act in any way to cause vehicles displaying hearing impaired stickers off the road.

4) Fine and penalty for violations: a) Penalty fine under 50,000yen, i) infringement/violation: large vehicles: 7000yen, regular cars/2-wheeled bikes: 6000yen, scooter: 5000yen(However in the case of scooters, it does not apply for those vehicles marked for the hearing impaired

5) Traveling with animals is porhibited (with the exception of guide dogs, hearing dogs and other aide dogs)
What to do in the event of a traffic accident1) In the event that you are in an accident during participating in this event, emergency first aid measures may be carried out. However, claims exceeding the benefit limit of the accident insurance coverage may not be responded to. Please be sure to bring along your health insurance card as you will be responsible for bearing medical expenses if medical treatment is required.

2) In the event of contact, crash, collision or accident involving the participant, a public pedestrian, public vehicle, building etc that is outside the scope of the insurance coverage provided by the race organiser, and/or other claims depending on the type of voluntary insurance entered into, where there is no police traffic accident report certificate, damages will not be paid.

3) If you need a traffic accident report certificate, you will need to file a report with the police and recall the incident. Accordingly, please do not leave the scene of the accident, and be sure to follow the instructions of the relevant parties
Please note that the accident report may not be issued unless the police have accepted the accident notification
Event rules 1) Observe and comply with the course route and instructions unless otherwise directed by police officers.
・Strict observance of traffic regulations
Keep to the left side of the road, no parallel riding, use lights when in tunnel, observe stop signs, indicate and confirm signals
・Give way to pedestrians
・Avoid other dangerous acts which may cause traffic accidents

2) During the race, you must follow the instructions and directions from police and race staff

3) Do not overtake the leader vehicle if you are at the front of the pack. You may be disqualified if you overtake the leader vehicle

4) Bicycle equipment and specifications are as follows:
・Bicycle must be roadworthy to ride on public roads
・Brakes are adequately and independently equipped (rear and front)
・Helmet must be worn. Gloves should also be worn. Be sure to adjust the helmet strap so it's tight and secure and won't come off whilst cycling.
・Front and rear lights and reflectors must be affixed to the bike.
・DH bars must not be affixed to the bike.
Bicycles must be single-rider bikes only and only one person is allowed on a bicycle

5) Be sure to attach your race number distributed at registration to the front and side of the bike
・The course will require merging. You cannot participate without passing through the start check.

6) Participants who do not make the designated time limit will be considered retired (DNF) and will be prevented from continuing.

7) When retiring or withdrawing from the event (other than due to being over the time limit) such as bicycle failure, fatigue, injury or other voluntary withdraw, please be sure to notify a race staff member and follow their instructions
・When retiring from the event you will not be able to self-move or transfer the bike.
・A sweeper vehicle will transport participants to the goal venue, and bikes will be collected and transported by a sweeper/collection bus

8) In the event of an accident, injury to persons or other vehicles, or loss of property, immediately report it to police or race event staff and follow their instructions.

9) Please note the following points in relation to the Western forest region (te 20km stretch between Kurio Aid Station and the Yakushima lighthouse entrance point)
・As this is a designated World Heritage Site, it is prohibited to move, take or remove the following items such as animals, insects, wild birds, wild grass, plants, other living organsims, stones, and pebbles etc
・Be careful to pretoect against cold weather and to exercise sufficient caution in sudden changes to weather such as heavy wind and rain.
・Please exercise caution with incoming vehicles on narrow roads
・There are sections with no guardrail. In such places, it is strictly prohibited to overtake on the descent. The speed limit will be max. 20km.
・Please be sure to switch on headlights as it can get dark in the thick forest and woodlands.
・There will be many sections where the road surface will be slippery including moss and pudles, so please watch for slipper sections especially when turning turners, and to carefully apply brakes.
・Wild monkeys and deers may suddenly appear on the forest roads, so please be careful so as to not hit or collide with them whilst cycling.
・If you come acrss any wild monkeys or deers, please travel slowly so as to not to annoy or create danger to others.
・Do not use flash photography to take photos of wild monkeys and deers. Do not aggravate them.
・Do not feed or provide food or drink to monkeys or deers.
・Wild monkeys and deers may frequentlya appear. Do not stop and rest to eat or drink. There is a possibility of being attacked.
・You may be out of mobile phone service reception range. Only communication by satellite phone will be possible.
In the event of an accident or injury, please cooperate with support patrol vehicles and race volunteers who will hold a radio and contact relevant parties.
Handling of personal informationThe race organiser recognises the importance of personal information and strictly observes the laws in relation to personal information protection and related laws and regulations, and will handle personal information in accordance with the personal information protection policy.
Personal information will be used to provide services to the event participants such as race infromation, record notice, notice of related information, information relating to the next event, and in cooperation with associated organisers and related organisations, as well as ranking announcements.
The race organiser or a third party supplier may contact you to confirm information contained in your application.

The race organises reserves all right and ownership n relation to participation in the event including publication for TV, newspaper, magazine, video, photos, and other records
Race organising committeeSankei Shimbun Tokyo headquarters, Sankei Sports Business dept. Organising committee
Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Otemachi 1-7-2
Tel 03-3275-8851

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