Dark room Trampoline Fitness Event

2023年9月15日(金) ~
東京都3-16-8, Higashi-Jujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0001 STUDIO HEART BEATING, 3rd Floor

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Hi! I'm Hanon, fitness instructor based in Tokyo.
I'm so excited to share this fitness excitement with you :)

Shape up your entire body in the dark with trampolines!
Wrap yourself in a club-like atmosphere and achieve your fitness goals while having a blast on the trampoline!

Trampoline exercises target major muscle groups, boosting metabolism efficiently, and you can burn approximately 600 calories in just one session. Plus, in our dimly lit studio, you can fully immerse yourself in your own world without worrying about others' eyes.

But that's not all! The special part is that, in six months, I am going to debut as a DJ in half a year and curate the music, providing a perfect musical experience. At this event, you can enjoy not only the exercise but also some fantastic music.

It's a completely new exercise experience that combines health, beauty, and fun. Are you ready to have fun together?


Dark room Trampoline Fitness Event

スタート 参加費 受付状況
10:45 2,000円 受付中


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[Venue Details]
Address: 3-16-8, Higashi-Jujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0001

1 minute walk from Higashi-Jujo Station North Exit
13 minutes walk from Oji-Kamiya Station
12 minutes walk from Jujo Station
[What to Bring]

Comfortable workout attire
Indoor shoes
Beverages (500ml or more recommended)
*Check-in will be available 15 minutes before the start at the studio entrance.
Event Participation Terms

Health Check
If you have concerns about your health, it's recommended to consult a physician before participating. For those with heart conditions, joint issues, or other health-related problems, obtaining a doctor's permission before participation is advised.
Age Restriction
This event is open to participants aged 18 and above. Minors will require consent from a parent or legal guardian.
Weight Limit
Individuals weighing over 100kg are advised not to participate in this event for safety reasons.
Equipment and Attire
Participants must wear appropriate workout clothing and shoes suitable for trampoline exercises. It is also recommended to bring a water bottle for hydration.
Alcohol and Drugs
The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited at the event venue. Participation under the influence of alcohol is not permitted.
Safety and Precautions
Participants are expected to act safely during the event and cooperate with fellow participants. To prevent injuries or accidents, please follow the instructor's guidance.
Liability and Property Damage
The event organizer is not responsible for injuries or damages that occur during the event. If any items are damaged during the event, participants must promptly report it to the studio and may be required to cover repair or replacement costs.
Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel your participation in the event, please notify the organizer in advance. Cancellation fees may apply.
Handling of Personal Information
Participants' personal information will not be disclosed to anyone other than the organizer. Personal information will be securely stored and used solely for event management purposes.
Organizer's Limited Liability
The event organizer is not liable for injuries, damages, disputes, losses, or other issues. Participants are considered to have understood and accepted the risks associated with the event.
Changes to Rules and Regulations
The organizer reserves the right to change rules and regulations without prior notice. Changes will be communicated through the website or other means of contact.
Participant's Consent
Participating in the event is considered an agreement to abide by the above terms and rules. The organizer reserves the right to exclude participants from the event for violations of the terms.

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