What is “Minakoi?”
Minakoi is in southern Nagano Prefecture, and the name was created from the first letters of four places: Miyada Village, Nakagawa Village, Komagane City and Iijima Town. All local residents are familiar with this nickname and it also means “Please, everyone come!”
The town has great natural beauty and is protected by two mountain ranges, the Central Alps and the Southern Alps. Although not officially one municipality, the area decided to plan this ONSEN Gastronomy Walking with a sense of cooperation.
The event venue is in Komagane Highland which is at the base of Mt. Kisokomagatake of the Central Alps.
You will fully enjoy what the Minakoi area has to offer such as the annual fall colors at their peak season, Komorebi-no Road with the beauty of forest and water, the national scenic spot Hoshakusan Kozenji Temple, tasty food and liquor of the Central and the Southern Alps, and others.
There will be something for everyone.
Please enjoy the gifts of Alps!